Celebrities Who Don't Hide Cellulite: In Vain Or Not

Celebrities Who Don't Hide Cellulite: In Vain Or Not
Celebrities Who Don't Hide Cellulite: In Vain Or Not

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Doctors have long said: cellulite is a sign of women's health. However, this does not prevent girls around the world from being ashamed of the "orange peel". Remember the story of Kim Kardashian, who in 2017 fell into depression due to paparazzi photos leaked. We remind you: in the pictures of the star, the buttocks were covered with bumps, and did not shine with an enviable smoothness, as in her instagram.


Three years later, the situation in the world has changed. Body positivity began to gain momentum, and girls (including stellar ones) began to accept themselves as they are. Celebrities are increasingly uploading photos without retouching, urging subscribers not to be ashamed of their bodies. We show and tell which of the stars was not afraid to show the whole world their cellulite and stretch marks.

Kourtney Kardashian

The buttocks of the Kardashian family are legendary. Indeed, in most of the pictures they are outstanding and flawlessly elastic. Well, the paparazzi dispelled the myth of ideal pop a couple of years ago, and then the girls themselves decided to hit body positivity.

Unlike her sister, Courtney did not hesitate to post natural photographs of her body for everyone to see. The girl published a picture with stretch marks on the page of her lifestyle project called Poosh. Subscribers supported the idea of ​​the eldest of the Kardashian sisters and praised her for her courage.

Ashley Graham

The plus size model has become a real body positive icon. Ashley's photographs have graced the covers of glossy publications more than once, but magazines did not dare to publish the natural Graham. Then the girl starred for advertising swimwear and insisted on the photo without retouching.

Ashley is absolutely not shy about herself and regularly uploads photos of the rear from different angles to Instagram. Distinct cellulite and stretch marks, bumps and folds - all this Graham loves in himself and accepts. Could you do that?

Demi Lovato

It took Demi a lot of work to upload a natural picture (which she admitted under the photo). The singer is tired of pretense and fake Instagram shots showing the wonders of retouching. Lovato wrote that she would no longer be ashamed of herself, and that she would also stop following diets that she was pretty tired of.

We don't know if Demi continues to stick to her decision. However, over the past period, there is not a single natural photo of a star on Instagram. Apparently, she freaked out then.

Look at those who have not resigned themselves: The stars who have been struggling with excess weight all their lives: who did it?

Bella Hadid

A couple of months ago, Bella shocked the public with natural photos. The girl did not hesitate to tell the whole world: and the top models are not alien to the human. Hadid gained extra pounds for quarantine, but did not make a tragedy out of it.

Subscribers appreciated this move: sure, because everyone is used to seeing the perfect Bella, walking along the catwalk with her long-legs-from-ears. The top model proved once again: we are all imperfect, and it's time to understand this.

And Bella is not shy about uploading photos and videos without makeup: Beauty or the Beast: what stars look like without makeup and Photoshop.

Hilary Duff

The actress made a splash by posting on Instagram a photo of her buttocks without retouching. The purpose of the provocation was not only to annoy the journalists. Hilary wrote that she also has shortcomings, but she is not going to be ashamed of them. She urged girls not to pursue glossy ideality and love their healthy bodies. Well, shall we obey?

Here you can still amuse your self-esteem: Star Horror: faces of celebrities without filters and photoshop.

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