Beauty In Telegram: Whose Channels To Subscribe To

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Beauty In Telegram: Whose Channels To Subscribe To
Beauty In Telegram: Whose Channels To Subscribe To

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Reading beauty blogs is one of the favorite leisure options for most girls. Our editorial staff is no exception. BeautyHack talked to the founders of the most popular Telegram channels and learned how to manage them correctly and what are their advantages.


How and why telegram channels about beauty appeared

The answer is simple - spontaneously. Print blogs and LiveJournal diaries have gone into the shadows, and the need for text content remains. In addition, this messenger has the easiest way to present content - the main thing is that it is informative. The most popular posts are sincere declarations of love for certain products, selfies with lipstick swaps, inspiring photos from beauty shoots and screenshots of the most successful star makeup. Another feature of this platform is that there are no usual measure of the author's popularity. Subscribers can give Feedback only in a personal dialogue mode, if the author himself wants it.

What they write about beauty in telegram channels

The trend for the creation of telegram channels about beauty appeared relatively recently (about a year ago), but many authors already have more than five thousand subscribers. The audience of such channels is very active, as evidenced by special chat rooms, where heated debates about cosmetics flare up. And there are also contests that telegram bloggers generously indulge their subscribers with.

BeautyHack spoke with the founders of the most popular telegram channels about beauty and found out what inspired them to create the channel, what difficulties they faced and what Feedback they receive from subscribers.


NoseRepublic - channel about perfumery, 2,580 subscribers

The author of the channel is perfume critic Ksenia Golovanova.

I like to explore different media platforms: each of them allows me to get to know my reader, each time I see him from a new perspective.

A Telegram channel is like a blog or a public, only better.

For example, there is too much personal information and ad junk in the Facebook feed. The Instagram platform is more about pictures, not about texts, and advertising in it is unprincipled. And the channel is not like a brand, not adding to friends for the purpose of some kind of relationship, but an honest subscription to content. I like the texts - I signed up.

The content on my channel changed gradually. My husband is my most critical reader. He advised introducing permanent headings so that subscribers have a sense of consistency. For example, they know that once every two weeks I will tell them about inexpensive but interesting fragrances.

The authors of telegram channels have two main difficulties: firstly, they need to write regularly, and secondly, the behavior of subscribers is unpredictable.

I have not yet managed to understand what is guaranteed to please readers, and what will cause massive unsubscriptions.

There are also two main advantages to having your own Telegram channel: information in your head is well laid out "on the shelves" and you get a response from readers

They are grateful for the beautiful texts, for help in choosing a fragrance for a wedding or for a daughter at the graduation ceremony.

If we talk about tasks, the most difficult thing is to speak the same language with the reader.

Perfumery is the most snobbish branch of the beauty industry. The entire audience is divided into "friends" and "aliens". Nobody will blame you for the wrong shade of lipstick - yes, count them and do not exist, these wrong shades. But for the fact that they confessed their love for the Montals in the presence of those who wear classic Guerlains and, say, hardcore chypre.

I'm not too susceptible to snobbery, but I still check any phrase for humanity. This, one might say, is my personal sanitary control.

I get feedback from my followers every day. It also works as an additional fact-checking: my readers often point out my mistakes, for which I am very grateful to them.

I read other telegram channels, but mostly about perfumery.For example, the @evaluatrix channel, which is hosted by the creative director of Brocard, Lyubov Berlyanskaya, is a person who has done more than anyone else to popularize Russian perfumery. Another channel @ Parf4you of Maria Kondratieva, a sales coach: she knows a lot about this industry from the inside.

While developing my channel, I plan to do more interviews with perfumers and other industry specialists, more interesting collaborations with brands - primarily contests and worthy special projects.

Today Nose Republic is the most popular perfumery channel, a small but self-sufficient media outlet.

I think the fact that I treat my channel like a newspaper or a magazine is the reason for its success.

Regularity, insider information, expert opinions - all this is important to me. All this, well, a little hooliganism.


Than paint on the face, 3,049 subscribers. A channel about new products in the beauty industry

The authors of the channel are bloggers Mila Bulatova and Elena Obydennova.

(Editor's note: Mila Bulatova told us about the channel)

Some time ago, I had the idea to present my blog on all platforms: I started a public on Facebook and a channel on Telegram.

I told my friends and colleagues about it, shared a link on my Instagram page - this is how the first few hundred subscribers came. Then we started getting to know the authors of other channels.

