Makeup That Annoys Men

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Makeup That Annoys Men
Makeup That Annoys Men

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In pursuit of the beauty and attention of men, many girls sometimes do not notice that they have slightly overdone their makeup. Bright lipstick, red cheekbones or, for example, blue shadows on the eyes - such a war paint can scare off the stronger sex. The editorial staff of talked to the guys and found out what annoys them in the women's make-up. Details are in our material!


Unnatural eyebrows

Strongly plucked or, conversely, thick eyebrows too painted over with dark shadows - this is the first thing that will catch the eye of a man. While some still follow the trends of the 90s and pluck their eyebrows with tweezers to the state of a house or comma, and some even shave them off and do unnatural tattooing, others go too far with makeup, turning themselves into Brezhnev. Naturally, one should not rush from one extreme to another.

Find a middle ground for yourself: apply castor or burdock oil overnight to maintain density, pluck hairs in moderation and only those that are out of order. Paint over eyebrows with shadows or a pencil close in shade to your natural hair color. Remember: the most proven beauty product is clear eyebrow gel. Sometimes, neatly styling the hairs will be enough to create the perfect make-up.

Cake face, or "plaster" on the face

Where is without the ill-fated "plaster" on the face? Too thick foundation, improperly selected tone that differs from skin color, red bronzer on the cheeks, and often on the nose - all this will scare your boyfriend away, and perhaps he will not even hesitate to run away from you on a date. The probable embarrassment does not end there: as soon as you cuddle up to your beloved's chest or put your head on your shoulder, all the beauty products used when applying the "plaster" can be imprinted on his shirt. Remember that you are, after all, creating a neat make-up, and not participating in the “100 Layers of Makeup” Challenge. Apply powder only when necessary with a fluffy brush with gentle gentle strokes to fix makeup, or skip it altogether. If you have oily skin, it will be enough to fix the foundation with powder only in the T-zone and the cheek area. Forget about the sponge that comes with the powder.

Now a little about the application of funds. In order to avoid a mismatch in complexion and neck color, make-up should be applied exclusively in daylight, for example, in front of a mirror, which is located next to a window. Forget about applying foundation in the bathroom! Chances are great that when you go outside, you will find yourself not with perfect coverage on your face, but with a brown spot that will contrast with the color of your neck. Finally, if you are not a dark-skinned girl, throw the red bronzer out of your cosmetic bag - for the average Russian woman with fair skin, a bronzer with a cold gray undertone is suitable for highlighting the cheekbones.

Screaming eye makeup

In eye makeup, the main thing is to know when to stop. According to the vast majority of men, girls should avoid a bright accent in their eyes, namely thick black arrows and shimmery shadows of all colors of the rainbow. Indeed, shimmery shadows of bright colors often emphasize all imperfections in the absence of a base under the shadow, especially if you have an overhanging eyelid, and wide arrows visually reduce the eyes.

The ideal option in eye makeup would be to apply shimmery shadows only on the moving eyelid, and blend the borders exclusively with matte shadows, best of all brown, to create a kind of haze in the folds of the eyelids. The arrows should be made thin, as close as possible to the eyelash growth line and slightly widen them closer to the outer corner of the eye.

By the way, guys usually have nothing against smoky eyes.This makeup technique helps to emphasize the color of the eyes, add depth and expressiveness to them, the main thing is to be careful when creating, otherwise you risk turning into a panda.

Glitter lip gloss

If you apply such gloss on your lips before a date with a young man, then this most likely means that you can not expect a kiss from him. Who wants something sticky all over the chin and lips after that?

If you want to apply gloss on your lips before meeting a guy, it is better to use a regular tint balm or refrain from makeup altogether. Remember - men appreciate naturalness!

Colored mascara

Refrain from using catwalk trends in everyday makeup, in particular colored eyelashes. Chances are, your creativity will only scare the man away, not arouse his interest in you. Unfortunately, guys don't like flashy green or purple spider legs. However, if instead of a romantic date you were going to drop by a techno rave, feel free to experiment.

In everyday life, colored mascara looks stylish if you apply it over black - so it will not look flashy and accentuate the color of your eyes. If you don't want to bother with applying two colors of mascara, just use the usual black or brown: lightly paint over the upper lashes, starting from the roots. This will be enough to make your gaze more open and draw your loved one's attention to the eyes.

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