Secret Beauty Habits Of Makeup Artists

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Secret Beauty Habits Of Makeup Artists
Secret Beauty Habits Of Makeup Artists

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Makeup artists are those people who, without a magic wand, are capable of making a princess out of every Cinderella. They masterfully mask natural imperfections and emphasize the most striking advantages. Who, if not them, knows how to take care of themselves to look like a million dollars? That is why we decided to ask the best makeup artists in Moscow about their beauty habits. We must admit that the answers turned out to be very exciting!


Moreover, when you understand that makeup artists are faced with problem skin, the consequences of sleepless nights and simply incorrigible flaws in the appearance of their clients day after day, you are imbued with respect that every time with all this "rich" set they are fighting quite effectively. But in our article, professional makeup artists will tell you not only about how to make a pretty face, but also reveal the secrets of perfect styling, share their diet and even tell you about a personal scheme for promoting an Instagram page.

Daria Agafonova, makeup artist, Urban Decay

About makeup fatigue, everyday makeup and the best primer

At work, you get so tired of make-up that in everyday life we, make-up artists, do not recognize! At best, I highlight the crease of the eyelid or draw an arrow - that's all my eye makeup. It happens that I just highlight eyelashes with mascara.

My daily makeup starts with Kiehl's moisturizing serum, then I apply a shimmering base Maestro Fusion make-up by Giorgio Armani, which illuminates the skin very well. I have a lot of tonal creams, so I put on different brands according to my mood. My favorite is Naked Skin by Urban Decay, it is a very light tone that perfectly covers all the unevenness. I also really like Armani crema nude, it is light, very gentle, lays down like a regular cream. And under the eyes I use the corrector Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat.

Next is the eyebrows. I draw them with the Couture Brow Marker from Yves Saint Laurent, it has a very quick and easy application, just a lifesaver for daily makeup. 30 seconds - and you have eyebrows!

Before my eyes, I most often draw arrows, I really love the Razor Sharp eyeliner from Urban Decay, as well as the line from Yves Saint Laurent.

I paint over the mucous membrane with the Urban Decay pencil 24/7, I love the shades of Rouch, Mushroom, Hustle, Rockstar and Rail, I choose them depending on how bright I want to make my makeup.

Lip gloss is again Yves Saint Laurent Vernisa Levered plump-up or NYX Butter Gloss, Urban Decay Naked, Armani or MAC.

I also almost always use a primer, except when I apply BB cream. For me, the best primer is Urban defense by Urban Decay, an irreplaceable thing in makeup.

The secret of choosing a foundation and the effect of wet skin

To choose the perfect foundation, before buying, I always tetrate it on the skin of my face, or in extreme cases, on the wrist or neck. But if there is time, I put it on the skin and walk like that for about an hour, and then it really becomes clear - your tone and texture or not.

You also need to understand what effect you want to achieve from the foundation: matte or shiny, to create a dense texture on your face or light.

When choosing a tone for daily use, I tend to choose a light texture so as not to overwhelm the leather with a semi-matte finish. Then you can be sure that in a couple of hours you will not shine like a pancake.

If I need a tone for work or filming, then I prefer a thick foundation, so that it lasts all day and a Photoshop effect appears. This can be achieved with the Urban Decay All Nighter. Also a cool translucent and light tone is Face and body by MAC, it creates a wet skin effect and looks good in a photo shoot.

Party outfit and how to get everyone to look only at you

I'm a fan of dedicated eyes! Firstly, it is very effective, and secondly, it is practical! Made Smoky Eyes or drew graphic arrows - and forgot about them, they will last all evening.

Smoky Eyes can be coal-black, smoky, red-burgundy, purple and so on.I apply Urban Decay Satin Glitter Eyeshadow in Moondust or INGLOT Pigment on the movable eyelid to give the makeup a fresh and sparkling look.

I definitely focus on even, radiant skin - again with a base from Armani, tone - Naked Skin from Urban Decay or All Nighter. Next, I highlight the eyebrows and cheekbones with the Ship Shifter from Urban Decay and the lips with a sheer or nude gloss. With this makeup, no one can take their eyes off me. I assure you!

I prefer to use synthetic brushes in makeup, they are much softer than natural ones and do not cause allergies, and are also much easier to clean! I mostly use Urban Decay brushes, but there are also MAC and Yves Saint Laurent brushes.

