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They Put A Basin Of Ice At The Head Of The Bed: At What Cost Are The Artists Trying To Preserve Youth

Fans are surprised at how in their 40-50 years old their idols look at 25-30. It turned out that the simplest things become the key to a fresh look. “I think the secret of my“eternal youth”is in happy

I Knew, Squeezing My First Child, That I Was Losing My Second Child: Meghan Markle Spoke About The Miscarriage

< p > The wife of British Prince Harry Meghan Markle in a column for the New York Times told how she survived a miscarriage in the summer of 2020. According to her, her husband's heart "was breaking into pieces," and she

In Ufa, The Prosecutor's Office Checks The Fact Of Storage Of Hazardous Waste In The Garage

Photo: Liya Khafizova / Near the residential buildings in Maksimovka, a warehouse of life-threatening medical waste was found, including from COVID-19. The environmental prosecutor's office intervened

Scary Tales For New Year's Eve, Or When Insurance Comes In Handy

Garbage bags, moose, Christmas trees and, of course, people. asked insurers to share unusual stories that happened to their clients during the New Year

Beauty Injections Live On Instagram. One Of The Clients Complained About A Beauty Blogger And A Novice Beautician

In Moscow, the girl received injections for lip augmentation. But the result turned out to be such that she is going to apply to the prosecutor's office. Karina made injections in a fashion salon of a popular blogger

Get To Know Me If You Can: The Stars Who Hide The Fact That They Did Plastic Surgery. But The “before” Photos Leave No Doubt

Olga Buzova [caption id = "attachment_1542966" align = "alignnone" width = "652"] [/ caption] Only the lazy did not blame the star of large and small cities for plastic. However, for some reason everyone reproaches

Women Attributed Their Low Self-esteem To Photoshop Addiction

The well-groomed appearance of celebrities and the abundant use of Photoshop negatively affects the self-esteem of ordinary women. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the cosmetic brand Skin

Signs That Give Out A Notorious Woman

Low self-esteem makes a woman vulnerable and defenseless

Photoshop "goddesses": The Girls Thought They Were Perfectly Editing Their Photos - They Were Never So Wrong

And sometimes it is difficult for great users of social networks to stop in pursuit of the perfect appearance. They edit and fix their photos without noticing that they are clearly overdoing it

The Girl Struggled With The Removal Of The Face Mask For An Hour And Burst Into Tears In Pain

The girl burst into tears in pain, trying to remove the mask-film from her face. Her post on Twitter drew attention to the Daily Mail. 20-year-old Navy Chandler from Kansas, USA, bought

Totalitarian Beauty: What Do The Wives Of Dictators Look Like?

With all the power given to them by their spouses, these rich and famous women cannot afford vivid experiments with their appearance

Rospotrebnadzor Has Published A Memo On The Purchase Of Jewelry

Rospotrebnadzor on the eve of the holidays on February 14 and March 8 published on its official portal a memo on the choice of jewelry

The Goal Is Clear - Discrediting: Peskov Called The Media Campaign Against Putin Ineffective

< p > Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the new investigation of the "Project" about one of the shareholders of the bank "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk, whom the journalists call

"In Order To Optimize" The Committees Changed Their Powers

< p > < strong > At school we were taught that the sum does not change from a change in the places of the terms, but is this law in effect in the regional administration? < / strong > < / p > < p > Online

The Beautician Named Procedures That Will Help "rejuvenate" For The Holiday

On New Year's Eve, I want to look young and fresh. After all, it is not for nothing that they say: how you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it. Modern cosmetology offers many ways in a short time

How The Daughter Of A Russian Billionaire Changed After Three Plastic Surgeries, A Girl Who, After Reincarnation, Blogs About Beauty And Personal Care

Helen (Elena) Manasir is the daughter of the Russian oligarch Ziyad Manasir. Ziyad himself is of Jordanian origin, so he brings up his children in the best Muslim traditions

Popular Workouts Of The Past. What Kind Of Fitness Was In Vogue In The 80s, 90s And 2000s?

