Women Told Why They Sunbathe Topless Everywhere

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Women Told Why They Sunbathe Topless Everywhere
Women Told Why They Sunbathe Topless Everywhere

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Almost all girls love to soak up the gentle sun, but not everyone has the courage to take off a bra on a public beach. Three British women not only sunbathe topless on the beaches, but also bare their breasts while driving on the highway and hiking. At the same time, the girls are not at all shy, and even proud of their frank behavior. Find out what makes them forget about shame and the rules of decency in our article.

Not every woman will dare to bare her breasts on the beach.

The incomparable Brigitte Bardot was famous for her passion to drive the beaches of the Riviera crazy in the 60s, basking in the sun without a bra. A topless tan has become a symbol of women's freedom from patriarchy and sexual pressure.

Fifty years have passed and the display of bare breasts has gone out of style. Gazing men, fear of getting skin cancer and gaudy Instagram photos have become the main reasons why girls now prefer to hide their bodies. The number of women sunbathing topless has dropped from 29% to 19% over the past three years.

But three brave British women continue to go without bikini tops, despite all the prejudice. They bare their breasts even in crowded places and explain that they are doing so for good reasons.

Semi-naked meeting with a farmer on a bale of hay

Hayley Yeatman, 52, from Scarborough, is a mother of three and a grandmother of four. She admits to tanning topless on bales of hay in the middle of a field, and bares her chest while driving.



One weekend Mrs. Yetman decided to sunbathe in the hay in the middle of the field as she drove back from the store. She was noticed by a farmer who was harvesting crops on a combine. The man joked that now he would have to buy blindfolds for his cows.

Despite the fact that many people think that such behavior is unacceptable for a grandmother, Hayley does not care about such prejudices. She loves her body and is not afraid to show it off. The woman has sunbathed topless since the age of 18, and continued to do so during every pregnancy.

Mrs. Yetman always sunbathes bare-chested in her garden. If she's driving down the track on a hot sunny day, she takes off her top to fix her bronze tan. The woman even undressed in the parking lot near the shopping center. Her husband, 54-year-old Maurice, thinks his wife is hot and they always have excellent sex after he sees her sunbathing topless.

Children and grandchildren, on the other hand, condemn the overt behavior of their mother and grandmother. They constantly ask Haley to put on a swimsuit top. But Mrs. Yetman does not pay any attention to their comments, because she is proud of her breasts. The woman plans to continue in the same spirit until the age of 90, saturating the body with air, sun and positive.

Breastfeeding stereotypes

21-year-old Meg Gold from Cardiff is a beauty queen among plump women. A girl with a seventh breast size does not hesitate to demonstrate her dignity to everyone around her. She started sunbathing topless to cure psoriasis, but she was so carried away by this activity that now she takes off her bra wherever the opportunity arises.

Meg regularly sunbathes without a swimsuit top in her garden, local park, and even while hiking. But she was not always so brave. In adolescence, the girl was complex due to excess weight and tried to hide figure flaws from prying eyes. The BBW was bullied at school and it almost destroyed her self-confidence.

In 2015, Meg signed up for a three-day self-confidence motivational course. One of the instructors was a plus-size beauty queen. She inspired the girl so much that she fell in love with her magnificent figure and began to take part in such competitions.



At beauty contests, one of the obligatory parts is going out in swimsuits. To look perfect, Miss Gold needed a beautiful tan. In addition, the girl struggled with the manifestations of psoriasis on her stomach, and the sun's rays help to quickly cope with this problem. As a result of tanning topless Meg got rid of the disease. Her self-confidence skyrocketed, and the plumper began to sunbathe topless on the beach and while hiking.

Meg says that no one has commented on her yet. She considers it discrimination that men can walk freely without a T-shirt, which is considered obscene for women. The girl feels sexy and loves her curvy body, urging all ladies to feel free to themselves, regardless of size and weight.

The pleasure of being naked

Hannah Red, 26, from Walton-on-Nays, started sunbathing without a bra four years ago and has been going to the nude beach constantly since then.



The girl always loved to bask in the sun, but she was ashamed of her small chest. Then she started dating a guy who always said that she had a wonderful body, and it boosted Hannah's self-esteem. The young people spent two weeks on vacation in Fuertenventura, where Miss Red was surprised to find that almost everyone on the beach was sunbathing either topless or completely naked.

The guy suggested that she also take off the top of the swimsuit, and Hannah agreed. At first she felt uncomfortable, but when she saw that no one was staring at her, she calmed down and began to enjoy the sun on her bare chest. The girl felt freedom and confidence. She really enjoyed swimming and sunbathing topless, so she decided to try to undress completely and went with her boyfriend to a nude beach.

Hannah believes that nude tanning teaches you to appreciate people with different shapes. Perfect bodies are constantly shown on social media, which leads many to complexes and low self-esteem. A good tan is good for your health, and every woman can go to the beach however she wants, regardless of age or size. You just need to remember that the breast is a sensitive place, and it must be protected from sunburn with the help of protective creams.

Sunbathing with or without a bra is a personal choice of every woman. The main thing is that it is safe for health and the girl feels comfortable. General standards do not always coincide with personal preferences, so you can always find a place and time to be yourself, without unnecessary complexes and clothes.

Although they say that there was no sex in the Soviet Union, it still flashed somewhere. Erotic scenes in the cinema with half-naked Russian actresses made a splash and an indelible impression on decent citizens.

How do you feel about topless tanning lovers?

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