"The Hardest Bride In Russia" Lost Weight

"The Hardest Bride In Russia" Lost Weight
"The Hardest Bride In Russia" Lost Weight

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Volgograd resident Natalya Rudenko, known as the heaviest woman in Russia, lost more than 40 kilograms. She underwent an operation to reduce the stomach, reports "B1.ru".

According to Rudenko, she now weighs 225 kilograms.

“I have become much more fun. There is more hope in me and more expectations from myself”,

- the woman told the site.


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Volgogradka admitted that she was not yet accustomed to the diet prescribed by her doctors, but understood its necessity.

"Now I can say: you can live completely calmly without mayonnaise, and without buns-fools",

- shared Rudenko.

In addition, she said that now she can independently climb on foot to the third floor, although before she even climbed to the second with two breaks.

Rudenko announced her desire to lose weight last fall. The Volgograd press wrote about her, and the woman also appeared in the show "Actually" on Channel One, where she was nicknamed "the hardest bride in Russia."

The woman reportedly lost her diet after taking a job at a trolleybus depot and gained dramatic weight due to hormonal imbalance resulting from a miscarriage. According to Rudenko's recollections, about seven years ago she was hospitalized with a hypertensive crisis. Then the Volgograd woman weighed 160 kilograms, and an endocrinologist came to her, who said: "You need to eat less." According to her recollections, Rudenko took this phrase painfully, having ceased to monitor her weight, which subsequently increased to 270 kilograms.

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