The evolution of fitness from the 80s to the present day. In fitness, as elsewhere, there are fashion trends that change over time. The popularity of certain destinations changed due to the release

The Sculptor Revealed The History Of The Creation Of The Polishchuk Monument At The Troekurovsky Cemetery

Actress Lyubov Polishchuk died on November 28, 2006 at the 58th year of life. Like many other famous Russian creative figures, the artist was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow

Before And After: 5 Photos Of Celebrities Who Have Lost Their Beauty

Lindsay Lohan Many probably no longer remember what the once very attractive actress looked like. A period of revelry and nocturnal adventures, unfortunately, left an irreparable imprint on Lohan's appearance

The Star Of The Series "Emily In Paris" Told How At The Age Of 15 She Managed To Recover From Cancer

Ashley Park, 29, best known for her role in the new Netflix hit "Emily in Paris", made an unexpected confession about her health problems. The actress told how, at the age of 15, doctors

Katy Perry Showed What She Looks Like In Reality: "Not A Long-haired Brunette"

The popular singer and young mother gave fans a glimpse of her real appearance after appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Night Show

What To Do If Your Hair Gets Electrified

It is in winter that we face this problem most often

Love Horoscope For January 16: What Astrologers Promise

Aries You are certainly able to handle everything on your own. But right now, the second half needs to feel needed. What should you do to please her ?! TAURUS You will have

Love Horoscope For December 30: What Astrologers Promise

ARIES Nobody is going to leave you. There is nothing to invent! Your suspicion may have certain grounds, but only where you analyze your own imperfection. TAURUS This

"Alive Ken" Decided To Change His Image And Turned Into A Barbie: What Does He Look Like Now?

Rodrigo Alves is a British Brazilian and one of the most famous plastic surgery addicts

Supermodel Excuses Herself For Being Overweight After Fans Accuse Her Of Non-sexuality

British actress and fashion model Kelly Brook fought back fans who criticized her for being overweight. The corresponding interview is published by the Daily Mail

Ideal Woman: What Parameters Of The Figure Are A Modern Standard Of Beauty

The ideals of female beauty are so ephemeral that passing from era to era and from one culture to another, we see a great variety of mutually exclusive standards - from strong and healthy ancient Venuses

Perfect Figure Of Kelly Brook In A Swimsuit

Jeremy Parisi and Kelly Brook, together with the 34-year-old fashion designer, opened the bathing season, sunbathed and rested together, not paying attention at all to the journalists who appeared

10 Times Attentive Fans Noticed Photoshop In Their Idols' Photos

1. Getting the Right Proportions Miranda Kerr looks amazing without any photo editors, but sometimes she still uses Photoshop to narrow her waist and enlarge her hips a little. 2. Armpits B

The Profitability Of The "All Comon" Strategy In Three Years Was 72%

The “All Comon” strategy for private investors from the “Finam” group of companies has existed for almost three years, its profitability since its launch was 72%. This was reported to by the company

There Is Nothing More To Show: Nyusha Was Criticized For Half-naked Breasts In A New Photo Shoot

The artist is again trying to attract netizens to environmental issues. Nyusha chose a rather unusual way to influence her fans

A Bob Haircut Is A Feature Of An Expensive Woman. How To Cut And Wear Correctly?

Caret is an easy way to solve all problems in life. How to cut and wear correctly?

How Vysotsky's Granddaughter Lives, Who Gave Birth To Seven And Shaved Her Head Bald Because Of Religion

The daughter of Arkady Vysotsky, the eldest son of actor Vladimir Vysotsky, moved to the United States with her mother more than 20 years ago. And recently, the Express Gazeta newspaper writes, Natalia became a mother for the seventh time

Ministry Of Industry And Trade: Fertilizer Producers Are Ready For Market Price Containment If Necessary

MOSCOW, February 4. / TASS /. Fertilizer producers in the Russian Federation are ready for various market mechanisms to contain prices for mineral fertilizers in the event of a sharp change in the macroeconomic situation

Rosneft Deutschland Began To Supply Switzerland With Improved Alfabit

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Rosneft, has begun deliveries to Switzerland of two new grades of its own polymer-modified bitumen product (PMB) Alfabit. New

7 Beauty Secrets Of Barbara Brylska That You Can Take Note Of

Probably everyone in our country knows this actress

Dream Business Trip: Kurkova In Wide Jeans And An Oversized T-shirt Appeared On The Beach

Ravshana Kurkova has long surprised her admirer by the fact that she does not change. A girl from a young age acts in films

"You Won't Give More Than 18!" 39-year-old Kurkova Appeared With Afrokos And Showed Her Face Without Makeup

39-year-old actress Ravshana Kurkova on the eve of her anniversary shared a video with fans in which she appeared with Afrokos

Top 5 Most Beautiful Actresses In Russia

These beauties drove many men crazy and became the Russian answer to Hollywood. We present the top 5 popular actresses of Russia who were able to charm the audience and gained great fame

Beloved Morgenstern Rested On The Beach In The Company Of Milokhin

The girl posted a series of "hot" pictures on her Instagram. In the photo, she sits in a provocative pose on the beach in Dubai. Around her, the rapper's friends are posing - tiktoker Danya Milokhin and the performer