8 Main Coloring Secrets

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8 Main Coloring Secrets
8 Main Coloring Secrets

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The editorial staff of WMJ.ru, together with Elena Vlasova, art director of the Na Vysot color studio network, offers you some useful tips to help you leave the salon with the desired hair color. Read more in our material!


Often, girls succumb to a momentary desire, and then regret it. Do not rush. Think carefully about your decision, decide what you want, weigh the pros and cons, and if the desire to change the beauty image is still not lost, act! Remember a few simple rules to help you get the desired result:

Choose professionals

Look at the catalog of the master's work. Sign up for a consultation and discuss the future image with him in detail. If your ideas about the shade of dreams are at odds with the ideas of the master, look for another colorist for yourself.

Trust your stylist

Only a competent specialist can choose the right look, make a beautiful lasting color and keep your hair healthy. In addition, the likelihood that you will be provided with a low-quality service by a specialist, proven by experience and with a reputation for which he has worked for many years, is extremely small.

No home staining

At first glance, dyeing your hair at home does not seem like such a bad idea: it is convenient, cheap and you won't have to go to your favorite stylist across the city. In fact, the situation with home staining is about the same as with homemade keratin straightening. Professional products in the hands of an amateur rarely lead to the expected result.

Of course, in any supermarket on the shelf you will find paint for home coloring with detailed instructions for use, but even in this case, not everything is so simple. The dye from the supermarket is designed for all types of hair (in other words, manufacturers cannot physically take into account the individual condition of the hair, as an experienced stylist can). In addition, when mixing home dyes, the result can be, to put it mildly, unexpected, which, again, will not happen in the salon.

Don't get attached to the brand of dye

It is wrong to choose a specialist based on the brand of dye on which he works. A competent colorist who knows his product well will always create a beautiful and lasting color. Conversely, even the most expensive dye in the hands of a layman can give a disastrous result. The difference between economy class, business class and luxury dyes is only in the fact that some have fewer caring components, while others have more. At the same time, a professional dye is a prerequisite for salon dyeing. It is professional products that give a good result, preserve the quality of the hair and ensure that when you change the color you will not get a “surprise” instead of the expected shade.

Don't stray far from natural color

You should not radically change the image in one visit. For example, if you decide to darken your hair, then try to do it by a maximum of 1-2 tones, in the case of lightening - a maximum of 3 tones. This rule serves as a kind of insurance in case the result of staining does not meet your expectations. More drastic changes will not allow you to return to the original color without harm to the health of the hair.

Test on one strand

Refuse the service if during the consultation you were not offered to do a strand test. Only with the help of this method can you understand how many tones you can lighten hair without losing their health and quality.

Without toning anywhere

Do not neglect salon toning. This service gives colored hair a good shade, nourishes it, removes fragility and fragility, removes static. The caring components in professional tinting products, correctly selected by the master, fill the hair with vitality and make it more elastic, shiny, dense.It is advisable to repeat the procedure once every 5-6 weeks.

Take care of the health of your hair before and after dyeing

The key to high-quality dyeing is healthy hair. Do not forget to look after them and follow the advice of your master after coloring. Thanks to special shampoos and products, you will be able to maintain color for a long time, and masks and special products with oils and silicones will help restore curls after lightening.

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