Alice And Julia Ruban - About Business, Sports And Love For Italy

Alice And Julia Ruban - About Business, Sports And Love For Italy
Alice And Julia Ruban - About Business, Sports And Love For Italy
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The creators of the Ruban brand, sisters Julia and Alisa Ruban spoke about their joint work, their favorite beauty rituals and plans for the next year.


- Tell us how two sisters can found a successful brand and not fall out?

Yulia: I often hear from people that they do not communicate with their brothers or sisters at all. It's not like that with us. We are very close-knit, and family is the most important thing for us. We work together, but it wasn't always like that. At some point, we realized that we have different approaches to work, so we identified areas of responsibility. This eliminates quarrels.

Alice: we just found an approach to each other.

- What are the plans for the Ruban brand for the next year?

A: We have a lot to do! We spent this summer in Italy and returned to Moscow with renewed vigor. In November, the Haute Couture collection comes out, which we will present in London and Los Angeles. A children's line is currently being developed. In general, next year will be very eventful (pah-pah-pah!).

- With such a schedule, how do you rest?

Yu: We recently flew to Amsterdam for a Simply Red concert.

We listened to good music, drank wine, ate delicious food and even managed to warm up - it was warmer there than in Moscow. And we go to Italy every summer.

At first we spent three weeks there, then we got a taste and now we can stay for three months. The only danger is Italian cuisine. This time, after the trip, I had to lose three kilograms. It's not surprising, though, if you have pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner. Or vice versa.

A: And I came back and go in for sports five times a week. I have never had any problems with weight. Even the scales are not at home, I always intuitively and from the clothes I feel if something superfluous appears. But now I want to gain muscle mass so that a relief appears.

- What sport do you do?

Yu: Twice a week I practice dancing in the World Class. My trainer is a professional dancer. For example, yesterday the training began with classical ballet, then there was body ballet, stretching, and it all ended with a rumba. And it fit in one hour! I have been dancing for two and a half months and see how posture and body sensation change. Three times a week I do strength training with an instructor, also in World Class.

A: I always train at home. Pilates three times a week. Ballet twice. I do not have a machine, but the coach manages to torment me even without it. I've been doing ballet since summer and it's very difficult. From the first lesson I literally crawled away. But I like to make fun of myself: I put on a sauna suit, I don't eat for an hour after training. And ballet is also an opportunity to be with your daughter. Petra is always with me during class. She also dances twice a week.

- Alice, how do you combine work and motherhood?

A: Julia constantly pulls me down for feeling guilty. Sometimes it seems to me that I am a terrible mother, because I come home late, spend little time with my daughter. But I try not to get overwhelmed, even if it seems that the child loves the nanny more than me. A nanny appeared with us a month after the birth of our daughter. I started to work actively and went back and forth in a car to feed Petra, constantly fiddling with breast pumps. We existed like this for half a year.

But I knew that if I sat with the child at home, it would be even worse. There are women who are made for this. At the same time, they remain kind, sympathetic, not nervous. This is not my option. I would destroy everything around.

- In the article about childbirth without anesthesia, you have already told us about your experience of childbirth in Italy. Why did you choose this country?

Yu: Alice was supposed to give birth in March. And we decided that we need to go where it will be warmer than in Moscow. There was an option to settle in Forte dei Marmi, where we spend the summer, but there at this time everything dies out. Therefore, we chose Florence. Although it is now clear that the idea was not the best. Especially nowhere to walk, uncomfortable pavements on which you have to go to childbirth.

A: Yes, and in Moscow I categorically did not want to stay, although now I do not see this as a problem at all.

I would give birth to a second child here. I cannot say that I am happy with the birth in Italy. Everything was very strange.

Although, perhaps, the first birth seems strange to all girls.

Yu: I was with Alice before and immediately after giving birth. And then she flew away to organize a show in Moscow, which Alice watched online. By the way, the second Pe line appeared after the birth of Petra. This is the first child in the family. I was amazed at this event and wanted to do something significant.

