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Madness: Zhirinovsky Responded To The Ban On Importing Flowers To The Russian Federation

On the call of the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky to prohibit the import of flowers into Russia from abroad on the eve of March 8, the art director of the Florist.ru company Serafima Olina answered. She sharply criticized

Residents Of The Zheleznodorozhny District May Be Left Without Heat In Twenty-degree Frost

< p style = "text-align: justify" > < strong > From February 15 to 20, from 9:00 to 16:00, a blackout is planned in the Zheleznodorozhny District. < / strong > < br / > < br / > The light will be turned off for

On The Outskirts Of Kursk, Medical Waste Was "submerged" In A Stream

< p style = "text-align: justify" > < strong > About the careless handling of medical waste in the Kursk region, otherwise this situation cannot be described, in the past, Kursktv journalists wrote more than once. But

Are The Kurds Ready To Show A Civic Position?

< p > < strong > Kursk social activist Roman Alekhin urged patients to make their own decisions about hospital discharge. < / strong > < / p > < p > Here is the full text

Editor's Pick: 16 Best Night Facials For Fall

From nourishing oils to creams with the lightest texture and strong effect in the morning. BeautyHack Editors - About New Products and Favorite Bestsellers

Editor's Pick: 15 Best Deep Cleansing Shampoos

How often do you need to use shampoos for deep cleansing, what components to look for in their composition, and is the "before squeak" effect important after such care?

Those Fruits: The Best Masks With Fruit Extracts

Papaya, watermelon, strawberry, apple and avocado are not a recipe for a healthy smoothie or even fruit salad ingredients, but real beauty assistants for those whose skin needs sos recovery and

The Experts' Choice: 30 Great Anti-aging Products For Fall

A universal remedy for the color of September foliage that will put time on a pause, a concentrate that fills in the first wrinkles, a serum with snail mucin that instantly refreshes the face, a mask

Swatch: 19 Great Summer Party Makeup Products

A dye for blondes that evenly comes off the hair, universal glitter, lipstick of a cosmic shade, colored eyebrow gel and other products that will not let you down in the heat and make your

Swatch: 11 Best Bases For Shade

A product that contains imperial silk, a bestselling base that will keep shadows bright even in extreme conditions, a white base for smoky eyes - edition BeautyHack

The Experts' Choice: 14 Best Face Primers For Under $ 1,000

A product with the texture of a hard balm and a soft soufflé, a base that lasts day and night and spreads easily over the face, a make-up base that will hide redness and visually reduce pores and

The Experts' Choice: 27 Best Skin Cleansers For Less Than RUB 1,000

A two-phase remedy with thermal water, which will help to quickly erase the "smoky" after a party, a soft gel for washing, which will cleanse the skin "to a squeak" without leaving a feeling of tightness

Julia Wang Turned Into A Man Due To A Rare Disease

Fans do not recognize in the thin boy the bright blonde from the "Battle of Psychics". 5 years ago Julia Wang was recognized as the strongest psychic in the country

Editor's Pick: 10 Best Body Gels For Summer

Honey gel with goat milk granules, refreshing after sun milk, healing express cream and other light textures you will need on vacation (and not only)

Changed Gender?: The Star Of The "Battle Of Psychics" Can Hardly Be Recognized

The star of the "Battle of Psychics" Julia Wang opened up with subscribers, saying that she used to be fond of genetic engineering and chemistry, once loved to collect water lilies in a pond or mushrooms in the forest

Olympic Champion Will Tell Women About Style

The second beauty forum #BBDAY (Beauty Bazar Day) will be held in the Moscow shopping center "Kuntsevo Plaza". This was reported to "Lente.ru" by representatives of the press service of the event

Candid Photos Of An Employee Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Shared The Opinion Of The Network

Candid photos of an unknown employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs shared the opinion of community subscribers

Unique Trait: Zoya Berber Spoke About The Complex, Which Had To Be Reconciled

32-year-old beauty actress Zoya Berber, according to one of the popular men's magazines, was awarded the title of the sexiest girl in the country

Beauty Hacker Of The Week: Tatyana Nikonorova - 6 Facts About False Eyelashes That You Did Not Know

