With Pain Every Day: Buzova Showed A Deformed Leg After The "Ice Age"

With Pain Every Day: Buzova Showed A Deformed Leg After The "Ice Age"
With Pain Every Day: Buzova Showed A Deformed Leg After The "Ice Age"

Video: With Pain Every Day: Buzova Showed A Deformed Leg After The "Ice Age"

Video: Экс-коллеги Ольги Бузовой рассказали об алкогольной зависимости певицы 2022, November

34-year-old TV presenter


Olga Buzova

in the new season of "Ice Age" on the First Channel reached the finals. The project ended on the eve of the New Year, the girl paired with figure skater Dmitry Solovyov became the best couple according to the results of the audience vote. Participation in an ice TV show was a real challenge for the singer. She complained of injuries, pain, difficulties in preparing the numbers, but still moved on. And after the New Year, she spoke about another health problem, which was aggravated by the project. more on the topic

"Who will be like me?": Buzova in a bandeau dress of multi-colored sequins boasted a Maldivian tan The singer has been sunbathing on one of the paradise islands of the Indian Ocean since last year.

In the Maldives, Olga Buzova showed a foot with a deformed thumb. The outgrowth, which gives her pain and discomfort, appeared in the process of skating. And the girl said: “I had an operation in Munich, a bone was cut out. After the "Ice Age" she again grew very much, aches every evening - she filmed her problem Buzova and admitted: "I live with pain every day." @media (orientation: landscape) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - 72bc11d7be017ccbf51a {padding-bottom: 75%;}} @media (orientation: portrait) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - 72bc11d7be017ccbf51a {padding -bottom: 125%;}}

As it turns out, hallux valgus is a fairly common problem these days that many people face. Plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin, portal expert

Teleprogramma.pro, told that the operation may not get rid of her. “The only reason the bones on the legs can come back is that the removal was done according to the old method. Apparently, all the factors that led to the deformation of the foot were not eliminated. Outdated techniques, which are still used today, and are chosen by patients who simply want to save money on surgery, often lead to a relapse of the disease. Apparently, in this particular case, it was a banal cutting of the bone itself, followed by stretching the joint capsule. As a result of such an intervention, hallus valgus may regrow again,”the expert explained. The surgeon emphasized that in the course of modern treatment of deformity of the big toe, cutting down is not enough. It is important to eliminate the reason for which it grows back. reference


Alexander Vdovin. Photo: personal archive

Alexander I. Vdovin

- Winner of the "Best Surgeon" award in 2018 according to the Channel

Fashion TV, the author of the technique for circular blepharoplasty, the best plastic surgeon in blepharoplasty of the award "People of the Year - 2019", winner of the nomination "The best plastic surgeon in blepharoplasty" of the award"


»2019 Best Plastic Surgeon for Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation Award

The Moscow Life and Business Awards

… Alexander Vdovin has over 11 years of experience in plastic surgery. Specialization: maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetology. Graduated

Pacific State Medical University

(Vladivostok) as a maxillofacial surgeon, residency - "General Surgery". He underwent retraining as a plastic surgeon in St. Petersburg. Works in

Center for French cosmetology Elysee

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