How Miss Universe Winners Have Changed Over The Past 70 Years

How Miss Universe Winners Have Changed Over The Past 70 Years
How Miss Universe Winners Have Changed Over The Past 70 Years

Video: How Miss Universe Winners Have Changed Over The Past 70 Years

Video: How Miss Universe Winners Have Changed Over The Past 70 Years
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Donald Trump helped a Russian girl to become the queen of the country for the first time. But Oksana Fedorova was quickly deprived of her crown.


After the end of World War II, the world was recovering, and he needed entertainment to quickly return to normal life. One of these leisure activities was the Miss Universe contest, which originated in California in 1952 thanks to the Unviersal company. Almost 70 years have passed since then. The world has changed so much that in 2018 a transgender girl took part in the competition for the first time.

Winners of the crown of the Romanov dynasty

In the first five years of the competition, there was only one rule - a girl must be between the ages of 17 and 24. Nobody forbade them to be married, have children. Therefore, the first winner Armi Kuusela from Finland after her marriage did not cease to be a beauty queen. The second Miss Universe in 1953 was the Frenchwoman Christian Martel, who, like the Finnish woman, was 18 years old at the time of the victory. The girl's height is only 167 cm. According to the current model parameters, this is quite small. The competition was originally intended to advertise beach products. There weren't really any competitions, just a fashion show and a photo session. But the reward was gorgeous. The winner received the crown of the Romanov dynasty, which cost a lot of money.

Miss Congeniality

You've probably watched this movie starring Sandra Bullock. So, the name arose back in the 1960s. The organizers of Miss Universe realized that just evaluating the beauty of girls is boring. And people started to get tired of it, stopped paying money for tickets and watching shows on TV. To change this, the nominations Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic and Miss National Costume were introduced. There were more and more participating countries. For example, in 1963, the competition was first won by a girl from Brazil Yeda Maria Vargas - another owner of a height of 167 cm.

New rules and online voting

In 1972, globalization finally got to the beauty pageant, and for the first time it was held outside the United States - in Puerto Rico. The rules have also changed. Now the age limits for the participants ranged from 18 to 27 years old, and the winners had to work for a year under a contract with the organizers. The Spaniard Amparo Muñoz, who became "Miss Universe" in 1974, paid for this. She refused to travel to Japan and was stripped of her crown. The girl, by the way, was not only older than the aforementioned predecessors (20 years old), but also taller (173 cm).

In the late 70s, personal computers began to appear in the world, and the jury decided to use online voting to summarize the results of the competition. The computerization of the process raised many questions, few people believed in the honesty of voting through electronic terminals, but subsequently, in parallel with the development of technology, resentment began to decline.

Soviet girls in the show

The 80s were the most critical time for the competition in terms of ideas. Everyone is finally tired of endless fashion shows in different costumes and swimsuits. Help came from where they did not reap. Thanks to Perestroika, girls from the USSR and the entire post-Soviet space got a chance to take part in the Miss Universe contest. And they figured out how to make the show much more interesting. In addition to banal clothing shows, tasks for general outlook, ingenuity, sense of humor, knowledge of manners were introduced.

Trump's influence and black winners

American billionaire Donald Trump felt a goldmine in the resurgent beauty pageant and bought the rights to Miss Universe, taking advantage of the problems from previous investors. Trump invested a lot of money in the show, competently promoted ads and made sure that many Americans and people around the world began to watch the competition again.

In 2005, the title was won by Natalya Glebova, a Canadian representative from the city of Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory. At 24, the girl had a height of 180 cm and parameters close to the ideal - 87 62 91.

Trump is often criticized for racial intolerance. Partly because of this, in 2015, Donald decided to drop out of the competition and focus on the campaign. By the way, these accusations are rather strange, because it was during his leadership that two black girls, representatives of India, Puerto Rico and Latin American countries, became the winners of the competition.

Why was Oksana Fedorova deprived of the title?

During Trump's leadership in 2002, a girl from Russia, Oksana Fedorova, became Miss Universe for the first time. The competition took place in May, and in September Oksana was stripped of this title. What happened and is it really just another intrigue against our country? It's much easier. The winner was obliged to fully work out the contract with the organizers within one year, for which she received decent money. She received a luxurious apartment in New York at her disposal and had to be ready to travel to different countries with charity events. Fedorova, on the other hand, decided to return back to St. Petersburg to defend her thesis. The organizers had no choice. They stripped the Russian woman of the crown and gave it to the girl from Panama, who took second place.

Beauty is permanent

Fashion is cyclical, but beauty is constant. Almost 70 years have passed since the beginning of such contests, but the standards of beauty have practically not changed. Swimwear, evening dresses changed, but the Miss Universe winners are still as good as in the 50s of the last century. Is that taller.

The only thing I would like to wish the organizers is to pay more attention to the Russian contestants. One victory in 70 years is very little. And if you consider that the Russian woman was completely deprived of the title, then it becomes completely sad. So in the next competition we are waiting for the return of Russian girls to the top!