7 Beauty Secrets Of Barbara Brylska That You Can Take Note Of

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7 Beauty Secrets Of Barbara Brylska That You Can Take Note Of
7 Beauty Secrets Of Barbara Brylska That You Can Take Note Of

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Probably everyone in our country knows this actress: everyone, young and old, was captivated by her mysterious, like Mona Lisa, smile. And she herself is the personification of the most intimate in our mentality - the expectation of a New Year's miracle.

The star of "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", The Soviet actress of Polish origin Barbara Brylska, is definitely the standard of femininity, beauty and grace.

Very soon, we will all again warmly watch our favorite New Year's film of childhood, but for now we will figure out what are the main beauty secrets of "The Snow Maiden" of Russian cinema.

Perfect facial features, long neck, slender and stately figure - the actress in her youth was a real dream of Soviet men. When you look at the photos of Barbara Brylska, you involuntarily ask yourself: how does she manage to look so gorgeous in adulthood?

Marina Ermoshkina

TV presenter, actress, co-owner of Get PR agency, graduate of the Faculty of International Journalism at MGIMO

Secret 1. We are what we eat

It is difficult to argue with this postulate, it is better to take it seriously, as the beautiful Brylska does from a young age. Despite the busy filming schedule, Barbara avoided eating in the movie studio's dining room in every possible way and paid special attention to breakfast. "The health and beauty of the girl will be in perfect order if the day starts right," said her grandmother to the actress, according to whose recipe the star prepares a special "porridge of beauty" that each of us can do. The main ingredients of Barbara Brylska's favorite porridge: seedless raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, water and buckwheat - a really simple recipe for a healthy and healthy breakfast. The actress even prefers to replace the famous jellied fish on the New Year's table with this buckwheat porridge.

Secret 2. "Never stop smiling, even when you are sad: someone may fall in love with your smile."

This imperishable statement by Gabriel García Márquez was allegedly inspired by Barbara Brylska. After all, it is she who personifies the main New Year's smile of our country. To make it as mesmerizing as the actress, you will have to try a little.

Do not forget to visit your dentist regularly, to do professional cleaning of your teeth. Use pastes not only for your teeth, but also for the entire oral cavity - this is very important.

Use floss and irrigators: if you learn how to do it correctly, the daily use of these "accessories" will become a habit. And, of course, avoid sweets - then you will get a sophisticated silhouette as a bonus to a beautiful smile.

Secret 3. Don't forget about a balanced diet

All women of the Soviet Union, and our young contemporaries, are worried about the diet of the famous actress, thanks to which she stands out favorably in any outfit, even at her mature age. Barbara's favorite diet is mushroom. The star, even at a time when it was not fashionable, was used to replacing meat with vegetable protein. From a scientific point of view, this is justified for the body.

Most types of mushrooms have a low energy value: from 35 to 45 kcal per 100 grams. But despite this, the protein content in them is 2 times higher than in meat products and even eggs.


In addition, this product helps to fight tuberculosis and allergic diseases. Therefore, in the current conditions of a pandemic, there is a reason to visit grandmother's village and harvest. Dried mushrooms do not lose their useful properties, and at any time of the year you can improvise in the kitchen and delight your loved one and friends.

Secret 4. Observe moderation in plastic and cosmetology

Probably the most relevant and, most importantly, really expert advice from Barbara Brylska: do not overdo it with plastic surgery and other manipulations with beauty. The actress is 79 years old, she looks wonderful and in this matter shares only her own experience, tested for a long time. Brylska does not deny that she did, for example, blepharoplasty, but her credo in this matter is compliance with measure and preservation of natural beauty. Her colleague in the acting workshop Monica Bellucci absolutely agrees with her on this.

"Femininity is harmony, naturalness and sensuality," once said a star Italian. After all, we were created unique and it is important to carry this uniqueness through life, because it goes hand in hand with naturalness.

Secret 5. Don't go against genetics

Barbara is really very lucky with genetics. She is the owner of the so-called "thin bone", therefore she has always been slender and at the same time not deprived of forms. This, of course, influenced her appearance to this day. She retained her attractiveness well. Thanks to this very genetics, the actress is considered one of those women who are beautiful at any age, including mature.

Secret 6. Absence of a large number of bad habits

Barbara always tried to avoid bad habits, but she also had one weakness - cigarettes. The actress tried to quit many times, she was very sorry that she had ever started. And this habit really has a detrimental effect on health, including on the appearance of a person: desiring skin and teeth, an unhealthy look, an earthy skin color - all this is not the best choice for an actress who is constantly in sight of the audience.

Secret 7. Choosing the Right Doctor

The actress never hid the fact that she resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon, but managed to choose the right doctor, who did everything delicately, without complications and cardinal changes in appearance. Thanks to this, Barbara looks natural, and scars and traces of surgery are not noticeable.

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