Every Day: Swatch Nude Lipsticks

Every Day: Swatch Nude Lipsticks
Every Day: Swatch Nude Lipsticks

Video: Every Day: Swatch Nude Lipsticks

Video: Every Day: Swatch Nude Lipsticks
Video: Best Everyday Drugstore Nude Lipsticks 2020 + Lip Swatches || Beauty with Emily Fox 2023, March

The BeautyHack editors have selected 14 of the best products for every day: matte and glossy textures, lipsticks, balms and pencils that merge with the natural color of your lips. And we are sure - each of you will be able to find your own, the only one.


Lipstick Satin Lip Satin, 311, Inglot

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Asya Zabavskaya

The first thing I noticed when applying was the softness and comfort of the texture. The product does not leave a feeling of dryness on the lips, which is a rarity for matte lipsticks. I think it's all about the caring components that the composition is rich in: it includes vitamin E, argan, coconut, apricot and cherry seed oils.

The shade is completely neutral - suitable for girls with any skin tone. From the first layer on the lips, a thin but dense coating is obtained - there is no need to layer lipstick. Despite the satin texture, a matte finish remains on the lips. An amazing combination of comfort and shade!

Price: 1 200 rub.

Lip gloss: shine and hydration Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration, shade Sorbet Pop, Clinique

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

The gloss has a liquid but not sticky texture. It provides a thin, moisturizing finish and a natural yet rich pigment.

The light caramel shade will appeal to girls who practice "makeup without makeup" and those who do not have time for long preparations in the morning.

The gloss is very comfortable to wear on the lips: it does not roll off during the day and evenly comes off the lips. I renew it "on the run" - it is very convenient, because the product does not flow into fine wrinkles and does not "slip" from your lips after application.

Price: 2 050 rub.

Always Sharp Lip Liner, Nude Fair, Smashbox

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

I use the product not only to make the lip contour clearer. I like to apply the pencil on their entire surface as a stand-alone tool, blending lightly with the pads of my fingers. To achieve a dense matte finish, I apply in one coat like lipstick.

The product is very persistent (it will survive snacks and a long working day). But before applying, it is better to moisturize your lips well: the product can dry them out.

Price: 1 317 rub.

Signature Color Lip Gloss, Natural Pink 56, Artistry

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Asya Zabavskaya

The lipstick with a glossy texture spreads easily over the lips. The moisturizing formula, which prevents lips from drying out, also contains SPF15 - a useful component with the onset of warmth (lips also dry from the disappearance of direct sunlight).

A light shade will accentuate your natural color by adding saturation to it. For girls with bright pigment on their lips, you can layer the product, achieving a denser coverage and a rich shade. Several applications do not affect the quality of the texture: the lipstick does not crack, does not dry the lips and does not flow into fine wrinkles - the color remains even and smooth.

Price: 1 715 rub.

Vice Liquid Lipstick, Brat, Urban Decay

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Anastasia Lyagushkina

The product will appeal to real fans of matte textures: a dense finish without a hint of shine and a beautiful nude undertone that will suit girls with any skin tone.

The lipstick has every chance of becoming an ideal product for every day: impeccable durability (withstands lunch and dessert with coffee), ease of application and weightless texture - after 5 minutes the lipstick “freezes” on the lips, and after another 5 minutes you forget that you applied it.

I distribute the product with the applicator, and then blend it with my fingertips to achieve the most natural finish. Before applying, I still prepare the skin of the lips well: I make a scrub and apply a nourishing balm so that the lips are perfect - otherwise the product will begin to "crack" on the lips, and this is not ideal. work out.

Price: 1 660 rub.

Lipstick-lip gloss Rouge Coco Stylo, shade 228 Poesie, Chanel

Tested by BeautyHack SMM Manager Alexandra Grishina

The most important thing that you notice in this product immediately after application is mega-moisturizing. Only then do you pay attention to the light oily texture, which makes the lipstick literally slide over the lips, leaving a pleasant and very comfortable finish.

I associate the Poesie shade with spring, when I want lightness in everything, especially in makeup. With such a shade, the lips will not look painted, and makeup can be done in literally two movements: remove the lipstick cap and apply the product directly from the package (you do not need a brush). The stick can be easily rolled back into the package without staining the stylish black case.

Price: about 2 500 rubles.

Nourishing lipstick Smart Fusion, shade 402, Kiko Milano

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

The product has a light moisturizing texture, so the lipstick additionally nourishes your lips. I apply the product with a brush to achieve an even application and not emphasize peeling. But for girls with perfect lips, you can apply lipstick straight from the package, moving from the center to the corners of the lips.