A: Yes, Julia we have a great aunt!

Yu: I can't say that I easily communicate with children. I don't have mine yet. A lot of people lisp with them, and I immediately talk to Petra on equal terms. But, yes, I'm a good aunt!

- What is Petra doing now? She's already three and a half years old, isn't she?

Yu: Oh, you need to see her schedule!

A: Sometimes my husband asks me if we are overdoing it with the number of classes. But while Petra goes to Vikiland for English, drawing, modeling. I wonder how my child can sit out for an hour sculpting! By the way, there are excellent performances in Vikiland on Sundays.

- How do you spend your weekend?

A: Only with the whole family. We have breakfast, on Saturday we go to gymnastics, on Sunday we go to tennis. We can get out together to KidZania, where a child can spend five hours and not notice.

Yu: We also get together for brunch every Sunday at four o'clock. Of course, if the whole family is in Moscow.

A: Yes, at this time, I try to cook for loved ones myself. Because on weekdays it is not always possible.

- Do you like to cook? Tell us about your diet?

A: Julia's kitchen is pristine. I also rarely cook, but I have a housekeeper who helps us.

Yu: Yes, that's the secret of her protein diet (laughs)! I eat outside the house.

If you need a quick bite, I go to Coffeemania. It's delicious and you can find something useful there. I really love Cutfish! I have never been a fan of Japanese cuisine, but there I can order all the sashimi from the menu to taste it bit by bit.

I also often order takeaways. I tried Just For You services (read about the rules of nutrition of the founder of the project, Irina Pochitaeva, at the link - editor's note), now I tested D-light. They bring dishes, the total daily calorie content of which does not exceed 1300 kcal. But I don't eat everything from this menu, because, let's be honest, lean pike perch with parsley leaves is not something that you want to eat with pleasure in the midst of a working day. It turns out that the portions from D-light are enough for almost our entire office, and at the same time I additionally lose weight. Now I weigh 53 kg, and it remains to “finish off” two kilograms.

A: Next to our showroom are Simachev, the Technikum gastrobar, and the Academy cafe. We go there.

Yu: I can go to Simachev on weekends. But you need to understand that this is a real anti-health problem with delicious sandwiches.

A: Now I try to eat a lot of protein. I am not a meat eater, but this is how I try to reduce the amount of carbohydrates. Although if I want to eat a piece of cake, I'll eat it. I think I could live on carbohydrates alone!

Yu: Alice and I have a different physique from birth. So is the character. She is thinner. I, too, am not inclined to be overweight, but if I eat at McDonalds without a twinge of conscience and wash it down with two glasses of wine in the evening, everything will very quickly be reflected on the sides. The difference is that Alice and I can eat in the same way, only she will lose weight, and I will gain weight.

- And which of you is the greatest beautygolic?

A: Yulia is responsible for this. In general, now I can go and drink tea, and she will tell you everything!

Yu: Yes, I have a real beauty store at home. When I started working as a make-up artist, I graduated from school, I was told that I needed to buy cosmetics and was given a list. I came home, and I already had it all. At the age of 15, I did “chemistry” for the first time, and this is how it all began. Continuous experiments: then a short haircut, then repainted in a blonde, then in a brunette. Now I have grown hair at BuroBeauty and am very happy! I see that even men react differently. All these experiments give the feeling of a new person, so I feel very harmonious now.Although, perhaps, in a month I'll think about how I could do it at all.

- Which makeup artist do you trust with your makeup before events?

Yu: I clearly know what suits me and what doesn't, and I tell the makeup artists about it. Most often, Marina Roy comes to the rescue. She does the perfect makeup and styling and always feels exactly what I want. She also helped us on the shooting of the Haute Couture collection. But, of course, in everyday life I can put on makeup myself. At home - a whole battery of tonal means.

