Scary Tales For New Year's Eve, Or When Insurance Comes In Handy

Scary Tales For New Year's Eve, Or When Insurance Comes In Handy
Scary Tales For New Year's Eve, Or When Insurance Comes In Handy

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Garbage bags, moose, Christmas trees and, of course, people. asked insurers to share unusual stories that happened to their clients during the New Year season.

Insure your car, and not only

Winter roads are unpredictable. But not at all because ice, sleet or fog can happen on them. They are just predictable, and you can insure against the twists of fate on a slippery track. But how to foresee that a Christmas tree will fall on your car right in the middle of the track?

The client "Sovcombank Insurance" applied for payment, because the hood and windshield of his car damaged a New Year tree that "ran away" from another car, which suddenly slowed down. The tree did not break through the windshield, but a web of cracks formed on it, and the hood was crumpled in several places. The insurer assessed the damage and recognized the case as insured under the Casco.

Not only trees, but also animals can fly on New Year's Eve. For Ingosstrakh's client, a mammal from the deer family of very immodest size landed on a car as it moved along the Minsk highway. Fortunately, the insurer was not injured, unlike her car and the elk, which fell under the wheels of the truck in front.

The Ingosstrakh client was also unlucky in the New Year. On the first day of 2020, a man parked a car near his house and was hit - exactly on his car a bag of construction debris landed from heaven. The car owner was not injured, which cannot be said about the car, which was "diagnosed" with damage to the roof, sunroof and interior. The insurance company estimated the damage at more than 1 million rubles.

A passenger car of a client of IC "Sovcombank Insurance" drove onto a section of the road with ice and skidded. The driver coped with the skid, stopped on the side of the road and got out of the car to recover, immediately slipped, fell and got a sprain of the left wrist joint. However, the car owner, in addition to OSAGO, also had an accident insurance policy.

To health

In winter, there is a lot of work not only at car repair shops, but also at traumatologists: icy steps, slippery wet tiles hurt pedestrians, often with insurance consequences. It's good if you have a VHI policy so that in case of injury you can get comfortable treatment without queues and coupons, or VZR if you are outside your homeland.

An elderly Russian woman, for example, spent a holiday at one of the resorts in Switzerland. I walked along the mountain slopes, watched the skiers. And since visual acuity decreases with age, the woman did not even notice how she went to the ski slope, and so at the wrong time that one of the athletes accidentally knocked her down. History is silent about the consequences of the collision for the skier, but the woman needed a TCD policy from Sovcombank Insurance.

TCD turned out to be very useful for the client of "Absolut Insurance", who, while spending winter holidays in an exotic country, suffered from a monkey. Having decided to feed the animal in the petting zoo, the tourist received a deep hand wound. Contrary to popular rule, the monkey decided to bite the hand that was feeding it. Well, these rules only apply to people.

The client of "Absolute Insurance" did not have a date. Leaving the restaurant, he looked too much at his companion and did not notice the glass door. The romantic evening continued at the hospital. The man was diagnosed with a serious head injury, and he injured his hand with a shard of broken glass.

Fireworks are not a joy

Winter and holidays are a difficult time not only for people, but also for homes.Of course, you can suffer from heavy winds, flooding by melt water and other natural anomalies. But the greatest risk comes from the individual.

Shortly after the chimes struck on January 1, 2020, fireworks hit the loggia of an apartment insured by RESO-Garantia, located on the fourth floor of a multi-storey building in St. Petersburg. A fire started, the loggia of the apartment burned out completely. In addition, a window block in the adjoining room collapsed, a heating battery melted, and the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture were covered with soot. The fire did not spare the neighbors' loggias either. It was the neighbors who called the fire brigade to the scene, since the owners of the flared apartment were not at home. SK paid almost 573 thousand rubles to the injured client.

But not only fireworks can spoil the joy of the New Year, even an ordinary balloon can do it. In "Absolut Insurance" they said that their client suffered, decorating his apartment for the holiday. He inflated a balloon, and it burst and injured the eye. The man met New Year in the doctor's office.

Careful pistachio!

The cat of a client of Sberbank Insurance choked on a pistachio. To save the animal, an urgent operation and treatment were required in a veterinary clinic. The cat was rescued, and the insurer compensated its owner for more than half of the cost of treating the animal.

Several clients of Sovcombank Insurance suffered from the festive tables at once. In preparation for the celebration, jars of fish and various canned vegetables were opened and injured. The insurer recognized all cases as insured.

This is a corporate party!

Before the New Year, a client came to Rosgosstrakh Life who wanted to conclude a life insurance contract for a large sum. In order to sign it, according to the insurance rules, it was necessary to go through a medical check. But, despite the insurer's insistent recommendations to refrain from drinking alcohol before taking tests, on the eve of the check-up, the man went to the New Year's corporate party. It took three months for the indicators of the liver, which took the brunt of the corporate party celebration, to drop to normal values ​​and it was possible to conclude a life insurance contract with a clear conscience.


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