What The "grandmothers" Of Show Business Look Like With And Without Photoshop

What The "grandmothers" Of Show Business Look Like With And Without Photoshop
What The "grandmothers" Of Show Business Look Like With And Without Photoshop

Video: What The "grandmothers" Of Show Business Look Like With And Without Photoshop

Video: What The "grandmothers" Of Show Business Look Like With And Without Photoshop
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Stars with and without Photoshop: Lyubov Uspenskaya


"Queen of Chanson" is getting younger before our eyes. In the photos on Instagram, Lyubov looks younger than her 30-year-old daughter: her skin is smooth, her makeup is flawless, her hair shines. The transformation was explained by both plasticity and an affair with a novice Georgian performer.

The main secret is simple: Photoshop. For correcting images, Ouspenskaya was repeatedly scolded: the singer has a passion for too strong processing. And sometimes he puts filters on the face, but forgets about the body, which immediately betrays the cunning of the star.

Stars with and without Photoshop: Nadezhda Babkina

Only the lazy did not speak about the changes in Babkina's appearance. After a month in the clinic (where the star, in her own words, was almost dying) Nadezhda Georgievna appeared before the public … Exhausted? No - slimmed down and rested.

Babkina looks even brighter in photos that have gone through a ruthless Photoshop. However, such pictures alternate on the performer's page with honest videos, where both wrinkles and an impeccable oval of the face are noticeable.

Stars with and without Photoshop: Alla Pugacheva

"Who is this?" - the subscribers were surprised under the recent picture of Alla Borisovna. It is really difficult to recognize the Prima Donna in a portrait - there are too many filters. Although aggressive tuning Pugachev usually does not favor: he likes to show himself "as is", without makeup and at home.

The star does not hesitate to talk about plastic surgeries:

“Of course, I did plastic surgery sometime. But since the doctors forbade me general anesthesia due to heart problems, I did some small braces under the local. Here they did it to me (points to the forehead) and here too (points to the cheekbones)."

Stars with and without Photoshop: Larisa Dolina

In recent photos, Larisa Dolina is compared to Lindsay Lohan in her best years. And the actress, for a minute, only 34! An updated image helped the performer look younger: straightened blonde hair and competent makeup (they whisper that it was not without surgeons, but Dolina does not want to hear about it). And for a 100% wow effect - several layers of filters in the photo.

Fans do not talk about all the fresh photos of Larisa with aspiration. Remember at least the image of a star at the celebration of her 65th birthday: the artist chose a fashionable dark lipstick, but did not hit the trends, but only aged herself.

Stars with and without Photoshop: Larisa Guzeeva

Star "Let's Get Married!" - the lady is straightforward. He says what he thinks, and if someone decides to offend the presenter, he can answer with a strong word. But he admits to correcting his photographs - sincerely.

Guzeeva began to indulge in photoshop a couple of years ago. In the literal sense of the words: for the sake of entertainment, Larisa tried all the miracles of correction on herself: she corrected the oval of her face, made her cheekbones, and made her neck smooth. “Too clever with the face! But so much fun! - the actress shared the result. However, in the new photos Larisa looks 15 years younger - but she no longer reveals the secrets.