About makeup dips and peach eyeshadows

In general, I confess that as soon as I began to understand makeup and cosmetics, I was shocked by how badly I used to paint! Firstly, until I found out about cold shades for sculpting the face, I used either a very dark red powder, or blush, too, red. In general, it looked awful!

I generally keep quiet about eye makeup. I painted everything in one color: either peach or brown. For the whole eyelid. No base. Without drawing mucous membranes or arrows!

On the paradox of opinions in social networks and the secret of a popular account

I always try to do as different makeup as possible: from bright, creative to nude style.

There are two types of photos in my profile: these are my make-ups taken on iPhone, and the make-ups from the photo session, taken only with a professional camera.

Since many clients still cannot decide on creative makeup, I try to show through my Instagram and using my photos that a bright make-up and a creative approach to creating it will not make you a clown, but, on the contrary, will turn you into a daring and sexy girl …

You never know what people will like on social media. Sometimes it seems that she did a bombastic makeup for a photo, but there are very few likes and comments. And it happens that I do, in my opinion, a completely ordinary make-up, and then I post it, simply because I haven’t posted anything for a long time, and all my acquaintances are unexpectedly bombarded with enthusiastic comments. Paradox.

On emerging beauty trends and the inspiration behind the makeup artist

A year ago, I fell in love with glitters, even before it became a trend! I remember how I offered to clients, and they shied away and said: "Oh my God, this is too bright!" And then it became a trend. As a result, people began to apply glitters not only on the eyes, but also on the lips, and even on the eyebrows!

Now bright eye makeup, colored arrows are in vogue, and black will soon fade into the background. For example, the same black can be replaced with dark purple, green shades, burgundy, plum flowers. The same goes for the shape of the arrows. The eyes are much more beautiful and expressive with large graphical arrows. So far, this is only part of the trend.

I admire Olga Tomina, she is one of the strongest makeup artists I know. Her works are bright, unbroken and bold, she herself has developed the style of her make-up technique, and has also been setting trends for more than one year.

About hydrophilic oil and makeup preparation

I have a normal skin type and an oily T-zone, therefore, before makeup, cleansing is important for me first of all. I wash my face with a Lancome or Bioderma gel, then I apply a moisturizing serum HYDRO-Plumping re-texturizing serum concentrate from Kiehl's, under my eyes - Avocado cream from Kiehl's.

In general, make-up does not negatively affect the skin if rinsed off thoroughly. I do this with hydrophilic oil, recently I discovered coconut oil, and now I wash off my makeup only with it! After removing my makeup, be sure to use Lancôme Moisturizing Night Gel. If you perform all these procedures, then makeup will not negatively affect the skin in any way.

About patches from Natalia Bardo and dislike for scrubs

In addition to cleansing, literally everything is important for the health and beauty of the skin: both nutrition and hydration - one cannot exist without the other!

Taking care of my weight from Kiehl's, they have excellent moisturizers and masks. But I also love Lancôme night gel.

In addition, I really love Korean moisturizing masks, and recently learned a great substitute for ice cubes from Natalia Bardo. Soak cotton pads in herbal tincture and put them in the freezer overnight. The next day you have great eye patches! I don’t do peels and scrubs, here I recommend going to professional cosmetologists and dermatologists.

About lush styling and your favorite salon

I use Redken products for hair care. They have great shampoos and balms and masks.

To make my hair look well-groomed in everyday life, I just twist the bun at night, and the next day I get an excellent styling with light curls. I can also braid eight braids, and in the morning I get a very lush and beautiful styling. From time to time I use curling irons and irons to give my hair a well-groomed look and make it more manageable!

And I do evening styling with styling products for styling and volume.

I dye my hair once a month and a half in the salon of good friends MARQUE PRO, as well as in "Persona" on Novokuznetskaya. They paint me with Anthocyanin paint, leaving either Redken or Ola Plex. In general, I do not take care of my hair in any way, I prefer to give it to the hands of professionals.

About coconut oil and lemon oil bath

I love the milk & honey cream mousse from Kiehls Soy very much, it fits nicely on the body and has a delicious aroma. I also often put coconut oil on my body, it is also great nourishing!

