Beauty 2023, December

Imperceptibly And For A Long Time: Doctors Talked About Cosmetology Trends For 2021

Russian women no longer chase after a huge number of beauty procedures and "duck lips". Natural and cost-effective changes in appearance are now in vogue. Cosmetologists rejoice: ladies are everything

Spanish Version Of Mamaev: What A New Passion For A Football Player Looks Like

According to the former model, her husband cheated on her during a training camp in Spain

The Couple Quit Their Jobs For Nude Travel Photos And Became Famous

Reported by the Daily Mail

Women Told How Much They Are Willing To Spend On Preserving Youth

Russian women are ready to spend up to 5% of their monthly income on anti-aging care

The Abbess Left The Church For The Title Of Owner Of The Most Beautiful Buttocks

Reported by the Daily Star

3 Effective Ways To Ward Off Old Age

Millions of women around the world spend large sums of money every month on beauty maintenance

Cosmetologist Reveals The Secrets Of Youth-preserving Sleep

Quality sleep plays an important role in preserving beauty and youth

I Can't Open My Eyes: A Muscovite Showed A Terrible Result After A Popular Beauty Procedure

Blogger Alena Tokareva showed a terrifying effect of the popular cosmetic procedure

A Student Dropped Out For Instagram And Got Rich

Florida American dropped out, became a model and earned her first million dollars

An Unsuccessfully Applied Self-tanner Turned A Woman Into An Egyptian Mummy

The aspiring blogger didn't expect her feet and nails to turn a rough brown tint

Asian Girls Remake Themselves On Camera And Surprise Everyone

Men, be careful

The Model Revealed The Reason For Refusing To Wash Your Hair

The corresponding post appeared in her Instagram story

What To Do If Hair On Your Head Falls Out Rapidly

Recovery can take months

Irina Shayk Starred Nude For Advertising Cosmetics With Gold

The video appeared on her Instagram account

The Model Was Fired From Work Because Of Too Beautiful Appearance

Former model Claudia Ardeline fired from her job at the hospital because she is too beautiful

Can "pumped" Lips Burst

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of our time

3 Rules For A Safe Yet Effective Tanning In Spring

Pallor does not suit anyone's face, but a golden skin tone suits everyone

An Expert Reveals A Cheap Way To Improve Hair Quality At Home

Material appeared on The Sun website

Electric Brush: Benefit Or Marketing Ploy

Those who are not indifferent to the condition of their teeth are constantly interested in novelties in the field of hygiene

The Most Beautiful Female Police Officer In Brazil Talks About Three Years Of Service

Gabriela Quairoz from the Brazilian state of Pernambuco has been with the police since 2018

Test: Do You Assess Your Pros And Cons Correctly?

Are you able to assess yourself sensibly with all the pros and cons?

62-year-old Model Revealed The Secret Of Youth

American Leslie Carlton is 62 years old and does not hesitate to pose in a bikini

Beauties With Appetizing Shapes Break Templates

Charming plus-size models - in the gallery

Social Media Stars Dress Up In Too Bold Red Lace

A new trend is "walking" around the world

Goddess!: Sedokova In A Sparkling Corset Beckoned With Her Lush Breasts

38-year-old Anna Sedokova is the owner of a magnificent figure, which she does not hide. Bikinis, revealing cleavage and daring mini - in such outfits, the artist poses from time to time in pictures in

Before And After: Alana Mamaeva Showed Her Figure Before Plastic Surgery And Losing Weight By 40 Kg

The wife of a famous football player revealed the secret of her ideal figure. Alana Mamaeva posted on her Instagram a photo before and after a sharp weight loss of 40 kg and surgery

Grace: Khodchenkova Was Noted At The Rink In A Milk Sweater And Black Trousers

New Year's holidays quickly reached the finish line, and many stars decided to spend the last weekend actively. For example, 51-year-old singer Angelica Varum stood on the ice for the first time in forty years

Aging Beautifully: Fans Appreciated The Honest Photo Of Varum And Agutin

Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum are considered one of the strongest couples in modern show business. The couple have been together for 23 years, and have been married for over 20 years. They still truly love each other and

British Model Showed A Candid Photo From Quarantine

24-year-old model from London Daniel Sellers is also in quarantine

Places On The Body Where It Is Categorically Impossible To Get A Tattoo

A tattoo is considered one of the most ancient body adornments and remains with a person for his entire life

Kandelaki Laughed At Samoilova For Stealing Ideas For Advertising Cosmetics

TV presenter Tina Kandelaki caught the wife of the rapper Dzhigan and the entrepreneur Oksana Samoilova of stealing ideas and made her laugh. The corresponding post appeared on her Instagram account

Too Much Makeup: 53-year-old Renata Litvinova Was Criticized In A Fresh Photo

Netizens believe that the actress is playing the role of a villain. Renata Litvinova publishes posts on her personal microblog for a reason, but, as a rule, for an informational occasion. This time

“You’re Just Following Me”: Muceniece In A Silk Dress With A Neckline Flirted With Kryukov

Agatha Muceniese, after her divorce from Pavel Priluchny, found an outlet in her work. The girl dreamed that she would be as popular as the star of "Major". Now she constantly receives invitations for new

Teases With White Filling: 52-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk Bathed Topless In The Sun

Svetlana Bondarchuk is well-known in secular circles. She is friends with Ksenia Sobchak and Nadezhda Obolentseva. At 52, the woman boasts a toned figure. No wonder that in the past

Tweed, Micro Shorts And An Elongated Jacket: Bondarchuk Showed Her Own Interpretation Of The Classics

52-year-old socialite will give odds to any young model! Svetlana Bondarchuk Elena Zarkhina / Svetlana Bondarchuk Elena Zarkhina / Svetlana Bondarchuk Instagram

In Bikini And Felt Boots: Bondarchuk, Steamed In A Bathhouse, Boldly Bathed In A Snow-covered Ice Hole

52-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk with the onset of Epiphany frosts decided to go with friends to a Russian bathhouse. As usual, after a good soaring, she decided to swim in the ice hole. Personnel

Unpleasant: Fans Unsubscribe From Svetlana Bondarchuk

The ex-wife of the famous director boldly showed the people her ass. After a divorce from Fedor Bondarchuk, 52-year-old Svetlana seemed to breathe a second youth. She followed the example of others

Svetlana Bondarchuk Frightened Fans With A "strange" Pose In A New Photo

The ex-wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk showed the fans her physical fitness by doing one of the yoga asanas. However, netizens were scared of what they saw. Svetlana Bondarchuk in personal microblog

Things That Make You Look 10 Years Older

Every woman is afraid of the first signs of leaving youth

Well, This Is Too Much!: 52-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk Naked On A Maldivian Beach

Svetlana Bondarchukne hides that she takes care of herself, like many other women. She used to be a model, so she used to keep herself in shape. The ex-wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk is engaged