What Is The Secret Of Sandra Bullock's Youth? Workout, Nutrition, Skin Care

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What Is The Secret Of Sandra Bullock's Youth? Workout, Nutrition, Skin Care
What Is The Secret Of Sandra Bullock's Youth? Workout, Nutrition, Skin Care

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The Oscar-winning actress is kept in shape by a harsh cleaning and an unusual cosmetic procedure.


Oscar winner and one of the most spectacular actresses in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock, today, July 26, turns 56 years old. And if you look at her photos, only one question can arise - how, well, how does she manage to be in such amazing shape? It is simply impossible to give an actress more than 35, and then at a stretch. Sandra willingly shares her secrets of "eternal youth", but not everyone has the willpower to repeat them.

Cleaning once a year and sweets once a week

Bullock's main commandment is healthy eating. You can torture yourself in the gym, do whatever procedures you want, but if the diet is not drawn up correctly, all efforts will be in vain. And what is right, according to Sandra?

First of all, eat slowly, often and in small portions. The menu should consist of fresh vegetables, baked dishes, freshly squeezed juices. There should be no fried foods and pastries on the table. And so six times a week. The seventh day is a "fasting" day, when you can eat anything.

Also, every year Sandra Bullock goes on a special diet that lasts three weeks and allows you to thoroughly "cleanse" the body. At this time, she eats only fish, vegetables and honey, washing it down with green tea. No meat, fruits, dairy products, flour, sugar and vegetable proteins. Of course, such harsh measures should be taken only with the permission of a doctor. There is no doubt that Sandra has everything under control.

By the way, both Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid adhere to a similar diet. Apparently, even they were impressed by the figure of the actress.

Kickboxing, cycling and jogging in the morning

Sandra Bullock is in great physical shape. All thanks to regular training. The actress starts every morning with a run. This not only helps her keep herself in shape, but also gives her a boost of vivacity. There are no strict restrictions on the duration of classes, it all depends on the mood and time. And if you don't want to run at all, kickboxing classes come to the rescue - Sandra also visits them regularly.

Another mandatory part of the training process is Pilates. At home, Bullock regularly pedals on an exercise bike and works out with fitness rubber bands.

The star's trainings are closely monitored by the famous coach Simone de la Rue.

Unusual facial skin care

The actress is known for her stunningly well-groomed face, on which there are not only wrinkles, but even wrinkles! Despite the fact that she only once resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon, when it was necessary to slightly correct the shape of her lips. For such an appearance, proper nutrition and sports alone are not enough.

Don't be alarmed, but it's all about the foreskin of Korean babies. Yes, the secret to Sandra Bullock's gorgeous face is in circumcision products. The technology is called Epidermal Growth Factor: stem cells from cut flesh are implanted into the skin using microneedles. On the eve of the procedure, a deep dry cleaning of the face is done, and after that a softening mask is required.

The service is designed for several sessions, and is provided by the American cosmetologist Georgia Louise. It was she who developed the technology and secured the approval of the method from the US Food and Drug Administration. The result of such an unusual and expensive procedure is radiance of the skin and slowing down of the aging process.

Taken together - healthy nutrition, sports and amazing serum - gives the form that Sandra Bullock regularly presents on the carpet.

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