The creator of the brands Viplash and Nikonorova Profi Collection, Lash & Brow stylist, owner of the Nikonorova hall salon Tatiana Nikonorova told how to choose false eyelashes and what makeup for them

In A German Cathedral, Figures Of The Magi Were Removed From The Den Because Of Tolerance

According to Die Welt, the dean of the Evangelical parish in the city of Ulm Ernst-Wilhelm Gohl ordered to remove from the local cathedral wooden figurines of the three wise men, one of which, according to a long tradition

Senator-transgender Will Appear In The USA

< p > Democratic transgender activist Sarah McBride won the concurrent US Senate elections in Delaware State. This is the first time in

Fans Stopped Recognizing Ani Lorak

Fans were taken aback by Ani Lorak's recent publication

Katty Perry Laughed At Kim Kardashian's "eyebrow Phase"

Kim Kardyashian's mother posted a photo on her Instagram account of little Kendall and Kylie, as well as Kim in her teens

Cosmetic Bag Of The Star: 16 Favorite Products Of Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva told BeautyHack about her favorite stage makeup and daily grooming products. For concerts Primer Becca Backlight Priming Filter I use a primer under the tonal

What Scents Should Be Sniffed More Often

A person learns most of the information about the world (about 85%) through sight. At the same time, do not forget about the sense of smell, because smells have an effect on the psyche

What Scents Should You Sniff More Often?

A person learns most of the information about the world (about 85%) through sight. At the same time, do not forget about the sense of smell, because smells have an effect on the psyche

What Things Need To Be Sniffed More Often

Most of the information about the world (about 85%) a person learns through sight

The Japanese Have Updated A Bottle For Guerlain A Century Ago

Guerlain has introduced a new fragrance, Fall Flowers. Base notes include ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, magnolia, tuberose, moss and musk

Effective Rules For Facial Rejuvenation For Women

By adhering to a few rules, you will keep your skin youthful and always look great

The Most Beautiful And Dangerous Spies In History

These women are as beautiful as supermodels. They are also real spies

What's In The Bag: Olga Panchenko

Always with you My two absolute must-haves are powder and lipstick. I am a completely incorrigible beauty golic, so favorites change all the time

What Women Were Considered The Standard Of Beauty 100 Years Ago: Photos Of Recognized Beauties Of The Last Century

Anna Mae Wong This is the first Chinese woman who managed to conquer Hollywood with her talent. In those days, she was considered one of the most beautiful girls in the world

They Advised To Hang Themselves: Soldier Shamsutdinov Complained About Psychiatrists

Conscript soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov, who shot his colleagues in a military unit in Transbaikalia, complained about psychiatrists in court. According to Shamsutdinov, the specialists of the Moscow Serbsky Center

Lyudmila Porgina: How She Looked In Her Youth And What She Looks Like Now

This Soviet and Russian actress became widely known not only for her achievements in cinema, but also for her marriage to Nikolai Karachentsov

Lip Accent: 6 Times Bright Lipstick Ruined The Look

Whole teams of stylists and makeup artists work on the appearance of celebrities. We have compiled a selection of their life hacks and the best examples that you can repeat yourself

What Chilean Metropolitan Youth Looked Like In The 70s

Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile and one of the most populous cities in South America. We are not very often interested in what life looks like in other countries, especially

10 Crazy And Ridiculous Beauty Inventions Created In Asia

1. Sharpener of the nose. An imperfect nose can significantly affect a girl's self-esteem, but what if you can't decide on rhinoplasty or can't afford it?

A Clothespin On The Nose And Duck Lips: What Women Are Ready For For The Sake Of Beauty And Youth

The fair sex is ready to go to any lengths to deceive nature and become more beautiful, sweeter and rounder

Fans Of Kirkorov Did Not Recognize The Changed Irina Viner

The pop king of the Russian stage Philip Kirkorov told fans on a popular social network that during a trip to the Children's New Wave he met with a 72-year-old rhythmic gymnastics coach

The Son Of Natasha Koroleva And Tarzan Marries A Stripper

The famous singer called the future wedding of her son Arkhip Glushko with a pole dancer as a providence of fate. & nbsp; 19-year-old son of Tarzan on Valentine's Day made