Beauty From Under The Knife. What Plastic Surgeries Are Popular And Why Are They Dangerous?

Beauty From Under The Knife. What Plastic Surgeries Are Popular And Why Are They Dangerous?
Beauty From Under The Knife. What Plastic Surgeries Are Popular And Why Are They Dangerous?

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On September 9, the whole world celebrated the day of beauty. This holiday was established in 1995, and not only as a sign of admiration for the beautiful, but also to draw attention to the problem of imposing artificial standards.


For more than twenty years, nothing has changed and even worsened. The general copying of the conventional ideal has not gone anywhere, in their desire to adjust themselves to certain standards, women still go under the knife of a plastic surgeon, inject beauty injections, put implants in the buttocks and even pump out fat on their stomach to emphasize the abs. And they do this at a young age, when no decoration is required at all. Another interesting feature: if earlier most of the patients of plastic surgeons tried not to advertise their body modifications, now almost none of the girls hide this.

Women increase, men decrease

“I decided on mammoplasty ten years ago, without hesitation. First of all, to please yourself. After two births and breastfeeding, I was embarrassed to undress even in front of my husband, I was very complex. But now I am proud to wear underwear and swimwear without foam cups, I buy outfits with a deep neckline and feel confident in them,”says Anna Demeshko, 34, from Irkutsk. But the girl did not stop there, now she is perfecting her face - she regularly pumps up her lips, puts in beauty injections that smooth out the glabellar and nasolabial folds. Looking at the number of selfies on Anna's social media page, it becomes clear why all this is being done.

Pensioner Galina Yusina from Irkutsk decided to undergo plastic surgery forcibly. At 40 with a ponytail, she was bitten on the cheek by a dog, leaving a small scar. Doctors dissuaded from the operation, assured that over time, not a trace would remain at the site of the wound.

“I didn't give up. At the same time I asked for a circular facelift. I was pleased with the result. If it were not for the forced situation, I probably would hardly have decided on plastic surgery. Now the fear is gone and I'm thinking about breast correction. Everyone is increasing it, but I would decrease it,”admits Galina Nikolaevna.

By the way, it is mammoplasty that is now in first place in demand among women in the Irkutsk region. Moreover, women who have not yet given birth often come to breast correction, who have no idea about the possible risks of surgical intervention. For example, the desire to have a magnificent bust can deprive a woman of the opportunity to breastfeed her baby in the future. If the implant is too large, the parenchyma (the part of the breast that produces milk) can get between the implant and the dense skin and atrophy. In addition, girls need to be prepared for the fact that after childbirth they will have to go under the knife again: after all, the period of pregnancy, childbirth and feeding can greatly change the shape of the breast, which will require re-correction.

Men, although not frequent guests of a plastic surgeon, still happen. Surprisingly, most often they shrink the breasts, do liposuction, blepharoplasty and lipofilling. There are also those who apply to remove lop-eared ears or to solve intimate problems.

Victims of plastics

As the doctors themselves say, whether or not to undertake an aesthetic operation, they decide, focusing on only one parameter - whether it will harm the patient. At the consultation, all the points and nuances are discussed, if the doctor is embarrassed by something, he either refuses the operation, or sends him for further examination. The indications for plastic surgery and the risks are always individual, experts emphasize.

Nevertheless, the Internet is full of stories about unsuccessful or even tragic cases of plastic surgery performed both by eminent surgeons and at home almost on the kitchen table.

So, in Irkutsk for the second year already, the case of the death of a patient after liposuction is being investigated. A 54-year-old woman from Angarsk was operated on in March 2017 in one of the Irkutsk medical centers (apparently, for greater importance, its name also had the word "scientific"). At first everything went well, but then the woman's condition worsened, the scar did not heal, a fistula formed. A second operation was required, which became fatal - cardiac arrest, coma, death …

Another Irkutsk woman also lost her breast in 2017 due to unsuccessful plastic surgery. A 48-year-old patient developed purulent-necrotizing mastitis and had to urgently remove part of her breast. For two years, the woman sued the clinic, and in the end achieved her goal - the court ordered the doctor to pay the victim about a million rubles. This is money for the operation, compensation for moral damage and for the time when the woman did not work.

