Moscow Authorities Said Two-thirds Of Those Hospitalized With COVID-19 Were Self-medicating

Moscow Authorities Said Two-thirds Of Those Hospitalized With COVID-19 Were Self-medicating
Moscow Authorities Said Two-thirds Of Those Hospitalized With COVID-19 Were Self-medicating

Video: Moscow Authorities Said Two-thirds Of Those Hospitalized With COVID-19 Were Self-medicating

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MOSCOW, November 27. / TASS /. Two-thirds of patients with coronavirus who were hospitalized in Moscow did not go to the clinic and self-medicate. Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of the capital for social development, told reporters about it on Friday.

"I want to note that we are observing everyone who is hospitalized with a coronavirus infection, and now we can see for sure that the majority, namely two-thirds of those who are hospitalized, did not go to the clinic before and self-medicate," Rakova said.

According to her, coronavirus is a disease in which in no case can you self-medicate. It is necessary to immediately contact the polyclinic, today they are provided with all the necessary medicines.

"Despite the rather serious and difficult situation in the spread of coronavirus, for all other diseases, both planned and emergency assistance is provided in full and without restrictions," the deputy mayor added.

At the same time, she noted that about 5 thousand beds for patients with coronavirus remain free in Moscow.

"Throughout the fall, Moscow health care has been working with a huge load, while today we have a sufficient reserve of beds for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. Today we have about 5,000 free beds. At the same time, polyclinics and outpatient care are under a special load.", - said Rakova.

According to her, there are also a number of positive trends. So, among Muscovites who are now in isolation, as well as among children who study remotely, the incidence is not growing. Their share among the total number of cases is decreasing. And since the beginning of autumn, it has almost halved.

"Which means that the measures taken are really having an effect," the deputy mayor added.

Contact testing

She also said that those who live with those infected with the coronavirus will be tested twice in Moscow.

“We clearly see that those who stay with the sick person - his household, close relatives, of course, are at a special risk of infection. At the same time, since they live together, there is a risk of becoming infected both at the initial stage and during the entire disease. We decided that this category of citizens, namely those in contact with the sick person who live with him, will be tested for coronavirus twice. At the moment, they are tested only once, "Rakova said.

She clarified that testing will be carried out at the very beginning of detecting a coronavirus in a patient and after the end of quarantine.

“We decided that we need to speed up the provision of information to residents about the results of their PCR test, both positive and negative. We are sending SMS to everyone from the beginning of this week. They are sent promptly as soon as the data enters the laboratory system. In fact, residents know on the results earlier than we and everyone else, "- added the deputy mayor.

Coronavirus medications

The Moscow authorities have made a decision that ambulance workers who visit sick patients at home will also issue drugs against coronavirus.

"It was decided that ambulance workers who go to the call will also be issued antiviral drugs (against coronavirus - note TASS). In case a person refuses hospitalization or if for health reasons he does not require hospitalization. People of this category are workers. ambulances will dispense medication.And there will be no time wasted waiting for a doctor from the clinic, "Rakova said.

Moscow ranks first in Russia in terms of the number of people infected with coronavirus. In total, 585,095 cases of infection were detected in the city, of which 7,918 in the last day. 434 902 people recovered, 8 680 died.

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