After work I take a bath with lemon oil, in general I like citrus fruits, oils, and I also make foot baths with them. And I have a special leg pillow. When I lie down on the bed, I throw my legs over it, thus fatigue after a hard day passes faster.

About anti-cellulite creams and daily diet

As for the figure, I used to try to correct it with the help of various wraps with honey or mustard, however, there was no sense from them. The same goes for anti-cellulite cream. The best thing if you want to lose a couple of pounds is the gym and the treadmill.

Once I spent a lot of time training, I preferred running and strength training. I love to run, I can do it for an hour and meditate. I was recently diagnosed with scoliosis and banned from exercise with weights. Besides, I have been working too much lately, so I only come home to spend the night. I hope that starting from November I will return to my normal regime, to have time to combine sleep, work, and sports.

I eat three meals a day. My breakfast starts when I come to work, lunch and dinner are also at work, and on arrival home I no longer eat. In the fall, I do not limit myself in anything, I think that if you want something sweet, then eat it, and your mood will instantly improve. I never drink food, I drink half an hour before and after meals. By the way, I drink more than two liters of water a day. In the spring and closer to summer, I refuse starchy foods.

About well-groomed nails and complete trust in professionals

In manicure, both for makeup artists and for other people, there is one standard: nails must be well-groomed. You can have a bright manicure, and a long one! The main thing is that it looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.

I tried long nails, but eventually came up with a short almond shape. I always build up and forget about my nails for a month. I always make different colors - from white glossy to black matte, it all depends on the mood. I put myself in the hands of my beloved master and say to do whatever he wants!

In general, it seems to me that a master will always do a better job than you yourself. Therefore, I go to my friends in the MARQUE salon.

About foot salts from "Girlfriend" and conservatism

When it comes to foot care, I don’t come up with something new, I just go to the Podruzhka store and buy various foot salts, there are a lot of them. I don't remember any firms. I take the first thing that catches my eye. As for the pedicure, I prefer short nails and regular polish, here I am conservative.

About your favorite perfume and the association with the scent

At work, it is imperative to use perfume, I love sweet aromas: amber, fougere, citrus. My favorites are Amouge Sunshine, Armani Ambre Eccenrico, Kilian woman in Gold, Montal chocolate Gerede, Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent, Armani Si.

I also think people associate me with Ambre Eccenrico by Armani and Black Opium by Yves SaintLaurent.

Yulia Aksenova, make-up artist, teacher of the Make-Up Atelier Paris school in Moscow

About step-by-step everyday make-up and correct correction

When you work a lot with cosmetics, you only choose the minimum for yourself, so I mostly do nude makeup and don't use many products.

I start by cleansing my face with a tonic, then apply the cream according to my skin type. I have oily, sometimes dehydrated, therefore, based on the condition, I use either a matting or moisturizing cream. Sometimes after the cream I apply the Atelier Eclat base.

The next step is a foundation, I use a thick one from Becca. I like that it lasts a long time on oily skin, it does not shine. I hide bruises under the eyes with concealer from MAC Cosmetics or Becca. Next, I fix the face with powder and make a correction.

I shape the eyebrows with a pencil from Cinecitta Makeup in shade 201 and paint the eyelashes with mascara from Vivienne Sabo of the Cabaret series.

For my makeup I use the minimum number of brushes, usually one barrel-shaped goat blending brush, a flat medium-sized sable brush for applying shadows and a sponge for tone.

I choose brushes so that the pile does not fall out, does not have an unpleasant odor. The sponge should be soft and not fall apart.

About foundation for winter and fluid textures

Winter is coming soon, and at this time of year the skin lacks moisture, which means I need to moisturize it. Accordingly, now I choose a foundation with a moisturizing effect, but at the same time, I make sure that the tone is dense, or I use a moisturizer before applying it, so as not to accentuate peeling.

In summer, on the contrary, I don't want to overload the skin, so I choose fluid textures. To determine the color, I apply a little foundation on the lower jaw and neck area. If the tone has become invisible, then I picked it up correctly, if I see a clear line, then this is not my color. On the hand, I only check the texture.

About the impending century and blush contouring

Firstly, before I dyed my eyebrows incorrectly, made a “comma” shape, dyed it along the entire length with the same intensity, much brighter than necessary.