Another victim of "beauty" is now only at the beginning of the path through the courts. The Investigative Committee is examining her case. A 50-year-old resident of the regional center after blepharoplasty developed a serious complication - eversion of the eyelids. The woman intends to collect half a million from the clinic - she needs this amount to correct the defect in Moscow.

There are no complaints, there are problems

According to the regional Roszdravnadzor, now in the Irkutsk region, 14 medical organizations have licenses for medical activities in the field of "plastic surgery", 8 of them are private. 99 clinics operate in the field of “cosmetology”, 95 of them are private. Scheduled inspections of such entrepreneurs are carried out at least once every three years. Only those clinics that have received a complaint from patients are inspected outside the schedule. According to Irina Lapteva, Deputy Head of the Territorial Authority of Roszdravnadzor in the Irkutsk Region, there were no such complaints from patients this year. But we understand that the absence of complaints is not at all an indicator that there are no problems in this area. It's just that the topic related to appearance is too intimate and delicate for many people to advertise their failures.

“The last time we inspected medical organizations specializing in plastic surgery was in 2018, when they were in region 20. Violations were not detected in only five clinics. The most common "flaws" are poorly equipped operating rooms, lack of necessary medical devices, lack of a separate room for examining a patient, weak internal quality and safety control, improper storage of drugs - drugs with an expired shelf life, with a violation of the temperature storage regime were identified, - lists the specialist. - There is another problem in cosmetology - many organizations work here without a license. For example, some people still do not know that laser hair removal is a medical service that requires a license and the corresponding qualifications of a doctor.”

Special opinion

Artyom Shumov, plastic surgeon, cosmetologist:

“The most important idol for most of the patients who come to me is a friend who has already performed this or that operation or procedure, thereby“infecting”her entire environment.

If we describe the average patient, then this is a woman from 30 to 40 years old, whose work is related to people, communication, the service sector, although housewives often turn to.

At one time, lips-ducks and chest-balls were in vogue, fortunately, now this hypertrophy is considered bad manners. But I will not say that she is completely gone. For example, now the fashion for curvy buttocks is in full swing. Women prefer breasts of more natural sizes and shapes, and with lips - 50 to 50. At least up to 25 years old, the vast majority of girls want to add volume to their lips, and add well.

Patients have to refuse quite often. And for health reasons (after all, the operation is planned, it does not require any rush, and you need to be as prepared for it as possible) and because of the overestimated expectations from the operation - the plastic surgeon is not a magician, not God, sometimes it is impossible to do everything the patient wants. " …


Psychologist Oksana Kretova:

“It is not the desire to be beautiful itself that is dangerous, but becoming dependent on procedures and operations, when the desire to change one's appearance becomes obsessive, overshadowing other areas of life. It seems to a person that by correcting his nose and lips, he will become happier. Alas, artificially high self-esteem is extremely fragile. In addition, any addiction in one way or another becomes a source of stress, affects the emotional state, the feeling of fullness of life. The euphoria from the next operation quickly passes, satisfaction is replaced by dissatisfaction with oneself, immersion in depression, and suicidal attempts are not uncommon.

The psychological causes of beauty addiction most often lie in childhood. These children were often criticized or teased. If a child is not loved, neglected, he may conclude that the reason for this is external unattractiveness. The mass media play an important role here. Obsessive advertising of beauty standards leads a person to the idea that something is wrong with him. This tendency is most dangerous for adolescents, when self-esteem is unstable due to the peculiarities of the puberty period.

Unfortunately, addicts “on beauty” rarely find themselves with a psychologist, and if they get an appointment with him or a psychiatrist, then, as a rule, with accompanying symptoms: complaints of depression, apathy, self-doubt, etc."

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