US Authorities Brace For Post-election Turmoil

US Authorities Brace For Post-election Turmoil
US Authorities Brace For Post-election Turmoil
Video: US Authorities Brace For Post-election Turmoil
Video: U.S. boarding up and bracing for election unrest 2023, February

The US authorities are ready for possible unrest in connection with the elections in the country, said Acting US Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolfe.

“The BIF, along with [the] states and other federal partners, stands ready to suppress any violence that may arise. Anyone who sees elections as a pretext for resorting to violence is wrong. It's a shame that companies have to board up [windows and doors] and close their stores before Election Day. The BIV will work with our partners to protect our communities from any threats,”Wolfe said to TASS.

“Over the past four years, the BIF has worked hard to make this election one of the most secure in US history. American voters will determine [the outcome of] the American election, not our foreign opponents,”added Wolfe.

Meanwhile, the campaign adviser to the Democratic presidential candidate Bob Bauer said that the campaign staff of Joseph Biden at the moment does not see the threat of large-scale unrest during the elections or after them.

“Neither Twitter, nor the rumors circulating in society, we see indications of what can be expected of mass unrest, threats to voters or polling stations,” - said Bauer.

According to a Biden campaign adviser, "all this talk of electoral unrest is aimed at lowering voter turnout on election day." “Voters need to understand that all these incidents are being handled and local law enforcement is vigilantly monitoring the situation,” Bauer added. "But at the moment, we believe that incidents of this kind are sporadic."

Recall that the United States is preparing for riots over the presidential elections held in the country; in Washington, security forces have already sent additional units to guard federal buildings.

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