Secondly, I did not know how to cope with the overhanging of the eyelid, since I always raised my eyes in the mirror, and it was clearly not visible. As a result, in life it turned out that my beautiful makeup immediately disappeared under the overhang.

Thirdly, I didn’t know that the cheekbone correction needs to be done with special correctors, which have the color of the natural shadow - gray-brown. I thought I could do it with blush, but as a result I just got red cheeks.

And fourthly, I did not even suspect that there were some kind of bases under the shadows, that they do not allow the makeup to roll off and create an intense color.

About evening make-up and look with pigments

If I go to any long-term event: a wedding, a master class, a party, then I apply a primer to match the tone or use a shining liquid highlighter if I go to the shooting.

For parties I use Eclat base from Atelier make up, Becca tone, Cayilin tints. I do Smoky Eyes or makeup with pigments, I love showiness and brightness, especially the combination of different colors attracts.

About wearable Instagram looks and trends

For photos on social networks, I do different makeup. Sometimes it is very simple, in which there are only three shades, but most often I perform makeup on pigments, combining different colors with each other.

The “wearable”, commercial version of make-up always gets the most likes. Most often, a wedding make-up, well, or completely daring, when sparkles are on the eyebrows, lips or eyelids. People seem to have two extremes. Subscribers usually write that they like to see tenderness in makeup, natural shades, or, conversely, brightness, unusualness, something that is not in demand in everyday life.

About the secrets of care for cosmetics

First of all, I will say that I never pick up any creamy textures with a brush, otherwise bacteria get there, which create microflora and multiply, this is unhygienic and reduces the duration of the cosmetics. It is better to type such products with a spatula on a palette.I handle the pressed products-shadows, powders carefully so as not to break them.

About facial care and combating imperfections

In skin care, the most important thing is cleansing, followed by hydration.

Before makeup, I always first wipe my face with an alcohol-free toner, then apply a face cream - moisturizing or mattifying, depending on the condition of the skin. I have oily skin, but it becomes dehydrated during the cold season. Also, makeup can dry out the skin or clog pores if the cosmetics contain a lot of silicones.

In the evening, I always cleanse my skin thoroughly. First, I wash my face with a gel according to my skin type, then I use a coffee scrub, then I wipe it with chlorhexidine, then a tonic, and only then I apply the cream.

For skin care and acne control, I use the La Roche Posay Duo series pharmacy brand. I also make masks based on the secret of a snail, they nourish and moisturize well, I love coffee scrubs and scrubs from Helen Gold.

About Lush products and the secret hair mask

I use shampoos from Lush, my favorites are "New", "Rehabilitation", also a mask for strengthening hair "Foundation of Foundations", I love two-phase spray for combing from Selective, masks and hair oils from Barex and Ollin. I paint my hair with dyes from Selective, recently I also like dye from Wella.

My daily hairstyle is beach curls. It is very simple to make them: I braid my wet hair in a pigtail for the night, unravel it in the morning. Done! Or I just go with straight styled hair.

Evening hairstyles usually take more time and styling products, I love voluminous curls. To do this, I use an iron and a conical curling iron to create curls, with them you can curl easily and quickly.

To keep my hair always healthy, I make masks with burdock oil, put it on my hair, put on a shower cap, then a towel and stand it for 40-60 minutes.

About bright manicure and foot baths

I love nails in red, burgundy, purple shades. I prefer to do everything on my own, without adjusting to a certain time, when it is convenient for me. I do not like extended nails, I love when they are short, neat. I usually cover them with shellac.

The same applies to a pedicure: I make the nails neat and remove the length, and the color is equivalent to the color of the manicure. Sometimes I do foot baths using sea salt to relieve fatigue and make the skin softer.

About perfume at work and love for Dior

Perfume is perfectly acceptable to use at work, but I try to use it to a minimum so as not to irritate people around me with unnecessary odors. My favorite scents are Dior pure poison, Dior Addict, Miss Dior blooming, CK in 2 you, but I can't stand very sweet scents.

