In The Spring, The Skin Just Needs It

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In The Spring, The Skin Just Needs It
In The Spring, The Skin Just Needs It
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With the onset of the first sunny days in spring, you just want to take off your winter jackets and hats, go outside, and enjoy the revitalization of nature. However, after the winter frosts, the skin of the face is in a deplorable state. Subzero temperatures, dry indoor air, weakened immunity - all this has a detrimental effect on the skin. The bright spring sun, unfortunately, only exacerbates the situation. So how do you restore healthy looking skin?

MedicForum has collected tips for care. The first and most important thing is the general improvement of the body. The condition of the skin directly depends on how healthy a person is. Regardless of your skin type and problems, the general recommendation is to follow a diet. The main component of your diet should be fruits and vegetables, not fatty fish and meat. And try to reduce flour, fatty, fried and sweet foods to a minimum. It is also recommended to drink a course of vitamins to strengthen the immune system. A visit to a bath or sauna helps to remove the toxins accumulated in the body, and has a very good effect on the condition of the skin in general.

How to cleanse in the spring?

At any time of the year, facial skin care should include 3 stages: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Every girl knows that you can't go to bed without washing off your makeup, but often this rule is violated. This leads to enlarged pores, blackheads, breakouts and scaling. Therefore, the number one rule should be daily make-up removal and washing before bed. The cosmetics industry is replete with a variety of makeup removers and cleansers. For the spring, choose more gentle, softer options.

The second and essential part of skin care in spring is toning. The toner helps remove cleanser residues and tightens pores. Make sure that the tonic does not contain alcohol, since the use of alcohol-containing products enhances the work of the sebaceous glands and provokes rashes.

The third part of a must-have daytime skincare routine in spring is the application of a UV-protected moisturizer. The activity of the sun in the spring is quite high, so before leaving the house, you should definitely apply a cream with SPF filters. If the skin is prone to the appearance of freckles or age spots, choose a product with an SPF filter of at least 30. For normal skin, SPF 10-15 will be enough.

Night skin care should be nourishing yet light. A good solution is to use natural cosmetic oils. Try applying oils such as avocado, shea, almond to your skin every day, and very soon the result will be noticeable not only to you.

Care Tips

Skin care in spring, as at any other time of the year, is unthinkable without masks. You can use both purchased and homemade. Give preference to nourishing masks. With the onset of spring, people are often prone to fatigue and apathy. The reason for this is the lack of sun during the winter, dry indoor air, an inactive lifestyle. These factors have a very negative effect on our skin. Try to get enough sleep, balance your diet, stay outdoors more often and the result will not take long and your skin will shine with a healthy glow. Previously, experts called the rules for facial care.

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