Why Do Women Stop Looking After Their Appearance

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Why Do Women Stop Looking After Their Appearance
Why Do Women Stop Looking After Their Appearance

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Men can't even imagine the effort it takes for women to look attractive. Endless beauty treatments, diets, sports. But in life, everyone at least once comes a period when you don’t want to take care of your appearance or you simply don’t have the strength to do it. Rambler will tell you why the fairer sex most often start themselves.

Lack of work

Surprisingly, daily commuting to the office helps women stay fit. After all, you cannot appear to colleagues with a dirty head or unkempt hands. But, if a girl suddenly loses her job, she can start herself. This is affected, among other things, by the factor that, due to the loss of a source of income, a woman's self-esteem falls. In addition, there is a possibility that for the same reason she does not have extra money to take care of herself - and to be beautiful nowadays is so expensive!

Lack of time

Often, women are much more loaded with various tasks than men. These include work, household chores, and childcare. Where do you get an hour for a trip to a manicure if you don't have enough time to sleep? In this case, the only possible solution is to have an assistant. This can be anyone, from a nanny to a husband or relatives.

There is no one to try for

This happens more often with those women who have been married for a long time. After several years of living together with their spouse, they decide that they no longer need to try to please their partner. In fact, the husband himself is most often to blame for this. Most likely, he simply stopped praising his beloved and complimenting her. If a man returns attention and care to the relationship, then his companion will immediately blossom and again begin to take care of herself.

The emergence of complexes

It so happens that a woman is gaining a couple of extra pounds. This happens most often after childbirth. Of course, in this regard, she has complexes. As a result, instead of trying to return to the previous weight, the woman “scores” on herself, and gradually the situation only gets worse - her appearance becomes more and more untidy, her volumes increase, and her self-esteem falls lower and lower. In this case, only willpower and support from loved ones can help - until the girl decides to pull herself together, nothing will change.

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