The shade is the embodiment of classic nude that will save in any situation: apply lipstick when you are completely without makeup, and the image will look fresher.

Separately, I want to note the smell of the product - sweetish, but not cloying, as if you ate butter fudge (a godsend for those who are on a diet!).

But you will have to fight for the durability of the product: after 2-3 hours, the lipstick evenly comes off the lips. But again comes a handy applicator to the rescue, with which you can apply lipstick even in a very big rush.

Price: 300 rub.

Plushies Liquid Matte Lipstick, Rosebud, Lime Crime

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

Market leaders in matte textures could not help but become a part of our selection! While we associate Lime Crime with either rich vibrant hues or flesh tones (which are far from everyone's choice), their lineup has some beautiful everyday nude shades, and Rosebud is one of them.

The product has a "telling" name - the shade is similar to the color of a bud of a freshly blossomed rose, which can refresh any look.

The texture, as always, is beyond praise - light, matte, not tightening the skin of the lips. The product hardens very quickly and does not create the effect of a clay mask. There is no need to talk about persistence either, but this shade broke all records: it survived breakfast and lunch without reapplication.

Price: about 2,000 rubles.

Lipstick "Virtuoso Pink" Rouge Vertige, shade 01 Rose, Yves Rocher

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

This product has every chance to become your best friend in everyday makeup: even, easy application and almost invisible tint on the lips - what else do you need for a nude makeup?

The product does not flow over the lip contour and does not clog into small cracks, while moisturizing delicate skin well. The coating is not at all dense, which will appeal to lovers of glitter. You should put your best friend in a cosmetic bag - he will leave you after the first meal, but a compact package and a convenient applicator will return the product to its place in a matter of seconds.

Price: 690 rub.

Shining lipstick Nordic Seduction Lipshine, shade 2 Sandy Beach, Lumene

Tested by BeautyHack SMM Manager Alexandra Grishina

In texture, the product looks more like a weightless lip balm, which is also indicated by the abundance of care components in the composition: pre-peptides and hyaluronic acid.

A top five product moisturizes lips, leaving no chance for dryness and flaking. You will not feel stickiness after application either: the product seems to be absorbed into your skin, leaving a light tint of a universal shade on your lips.

With this lipstick, you can achieve a very natural and natural look, highlighting the lip color and making it a little brighter.

Price: 930 rub.

Lipstick, shade Anita, NARS

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova

The pigment on my lips is very bright and I rarely find a good nude lipstick that can cover my natural lip color, making it calmer. But this shade has firmly established itself in my daily makeup bag for several reasons.

The first (and most important!) Is color. It looks like a shade of dusty rose or caramel macchiato. It remains a perfect nude on the lips, which will be appropriate in any situation.

The second, no less important, reason is texture. The consistency of the lipstick resembles a cream that is gently distributed over the lips (but for clarity, it is better to supplement the makeup with a pencil - so the lipstick will definitely not spread). The product has a light creamy finish that does not look glossy. And to achieve the most natural and slightly matte effect, blot your lips with a napkin.

The third (last but not least!) Is persistence. Creamy lipsticks usually do not have a "long-lasting" aftertaste, but not this product! It comes off the lips evenly, leaving behind a light tint.

Price: about 1,500 rubles.

Superstay Matte Ink Long Lasting Liquid Matte, Shade 05, Maybelline

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

The tool will appeal to fans of matte textures - girls who do not have time to correct their makeup. I apply it in the morning, and by evening it still remains on my lips.

The matte texture suggests a slight dryness, but this problem is solved with the help of a balm. And the finish of the lipstick does not create a dry matte texture - lips look moisturized, but without excess gloss.

The shade deserves special praise. If you are looking for a versatile nude that will not look noticeable on the lips, then this lipstick is your option.

Price: 422 rub.

Lip liner Color Sensational, shade of pale pink, Maybelline

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova

The new line of pencils is called the "nude temptation" - I think this is because it can seduce even the most sophisticated beautiholics.

I liked the pale pink shade most of all: in the spring, even in the most nude makeup, I want to add colors, and this color is not "piggy", but a noble, pink undertone, which perfectly merges with the color of the lips.

The pencil has a creamy texture, due to which it fits perfectly on the lips as an independent tool, making them matte. And it is better to shade the shade with the pads of your fingers - this way it will look more natural.

Price: 300 rub.

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