Why Women Took Up The Badyagu

Why Women Took Up The Badyagu
Why Women Took Up The Badyagu

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Russian women on the Web talked about cheap self-care products that help no less than expensive cosmetic procedures. One of these "penny forgotten means" was the badyaga. It, as "Rambler" found out, has been used by many for years and advised to girlfriends.

Badiaga is a drug of animal origin and has a local irritant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Badyagi-based creams and gels can be found in any Russian pharmacy.

"The action of the gel is based on mechanical irritation of the skin with crushed silicon needles, which activates the blood supply and provides an excellent resorption effect. The action of the badyagi is accompanied by a weak heating effect and temporary local redness of the skin," one of the creams says on the package.

It turns out that badagu is used for edema, redness and other skin imperfections.

"I use badyag often and actively. I only avoid when there are severe rashes on the skin. For me, its main advantage is the ability to get rid of morning swelling, it seems to suck out all that is unnecessary. I apply it for 30 minutes, then actively wash it off," scrape "the skin a little. After applying serum and moisturizer. There was no allergic reaction, but many face it, "says one of the beauty blogs on Instagram.

Many people advise using it for stretch marks, bruises, post-acne and acne marks, and home peeling with a badyag can even smooth out shallow wrinkles.

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