Household Items That Make Us Age

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Household Items That Make Us Age
Household Items That Make Us Age

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True, no one perceives these things as a catalyst for wilting, no one even pays attention to the irreparable harm they cause. And the whole point is in the lack of information, and we will now try to correct this.

Skin moisturizers

They are, of course, invented so that the skin remains young for a longer time, does not dry out and does not irritate. But the question is how exactly to use all of these aftershaves and refreshing lotions. If you rub them in a little more aggressively than written in the instructions, when it will stretch, and the likelihood of getting premature wrinkles will increase.


The harsh Russian winter is conducive to the fact that compatriots before the time began to look like pickled apples. Actually, for the most part they look like this. And that's why. Central heating systems, heaters and even hot water, in a word, everything with which we try to survive the winter, dry out the air and make it completely unsuitable for the comfort of the skin. From dryness, it becomes thinner and even cracks. We may not notice this right away, but after a while we will wonder why she began to look like parchment.


No, we are not going to lecture on the harmful radiation that makes us aging zombies. Everything is much simpler - our mobile phones, tablet computers and even iPods are the most serious carriers of bacteria that simply kill the ability of our skin to resist acne, irritation and flaking. We bring them to our face a hundred times a day and thus ensure a constant supply of irritants. Well, constantly looking at the screen, we stretch the neck muscles and sculpt a magnificent double chin for ourselves.

Home textiles

The best storage for harmful bacteria, subcutaneous fat, and even small insects are bedding and towels. And you don't have to look at people changing their pillowcase every two days as freaks. They know what they are doing. Even a super-expensive anti-wrinkle and acne remedy won't help if you go to bed on a stale pillowcase in the evening.

Dirty dishes

Still not got a dishwasher? Well, we have bad news for you - your hands will look 15 years older than the main body. No matter how gentle the dishwashing detergents their manufacturers call them, they are all harmful chemicals that deplete the health of the skin of your hands. And hands are one of the markers of age. Even if you manage to hide the wrinkles on your face with a beard, shaking hands, you will silently declare your old age.

Neighbor with a puncher

Yes, to study the rate of aging in the vicinity of a noisy renovation, it was specially studied in laboratories. It turned out that the process of wilting goes 0.3 times faster if someone drills a wall for you all the time or yells at night from surging passion. Because of this, you sleep poorly, get annoyed and frown - ideal conditions for premature old age.


Have you ever wondered why you are always in a bad mood and the wrinkle on the bridge of your nose grows? Pay attention to the quality of lighting in your home. If there is not enough light, or you are using white light instead of yellow, this may be the cause. Even if you don't read in dim light, it still forces you to squint to see something. And the constant darkness catches up with melancholy.

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