The content of my channel has remained practically unchanged since the date of its foundation: we continue to exist in the format of beauty news, which we would be the first to share in chat with our friends.

The best part about having a telegram channel is being able to interact with people with whom you have common interests. And show battles with other channels are fun. In fact, we all love each other.

The hardest part of running a channel is the lack of time and cosmetic satiety.

I constantly receive feedback from subscribers. We even have a dedicated chat room to exchange opinions with each other. I also read all the channels about the beauty industry. That is, absolutely everything.

Two years ago, the beauty telegram did not exist at all, and a year ago there were only 20 telegram channels. It is difficult to talk about specific plans: you never know which social network will appear and which format will “shoot”.

We must take 6,769 subscribers. Channel with the motto "No time to explain, run to the store!"

The author of the channel is the blogger Daria.

I am a typical sofa theorist. I have practically no time to “talk” with my friends, and I put all the information on the Internet. The choice fell on the beauty theme, because I spend a huge amount of money on various means, and it is important for me to tell what has gone and what has not!

I myself prefer to listen to the advice of ordinary users and learn about the experience of use, than to read a detailed analysis of the ingredients of the product.

The number of subscribers grew by itself: first, I invited friends to the channel, then subscribers began to come by themselves.

I didn't have a goal to make the channel popular - the main thing for me is that my audience consists of my like-minded people.

The best part is feedback from subscribers. I really like it when people ask me for advice or tell their stories related to one of my posts. It's great, I love to chat!

I feel uncomfortable when asked to recommend skin care products: I’m not a beautician or makeup artist, and I definitely don’t want to harm my subscribers!

I really love the beauty channel of the makeup artist Gevorg @superMakeupSuka. The main thing for me in blogs is that I like the authors as people. Immediately unsubscribe from the author, unpleasant to me, no matter how informative and useful his channel is.

I want my channel to remain the way it is - I like what is happening there and the kind of people who read it.

The recipe for a successful telegram channel is simple - do what you like.

Sincerity is very much appreciated: if you try to copy someone or play in public, the audience will notice it.

Vizazhidze's diary, 6 388 members

The author of the channel is make-up artist Irene Shimshilashvili, who shares backstage photos and her work with subscribers.

To be honest, I don't know why I started my own channel. I remember that I saw a similar channel on the network, and I really liked the idea. It was very simple: I showed the channel to my friends, and then the audience began to come by themselves.

I have a very diverse content that I have not changed: I make lists, write texts, upload photos and videos.

The best part about running a telegram channel is the ability to communicate with people. Scandals, intrigues and investigations among the authors of beauty channels - I love that!

The hardest part about running a channel is the desire to take a break from it. I never planned to develop the channel, it just happened. And I get feedback from subscribers all the time.

I read the feeds of people I know personally - @makeupunitesus, @beautyandthebitch, @beautygolovnogomozga, @godblesstheconcealer, @donttouchmyface.


Rapupupunzel - hair care and all things, 4530 subscribers. Hair Care Channel

The author of the channel is blogger Ramon Koko.

I once ruined my hair very badly, and I had to cut my hair short. Then I decided that I should think about how best to care for my hair so that I do not have to cut again. I received a lot of new information, which I really wanted to share, but I did not know how and where to do it better.

Telegram is a convenient site for blogging, because I have never been interested in likes under posts and swearing in comments.

In the telegram channel, there is no need to bother with the design or "licked" photos. I just stand on a stool and broadcast!

At first, I myself invited subscribers from various social networks, mainly on hair care resources. And then a professional hairdresser Victoria @apalikulinda_hair told about me on her channel. The first 150 subscribers came to me from her. It seemed to me an unimaginable figure, I would not have had so many acquaintances in my entire life!

Initially, I had an approximate structure of posts in my head, which has survived to this day: reviews on shampoos / conditioners / other products and theoretical posts. In addition, I love to share all the interesting things I find on the Internet on the topic of personal care, and sometimes I record small video tutorials about simple but interesting hairstyles.

The posts about theory are the most interesting for me - I try to explain in simple language some things that seem very basic and important to me.

Many people just wash their hair and dry their hair without thinking about how the conditioner works, why indelible protection is important, and why washing your hair every day is not harmful at all.

I do not discuss much about self-care or any means with my friends and family, so the channel for me is a kind of outlet.