Olga Romanova, star makeup artist, founder of the ROMANOVAMAKEUP cosmetic brand

About how to look in front of a client, and about a face without makeup

Our clients do not look anywhere during the entire make-up session, but in our face. Therefore, whatever the schedule, the perfect makeup for a makeup artist is a must. But the main thing here is not to forget about individuality: some have nude, some have bright accents. After all, make-up is a reflection of our inner world and character, this tool must be used for self-expression.

If the makeup artist is "tired" of cosmetics, then he should think about a vacation or a change of profession. But behind a face without makeup, there is a delicate work and many products that should work out the skin in the most imperceptible way. Now is not the time when make-up artists were workers "on the other side of the stage", now this profession obliges you to look very well-groomed and tidy.

About quick professional makeup and fresh cheeks

The most important thing in makeup is the skin! Therefore, I always use products to create a healthy complexion. Embryolisse CC Cream is my favorite. I also love Tom Ford's foundations and the latest Double Wear Nude by Estée Lauder is now my favorite too. But I don't use a primer before makeup. Prepare my skin with my favorite Evidens Rich Cream.

A couple of strokes around the eyes are required with the Estée Lauder brush on glow bb. Every day I use my Sexy Sculpting Cream Romanovamakeup to accentuate my cheekbones and highlight the jawline, I also fit them along the temporal cavities to narrow my face a little.

I really love the Baby Face effect with glowing fresh cheeks, for this I use the Sexy Cream Blusher Romanovamakeup blush in the SHINY PEACH shade.

Among other things, I have Tom Ford blonde pencil and Sexy Eyebrow Mascara in my arsenal. I apply cream eyeshadows on the eyelids with the Sexy Eyeshadow Pencil Romanovamakeup in Get Naked shade and draw soft arrows of the Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil in the Make a wish shade, curl the eyelashes with a curling iron and paint them thickly with mascara. For my lips, I have a lot of variations to suit my mood.

All together it sounds voluminous, but, believe me, such makeup usually takes no more than seven minutes.

About makeup tools and Japanese brushes

I love beautyblender very much and recommend it to everyone. It helps to create the lightest coverage of the foundation without smudges or streaks. I also really like Japanese brushes. And I also have a set of the most delicate squirrel brushes, which I myself have developed and made to order at one very good brush factory. The right tools will make applying makeup quick and enjoyable. And it is not necessary to have a huge professional set of thousands of brushes, it is important to have high-quality, convenient for you personally, and there may be only a few of them in a cosmetic bag.

About fuchsia lipstick and headliner eyelashes

At parties, I choose different looks. Sometimes I do a nude make-up with an accent on the lips, red, wine lipstick or a shade of fuchsia. I love to accentuate the eyelashes. It can be an arrow or light shaded and extended Smoky Eyes.

But the headliners in makeup are always eyelashes and lips. I use false eyelashes from natural fur of my brand Romanovamakeup. The Malena model has a gorgeous 3D effect, the cilia are located in three planes, which creates a special volume, while the cilia look very delicate.

If my outfit is very neutral, then I focus on makeup. I can add fuchsia or traditional red lips to bright and mysterious eyes with the legendary Sexy Lipstick Pen in Perfect Red.

About 15 years of experience and trend volatility

I have been working as a make-up artist since I was 15, and I began to experiment with personal experiments since I was 12, after the make-up courses at the school of fashion models - I think every girl of my age can boast of this education, it was very popular at that time. I also have seven years of art school, so I can't say that there were any discoveries in this area, and I practically did not make mistakes in makeup, but over the years, trends change, and, of course, this is reflected in my makeup.

About a lifestyle profile and a makeup artist to look up to

My Instagram is more about life, about lifestyle, about work, where I try to share secrets and motivation. I never do makeup specifically for photos on social networks. It's just that sometimes I manage to take a photo with cool makeup if I'm going to some event, shooting or photo session. But I have a lot of photos without makeup.

I really like that when we meet in person, people who until that moment knew me only on Instagram say that I am even more attractive in life. Therefore, I really want my Instagram photos to be as realistic as possible. In general, I am for sincerity in everything. My particular inspiration in my work is Charlotte Tilbory.

On the care of cosmetics and how to extend its service life

Cosmetics should never be overheated or cooled. I always write about this on my products. This effect is detrimental to the formula. It is also important to observe the expiration date, and if these are creamy products, then they need to be stored in tightly closed packaging. Text: Daria Antipina

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