Cheap Fake: People Who Tried To Be Like Stars, But They Failed

Cheap Fake: People Who Tried To Be Like Stars, But They Failed
Cheap Fake: People Who Tried To Be Like Stars, But They Failed

Video: Cheap Fake: People Who Tried To Be Like Stars, But They Failed

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It's okay to want to be like a star. But spending fabulous sums to get exactly the same face is already a bell. The heroes of our selection have done over 10 operations (each) and spent more than $ 1 million (all together) to look like their favorite celebrities. We show and tell whether they managed to get closer to their dream.


Bunny Smith (Bella Hadid)

The young American decided to make herself a perfect face by all means, and this is the only thing in the world only for Bella Hadid. Therefore, the 25-year-old manager from New York did not really take a steam bath: she just brought a photo of the model to the surgeon and asked him to do the same.

Bunny has spent over $ 25K on rhinoplasty, a new chin and Botox with fillers. Not to say that Smith became Bella's twin sister, but she probably came closer to her dream.

Claire Lesson (Kim Kardashian)

And this girl purposefully wanted to become a copy of Kim and did not regret it 35 thousand dollars. You will be surprised, but most of the tidy sum went to the body upgrade, not the face. With the face, according to Claire, makeup copes without problems. Well, let's give Lesson his due: there really is a resemblance to the famous Kardashian.

Kardashian herself claims that her body is the result of training, not plastics. And she's not alone: ​​Die Hard: the stars that enlarged the buttocks.

Tiffany Taylor (Ivanka Trump)

A resident of Texas decided to go for a walk to the fullest and spent almost 100 thousand dollars on plastic surgery. And all in order to become a copy of your idol - the daughter of the American president. Tiffany literally made herself a new face. This includes cheekbone correction, facelift, and rhinoplasty. Taylor herself is happy with the transformation and considers her appearance to be ideal.

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Nileen Namita (Nefertiti)

And this British woman surpassed even a copy of Ivanka in spending. Believe it or not, 49-year-old Nileen spent 350 thousand dollars to become like … Nefertiti! Or, more precisely, on her statue. In addition to the fabulous amount, the woman spent a lot of years on her transformation (she did her first operation at 26).

Namita explained her desire to have the face of an Egyptian queen simply: for many years she had dreamed of Nefertiti, and everything became clear - this is a sign! What happened next, you know …

And what her “brothers in mind” dreamed about: 5 people who wanted to look like celebrities, but disgraced themselves.

Kitty (Jennifer Lawrence)

And this American woman was so fond of the image of Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games that she decided to make herself the same face. Kitty's friends just assented: they say, you already look alike, you just need to tweak something. The girl corrected it - for 25 thousand dollars. Now Kitty is completely satisfied with her appearance and believes that she cannot be distinguished from Lawrence.

These people also think that they managed to achieve similarities with idols: 5 ordinary people who wanted to look like stars, but could not.

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