Popular Workouts Of The Past. What Kind Of Fitness Was In Vogue In The 80s, 90s And 2000s?

Popular Workouts Of The Past. What Kind Of Fitness Was In Vogue In The 80s, 90s And 2000s?
Popular Workouts Of The Past. What Kind Of Fitness Was In Vogue In The 80s, 90s And 2000s?

The evolution of fitness from the 80s to the present day.


In fitness, as elsewhere, there are fashion trends that change over time. The popularity of certain areas changed due to the release of films or, for example, due to the fact that girls wanted to be like idols and began to engage in their favorite sports. Let's look back and see what types of fitness were popular before.

"Eighties": the boom of aerobics and video training

The popularity of aerobics began in the 1960s, when physical therapist Kenneth Cooper published a book of the same name for the military. It was aimed at supporting the physical fitness of the soldiers. Then Cooper created an aerobics center for everyone. However, this trend reached its peak in popularity in the 1980s.

Jane Fonda recorded the workout on video, making aerobics accessible to everyone. The recording included simple and dynamic exercises. Characteristic features of the classes were bright leggings, swimwear, leggings and headbands. Jane was even nicknamed "Lady Aerobics" - she made such training a national hobby.

Aerobics was also very popular in the USSR. The training sessions were recorded by Soviet ballerinas and sportswomen, and broadcast on central television.

The video recorded not only aerobics, but also regular workouts. Almost every supermodel has released their own course. The most popular recordings were from Cindy Crawford. Her fitness system is still relevant today, despite criticism from experts.

"Nineties": strip dance and body ballet

Strip dance and strip-plastic have become popular thanks to Carmen Electra, the star of the TV series "Rescuers Malibu". Her training was based on dancing: the actress's exercises not only helped to bring the body into shape, but also developed plasticity. After that, the passion for "erotic aerobics" became widespread, including in Russia.

In the 1990s, body ballet gained popularity. It is important not to confuse the direction with classical ballet. Body ballet is not only a beautiful dance, but also exercises with elements of yoga, Pilates and stretching. The result of bodybuilding is beautiful posture, plasticity, weight loss and muscle pumping.

"Zero": aqua aerobics, body flex and Pilates

In the 1970s and 1980s, water aerobics began to be used for rehabilitation after injuries. However, when Glen McWaters developed a training system for everyone, water training became very popular. In Russia, water aerobics was carried away after the appearance of swimming pools in gyms.

Bodyflex is a combination of breathing exercises and exercises. Despite the slow pace, the load increases due to the breathing technique: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Pilates combines fluidity of movement, concentration on exercise and proper breathing. The founder of the direction is Joseph Pilates. He was born a sickly child and tried to improve his condition. By the age of 14, Joseph began to look like an athlete, trained on his own and created his own training system. Because of personal success, Pilates has become popular with the rest of the people. The advantage of this type of fitness is that you can do it anywhere. For training, you do not need special equipment other than a mat.

2010s: zumba and yoga on canvas

Zumba consists of dance moves and cardio workouts. It was invented by Alberto Perez when one day he forgot music for training and decided to conduct a lesson to his favorite tracks, diluting the exercises with dances. His wards really liked this format of classes.

Yoga on canvas is a fairly young trend. Its founder, Christopher Harrison, took up yoga and Pilates in a hammock. It turned out to be very relaxing and relieve tension from the spine. Now aero yoga is very popular; you can find a studio for classes in almost every city.

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