The Beautician Named Procedures That Will Help "rejuvenate" For The Holiday

The Beautician Named Procedures That Will Help "rejuvenate" For The Holiday
The Beautician Named Procedures That Will Help "rejuvenate" For The Holiday

Video: The Beautician Named Procedures That Will Help "rejuvenate" For The Holiday

Video: The Beautician Named Procedures That Will Help "rejuvenate" For The Holiday
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On New Year's Eve, I want to look young and fresh. After all, it is not for nothing that they say: as you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it. Modern cosmetology offers many ways to become the best version of yourself in a short time. To do this, you can visit a specialist's office or buy home skin care products. Proper nutrition and the right emotional attitude will help you look good. learned from experts how to transform into a festive night.

Cosmetologists have such a concept as “varnishing procedures” or “red carpet procedures”. These manipulations refresh and rejuvenate the skin, but have a short-term effect. This is the perfect way to take care of her before the holiday night.

These procedures include light peels, nourishing masks, anti-aging massages and physiotherapy, cosmetologist Alexandra Gont told Also, before the festive night, you can do the so-called beauty injections, for example, try mesotherapy. The effect of it will delight up to several months.

If visiting a beautician is not part of your plans, you can prepare your skin for the holiday at home. Many special products are sold in stores.


Author: Alexandra Gont [head of the center for innovative technologies of rejuvenation and doctor - dermatologist-cosmetologist]

There are a large number of different masks that I would highly recommend. These can be nonwoven fabric products impregnated with all sorts of compounds. Their effect will be very pronounced, but will last only two to three days.

Fabric masks in stores are presented in different price categories - from 60 to 1000 rubles. To create the best effect, the beautician recommends choosing a more expensive option. The price is directly proportional to the quality of the ingredients. In expensive masks, finely crushed structures are used, they penetrate deeper into the skin.

The same hyaluronic acid. In a cheap mask, these can be large cockscomb molecules that will not be absorbed and can cause allergies. On the road - small molecular sodium hyaluronate. It absorbs well and moisturizes the skin, - said Gaunt.

A few hours before the festive feast, the expert recommends washing, peeling or scrubbing, then applying a mask. Subsequently, it is worth consolidating the result with a serum containing vitamin C and a cream.

To look good on a festive night, it will not hurt to revise your diet a few days before the celebration, advises Gaunt. The main enemies of the skin are sugar and alcohol. The first leads to a dull complexion and rashes, the second - to edema, enlarged pores and pronounced capillaries. It is better to refuse the use of these products. Instead, it is better to choose fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits that have a positive effect on the epidermis.

American educator and psychologist Dale Carnegie argued that the expression you wear on your face is much more important than the clothes you wear on yourself. To look good on a holiday night is important to be in a good mood. A relaxing massage or other relaxation procedures will help to eliminate mental discord, Valentin Denisov-Melnikov, a clinical psychologist and body therapist, said in an interview with On the eve of the holiday, it will not hurt to sign up for a massage therapist.


Author: Valentin Denisov-Melnikov [clinical psychologist and sexologist]

Such procedures provoke the release of hormones of happiness and joy. Not a frightening mask: don't get in - it will kill, but a positive, relaxed face. This is the best addition to the look.

Also, to improve the mood, the psychologist recommends writing down on a piece of paper all the joyful events that occurred in the outgoing year. Even small things are important, such as buying shoes at a discount or a promotion.

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