All Their Own: Stars Over 50 Who Did Not Reshape Their Faces

All Their Own: Stars Over 50 Who Did Not Reshape Their Faces
All Their Own: Stars Over 50 Who Did Not Reshape Their Faces

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Fooling time with a scalpel is a normal practice for most celebrities. An hour or two under anesthesia - and there are no wrinkles. It works flawlessly, although not always successfully: how many times have we observed unsuccessful plastic surgery. However, there are stars who bypass the surgeon's office. Their youth is the result of genetics and regular self-care. We watch and get inspired!


Sharon Stone, 62

The actress is already over 60, and you won't give her even fifty. And this is without a single facelift! Sharon hates being accused of plastic surgery, once she filed a lawsuit against a surgeon who spread such a rumor. Stone has said more than once that she is not going to be artificially young. And plastic, in her opinion, should be used only in case of emergency.

The secret of the actress's youth is proper nutrition and sports. Sharon does yoga and Pilates, meditates, and regularly does facial massages. The actress does not drink coffee or eat processed food: Stone's diet consists of only natural products. Well, she has a lot to learn!

Valeria, 52 years old

At 50, Valeria manages to look 40, which is why she regularly attracts the indignation of fans. The singer claims that she did nothing with herself. The maximum is cosmetology, and even then not all. For example, Botox is not suitable for Valeria, although she tried injecting it. Therefore, all of her cosmetic care is skin hydration and mesotherapy.

Like Sharon, Valeria eats well and exercises regularly. The singer's instagram has a lot of videos - she goes in for sports every day. Valeria does not exclude that she will someday turn to a surgeon, but so far she has managed to remain young without radical measures.

These stars have a lot to learn from the singer: They are no longer a berry: stars who have aged dramatically.

Meryl Streep, 71

And this actress knows for sure some magic secret! How else to explain that Meryl looks 20 years younger? At the same time, Streep is an ardent opponent of any intervention (both plastics and injections). In an interview, the woman said that it was funny for her to see the faces of colleagues immobilized due to Botox.

Meryl admits: she thought about plastic, but realized that it would not make her happier. In addition, the actress believes that injections and braces are immediately visible to others. Interventions designed to quietly preserve youth backfire, something that Streep wants to avoid.

And indeed, if there is plastic, it is immediately visible: the stars who say that they did not do plastic (but we do not believe them).

Halle Berry, 54

The Hollywood actress has been boxing since she was 10. And for good reason! Holly's love for this sport throughout her career helps her maintain an impeccable figure and youth. Berry admitted that her colleagues are pushing her to the beautician's office, imposing beauty injections, but she does not plan to resort to interventions.

The actress herself believes that you need to grow old naturally, because you can't run away from it. And beauty, according to Holly, comes from the inside. If not, no surgeon will help.

Although some celebrities literally paved the way for success: How plastic helped build a career: 5 star examples.

Natalya Varley, 73 years old

Another heroine of our collection, who manages to look a good ten years younger. Natalia has never consulted a surgeon and, apparently, is not going to do this. And Varley has been faithful to her signature bob haircut for many years, which helps her stay young.

Natalia's secret is the same: proper nutrition and sports. The actress does not exhaust herself with training, limiting herself to light exercises. And Varley does not change his habits and for many years begins his day with a contrast shower.Perhaps the actress dabbles in cosmetology, but she does it very carefully.

External youth is primarily the result of well-coordinated work of the body. To find out if you are wearing it out, take Test: Calculate Your Body Age.

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