10 Stars Who Don't Even Think About Hiding The Flaws In Their Appearance

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10 Stars Who Don't Even Think About Hiding The Flaws In Their Appearance
10 Stars Who Don't Even Think About Hiding The Flaws In Their Appearance

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Why not be ashamed of a too large nose or very small breasts? Because the stars are directly ironic about these shortcomings - and we can all take an example from them. Perhaps you still look for a person completely satisfied with your body (and it's not a fact that you will be able to do this), but it's definitely worth striving to accept yourself.


1. Madonna: the gap between the teeth

The singer, with her royalties, could have gotten rid of this space between the central upper teeth a long time ago - but she does not want to do this. She says that she was laughed at in childhood, bullied in her youth - and now she wants to be herself, because she has every right to do so.

2. Rihanna: vegetation on the legs

No one knows exactly where this new (actually old, of course) trend came from - leaving hair on the legs and other parts of the body. Rihanna became one of the stars who confessed her love for naturalness - in her Instagram account, she posted a close-up shot of her leg. Users were delighted.

3. Uma Thurman: large foot

At one time, the actress was very worried about this and tried not to wear shoes with heels - even on a flat sole, she looks much higher than many of her colleagues in the shop. The director Tarantino taught her to love her feet: he filmed Thurman barefoot in several of his films and told her tirelessly that her legs were beautiful.

4. Amber Rose: big breasts

Looking at the magnificent pictures of the actress, it is absolutely unclear what she may not like there - but she herself says that from the age of 14, everyone only does that they perceive her bust separately from herself. She is completely tired of the fact that no one wants to talk to her seriously and constantly strips her with a glance, so she reduced her breasts from 8 to 4 and is now completely satisfied with everything.

5. Julia Roberts: armpit hair

The actress sported vegetation in the hollows under her arms back in the days when it did not become mainstream - and even now she can even more so relax and live the way she has long been accustomed to.

6. Kate Moss: crooked legs and small stature

Who would have thought that the model was once seriously worried that she would be the smallest on the catwalk next to the tall fashion models - but that is exactly what it was. Now any of the designers will be happy to get the legend of the modeling business on their show. Yes, and she fell in love with her legs for a long time - perhaps not the most ideal in the world, but beautiful.

7. Keira Knightley: thinness and bad hair

Yes, even after childbirth, the figure of the actress still remains thin and fragile: she is still sometimes reproached for anorexia, and she has long ceased to respond to these groundless accusations. Kira also admits that for a while she simply wore a wig in order not to answer tactless journalists what happened to her hair - then they needed treatment and she cut her hair almost bald.

8.Harrison Ford: chin scar

This "decoration" arose in the youth of the actor - he was in a hurry to work in the supermarket and lost control of the car, crashing into a post. The wounds on the face had to be sewn up - and one of the scars remained forever. However, he does not spoil Ford at all.

9. Barbra Streisand: big nose

“It's not just big: it's huge and really ugly! But he is mine, and I don’t need anything else”. This is what the star said about her nose in an old interview. Then she admitted that it took quite a long time before she learned to truly love him.

10. Sienna Miller: small breasts and cellulite

The actress's chest is beautifully shaped (from what can be seen in the photographs) and is very suitable for the structure of her figure.Where she found cellulite in her, no one understood, but since she says that it exists, it is stupid to argue. Any of us would gladly love such cellulite without any psychology, to be honest.

Are you satisfied with your body? What would you like to change?

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