Why Women Age Faster Than Men

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Why Women Age Faster Than Men
Why Women Age Faster Than Men

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Age-related changes in women become noticeable much earlier than in men. While men, without making any effort to take care of their appearance, keep their skin young for many years. Rambler has found out why the aging process is so different in our bodies.

Physiology takes its toll

The relief of the bone base of the skull of men and women plays an important role in the aging process of the face. In women, the zygomatic regions are gracefully delineated, therefore, the facial muscles become very thin. The lower jaw of women is not massive and therefore is an unreliable support for the tension of soft tissues. The frontal bone is so softly contoured that the profiling of the face of the female is most often imperceptible. Because men have a much wider forehead than women, they are less familiar with upper eyelid ptosis. This condition contributes to the formation of wrinkles in the upper part of the face. Soviet anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov noted: the larger the bone, the more soft tissues on it, which help maintain muscle tone. As you know, in the absence of tone, our skin loses its healthy appearance, and the body loses percent of muscle tissue, leading to inevitable aging. The facial muscles of women are thinner and have less functional strength. Women often complain of flabby cheeks due to the fact that this part of the face has an extremely low percentage of muscle tissue.

Psychology matters

Chronic stress is associated with premature aging. Psychiatrists and neurologists from the University of California explained the mechanism of this phenomenon: women who experience constant severe stress have lower levels of the hormone clotho. This hormone is "anti-aging" as it regulates the aging process and maintains the health of the entire body. Scientists noted that men are the most resistant to psychosocial stress, which women are exposed to. Men tolerate changes in their social environment more easily and do not succumb to panic attacks, leading to a decrease in the hormone clotho.

How to stop aging

“If you prefer to sleep with your face in your pillow, you have to change your habit a little. The soft tissues of a woman's face are traumatized even by contact with feather pillows, leaving “creases” on your face. When caring for your body, apply the cream with a patting motion. Smearing the cream daily means stretching the skin daily. Be attentive to your face and watch your facial expressions. Try not to frown or squint for no reason. Follow the massage lines of your face when applying and removing makeup. And, of course, do not forget about Sanskrin - the sun is wonderful, but ultraviolet light is contraindicated to preserve youth.”- Anastasia Dubinskaya, founder of the school of natural rejuvenation, advises.

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