So I tried a new hair spray and I can tell about it to subscribers who are interested, and not torment my husband with my stories, who generally uses the same shampoo for many years.

And I am very happy when my subscribers revise their usual hair care, change it and start looking better. It means that I am writing for a reason!

Subscribers quite often write to me in private messages, almost always these are sensible questions that I am happy to answer. Sometimes they ask my opinion about the products that I first hear about: this is another reason to try something new! But since the opening of the channel, I have been saying the same thing - I cannot exactly choose the right care products for everyone. I test everything on myself, and my knowledge of other people's hair is purely theoretical.

I have gathered a smart and interesting audience, whose opinion is really important to me. It's great that they share their impressions and ideas with me.

I read a large number of channel channels and constantly subscribe to new ones. Everything is very lively in Telegram so far, and I hope that this trend will continue for a long time. My favorites are Vicky @Idohair, Katya @ Beauty300, Liza @effyshat, Olesya @ole_op and Dasha @madwomen.

I guess I'm a bad blogger: I don't have a content plan and development strategy. I'm just writing about what I'm interested in at the moment.I can write every day, or I can shut up for a week!

The secret of a successful telegram channel is to be yourself! If you yourself are interested in the topic that you are developing, then others will also be interested in it.


Don’t touch my face, 23 897 subscribers. Channel about care products

The author is blogger Adel Miftakhova.

I started my own channel because I read a lot of English-speaking bloggers on a similar topic. At some point, I wanted to write about the same thing, but in Russian. Telegram channels have just begun to appear, their format was ideal for me. It turned out that this niche is absolutely free, and I decided to occupy it.

I knew right away that I would write about leaving, but for the first couple of months I wrote about many other means. Later it became clear that I was being read for leaving posts, and I was simply not interested in writing about everything else.

A year and a half ago, there were three and a half beauty bloggers on Telegram, everyone talked to each other and everyone knew each other.

People often write that my channel helps them a lot, that they have begun to understand care, that their skin has become much better after many years of searching for the best products. This is definitely nice.

A large number of subscribers are very gratifying, I will not hide it. They send cosmetics, but the more there is, the less they are interested in it.

I don't really understand what difficulties can arise when maintaining a Telegram channel.

After all, this is the simplest format of all the existing ones: you don't need to typeset, you don't need to edit, sit and write as much as you want.

Previously, my subscribers very often contacted me personally, but at some point I stopped coping with the flow of messages, so I removed the link to a personal contact. This is what I like about Telegram: it has a buffer between the author and the audience. But you can always write to me by mail or Instagram - and I will answer!

I have a list of more than 50 beauty channels saved. About once a month I go through it, look through what people write about. But I do not subscribe to channels, because it is important for me to control the amount of information that passes through me. It's the same as with food: you need to limit yourself.

I do not plan to develop my channel, but I plan to continue it. It is difficult to come up with any new directions within Telegram - the format is rather limited. I have my own section about cosmetics on television, sometimes I write texts for magazines and websites. I also have one large project, the details of which I have not disclosed yet.

There are people who conduct whole master classes on how to create and develop your own Telegram channel, how to attract subscribers.

I have never read materials on this topic and have never done anything on purpose. It seems to me that everything is very simple: you need to make a lot of good and useful content.

Sooner or later, someone will notice.

If you are still interested in the number of subscribers, then reposts and mentions work best. You can write in some publications about the beauty theme - it is customary on sites to insert links to blogs or authors' channels. Good authors are always taken away with their hands. Come up with a topic, write to the editor - and go! But do not try to advertise yourself everywhere from the first day of the channel. First, find what is interesting to you and decide on the topic of your channel.


5 tips from the BeautyHack editors on how to promote your Telegram channel

1) Find your niche. Decide on a topic that is close to you, and start writing!

2) Structure the information. You should not write about everything in a row - this way you will not find your audience. Choose one profile and make a work plan: when you publish posts, what they will be about. The optimal number of posts per day is 3 or 4.

3) Tell us about your channel. Send the link to your friends, share the channel on other social networks. This is how you find your first audience. But never impose your content by posting it everywhere. This will alienate the audience from your channel.

4) Connect with your audience! This way you will better understand her needs and understand what is the best to focus on and what to avoid altogether.

5) Be socially active! Get involved in events, meet peers, and never miss an opportunity. All this will help develop the channel.

Text and interview: Daria Sizova

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