Signs That Give Out A Notorious Woman

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Signs That Give Out A Notorious Woman
Signs That Give Out A Notorious Woman

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Low self-esteem makes a woman vulnerable and defenseless. As a result, she ceases to fulfill her task: to be happy. In this collection, we tried to draw your attention to the details of the image and actions that eloquently indicate: you treat yourself badly.

To fix the situation, it is not enough just to change a habit. It is important to understand the deep reasons for low self-esteem, to discern its roots. And only then solve the problem pointwise. If you can't do this on your own, you may need to talk to a good psychologist.

So what does a woman who is insecure about herself do?

1. Shouts at children and those who cannot fight back

Screaming is always a sign of weakness. An insecure woman doubts that her words, spoken in a calm tone, will have the proper effect that she will be heard and obeyed. So she shouts. An added effect is to feel stronger with someone who is morally weaker.

2. Discusses and criticizes other people

Self-affirmation is what an insecure person needs, like air. But it is one thing to find oneself in creativity or in work, and quite another is to assert oneself at the expense of others. But this immature method is the simplest and most affordable, so many people use it. “Look how awful this girl is wearing makeup!” “Well, wow, a vulgar skirt on this woman!” - making fun of others, they become higher in their own eyes. But, of course, this is false growth.

3. Forever justified

Justification is a kind of defensive reaction. It means that we are afraid to accept ourselves as we are. We do not want to be bad, we are afraid that they will think badly of us. And that is why words of excuses are heard so often. The "excellent pupil" complex, coupled with self-doubt, plays a bad joke with a woman: she is making excuses not only for her mistake, but also for what she did not commit. Allow yourself to be a "bad girl" at least occasionally, this is useful.

4. Too bright and densely painted during the day

Surely you also have such a bright "butterfly" at work that no one has ever seen without a ton of makeup on your face? Three layers of lipstick, thick shadows, black eyebrows and eyelashes - it seems that the lady is going to the Brazilian carnival. It is believed that such women are devoid of complexes and are very confident in themselves. But this is not the case. Dense make-up is a mask behind which a vulnerable, insecure person is hiding. A practical make-up, suitable in place and time, is a sign of a confident lady.

5. Does not use cosmetic products

Daily morning and evening face and body treatments, regular visits to a beautician are a kind of ritual that every woman who loves herself performs. The absence of these actions directly indicates the lady's insufficient love for her own person. Moreover, the dressing table of such a woman can literally burst with creams, but she uses a couple at best, and even that is unsuitable for the type of skin: "smeared and okay."

6. Often does plastic surgery to improve appearance

And this is the opposite side of the problem - excessive attention to one's own appearance, dissatisfaction with the forms given by nature. A completely "artificial" face acquired in beauty salons is a kind of mask behind which a woman hides complexes. Incredibly long eyelashes that fan out on the cheeks, ten-centimeter nails, a 6th bust and so on are all signs of a traumatized inner world.

7. Offensively jokes about herself

Self-irony is a good thing. But only not when all the boundaries are crossed. Such women often call themselves fat and ugly - this is a one hundred percent defensive reaction of an immature personality. This is how sometimes children who are called names at school defend themselves: if you laugh at yourself, maybe others will not call names? After all, when you slander yourself - it's not so offensive.

8.Dyes hair faded or does not dye at all

Overgrown roots, emerging gray hair, faded "mouse" hair - all this is evidence that a woman does not want to attract too much attention to herself. Unfortunately, nature has not endowed all of us with gorgeous hair, but no one bothers to visit the hairdresser at least occasionally. Today, the beauty industry offers tons of opportunities to look dignified.

9. Constantly criticizes his actions and appearance

This is another facet of self-deprecation. Being critical of yourself is one thing, but always scolding is another. An everyday example: a woman cooked soup, but it is salty. She says: "What else can you expect from such a clumsy, absolutely no talent for cooking." Thus, the woman secured herself for future times when something like this might happen. It is important to learn not only to accept yourself, but also to take responsibility. In such a situation, you can say: “Yes, I oversalted the soup. Another time I will try to put not three tablespoons of salt, but one. " So you take two mature and productive actions at once: admit your mistake and give yourself a chance to correct.

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