20 Stars Who Don't Hide Their Acne

20 Stars Who Don't Hide Their Acne
20 Stars Who Don't Hide Their Acne
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It turns out that almost every second person has problem skin with acne and acne. And the stars are no exception!


Kendall Jenner (22)

In fact, Kendall is very shy about her acne, otherwise why else would she mask them so much with foundation. But the dense coating does not allow the skin to breathe, and therefore the problem is only exacerbated.

Chrissy Teigen (31)

The American model and TV presenter does not hide anything from her fans. Therefore, she boldly takes a selfie without makeup and with acne. True, her skin became problematic for a reason - the reason for this was pregnancy and hormonal disruption.

Ruby Rose (31)

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The actress openly declares that she also has rashes on her face! “These pimples are mine,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Yeah, it sucks, but I don’t understand why everyone else cares. I am the same person. Anyone can have rashes. My dermatologist explained to me that the cause of acne is bacteria that live on the phone and not very clean pillowcases in hotels."

Bella Thorne (19)

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Calmly talks about his little troubles. According to the actress, her acne can pop up both on her face and on her body.

Dakota Fanning (23)

Dakota does not like to talk about her acne (and no one does), but she does not hide that she is looking for the very perfect product that would save her from rashes forever!

Rihanna (29)

“As soon as I get acne, I eliminate alcohol from my diet, and the skin is instantly restored,” the singer admits.

Scarlett Johansson (33)

“I always wash my face, even if I come home at four in the morning, I still take off my makeup and only then go to bed,” Scarlett shares. “I also make sure to clean all the makeup brushes once a week. I know that bacteria love dirt, and I don't want to live with pimples anymore."

Cameron Diaz (45)

According to the actress, it was only after she stopped eating fast food every day that her skin finally returned to normal. “Of course, the acne did not disappear immediately and not completely, but the condition of the skin became much better,” Cameron said.

Katy Perry (33)

Katie is sure acne is the worst teenage nightmare, but worst of all, this "horror" can remain on your face with age. To fight inflammation, the pop star uses Proactiv cosmetics.

Miley Cyrus (25)

Miley is sure pimples often appear due to the dirty brushes we use during makeup. Therefore, she regularly makes cleansing face masks.

Victoria Beckham (43)

Once upon a time, Victoria had very problem skin; proper nutrition helped her to cope with minor troubles. “On the advice of my dietitian, I started eating salmon every day, which contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects,” says Beckham.

Lucy Hale (28)

The actress speaks openly about her shortcomings. Lucy posted a picture on her Instagram, which showed how she "marked" the pimples with white cream to dry them out a little.

Ashley Benson (27)

The Pretty Little Liars star does not hide the fact that she has a rash on her face. And, as the actress admits, acne especially often appears on her face in the t-zone.

Megan Fox (31)

The actress fights rashes on her face with the help of peels. True, sometimes she forgets about competent care and masks acne with a thick foundation (and you can't do that!).

Christina Aguilera (36)

The singer is still actively fighting rashes. Of course, now they are no longer as frequent as before (this is all the merit of laser therapy and specialists), but still, sometimes something pops up.

Britney Spears (36)

In her hard times (when the singer got fat and shaved her head baldly) Britney suffered not only because of unrequited love, but also because of acne that “crumbled” over her face.

Kate Moss (43)

The supermodel also knows about acne firsthand.To cope with rashes and enlarged pores, Kate is helped by daily skin cleansing and products with drying components (benzoyl peroxide and panthenol).

Keira Knightley (32)

Because of the makeup, her skin is covered with pimples and rashes. In order to somehow cope with them, Kira has to constantly go to a dermatologist. But since regular shooting and appearances cannot do without makeup, Knightley is forced to mask her flaws under foundation - a vicious circle!

Avril Lavigne (33)

To improve the condition of the skin, he regularly uses Proactive cosmetics and says that it works well!

Salma Hayek (51)

Acne occurs not only in adolescence, but also at a fairly mature age. Salma Hayek knows this better than anyone else. She fights rashes on her face with drying cosmetics.

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