A: Very rarely I turn to Buro Beauty makeup artists for help: they apply tone and dye eyelashes. This is my evening high.

In life, I do not paint at all. Therefore, I'm not a fan of mascara, I can use one for a year. But I like to mix tones or apply them in layers: for example, first BB cream (I blot it with a napkin), then a light foundation. I have a lot of BB creams that I add to my foundation. I love the Armani Maestro Fusion Make-Up tone. I'm also a fan of eyebrow gels. The best product was created by Bobbi Brown, a dark shade just reinforced concrete.

- Do you have beauty rituals?

Yu: Once a week we go to one beautician - Dr. Vicki. I do her sculptural and buccal massages, RF-lifting with the Scarlet apparatus. The bottom line is that disposable nozzles with thin needles are put on the device, which pierce the skin, and then direct the current charge there. It sounds terrible, but the sensations are bearable, and the effect is amazing - the skin is smoothed. I advise you to start with the neck: there is no need for pain relief.

In general, I have four beauticians. One of them works in my house at World Class. I can go to her in the evening when I want to relax. In Buro Beauty I go to the master Natalia, she is responsible for the wonderful relaxing face, neck massages and Biologique Recherche treatments. Another cosmetologist gives Botox injections in the eyebrow. Recently I tried contour plastics.

A: I go to procedures on the advice of Julia.

We even have one manicure and pedicure master who works at the World Class club in Yulia's house. We meet with a beautician every week, do Botox injections, peels.

I also like manual massages, in the old fashioned way.

In Buro Beauty I once tried anti-cellulite massage with cans, but for me it is a very aggressive procedure. After that, bruises remain and there is a feeling that you have been kicked for a week. Julia and I have been doing massages all summer in Forte dei Marmi, right on the beach with a Chinese woman. The skin after them is perfect. But I can't stand saunas and baths. I know it's good, but physically it's hard for me to endure the fever.

Yu: I love LPG massage. But it has to be done by the right person. A very talented guy Aleksey works in the medical center in Krylatskoye. After his massage, you lose weight by one and a half kilograms and decrease in volume by one and a half centimeters. I never go to male masseurs, but LPG is an exception, because it has to be done in a suit. And a year ago in Kazan in Luciano I tried a weight loss detox program.

- Did you like it?

Yu: I was rather disappointed. But not by the place (it is just the same very pleasant), but by the very approach to detox. You don't eat, you do a lot of procedures, you spend almost all your time in your room. After Kazan, I realized that I would never lose weight by starving. I lost nothing except muscle mass. There was simply not enough strength for sports.

In the spring, I found a Hindu doctor who reviewed my medical record and prescribed an oil massage. I went to see it for a week every morning and all this time I was in euphoria. Now I want to go to an Ayurvedic center in India.

- Tell us about your favorite beauty products?

Yu: Recently, our beautician Vika recommended the Obagi brand. I use toner, cleanser, day and night cream, and exfoliation, which should be done once a week. A big plus of Obagi is that all products are enclosed in dispenser bottles. I also love the brands La Mer, Thalion, Biologique Recherche. But I do not use everything with the last brand because of the specific smells. I remember that I could not stand one mask on my face for 15 minutes. Alice and I brought Rilastil body cream from Italy - we are wildly delighted with it!

Favorite brand of hair products - DixidoxDe Luxe.I have a sensitive scalp, so the brand's shampoos, conditioners, masks are perfect for me. Now I use Eliokap shampoo, phyto essences can be added to it (for example, for hair growth and hydration). Recently tried Moran Professional Korean organic shampoos. Good remedies, but very cold to the skin.

I don't use perfume at all. I love body odor, so I only wear Chanel Chance Neutral Deodorant. Because of this, my friend and colleague Alla even stopped using selective perfume. I immediately get a headache from the rich aromas.

A: I use almost the same means. I also have Biologique Recherche tonic - everything about it is beautiful, except for the smell. Favorite perfume - Molecule 02 Escentric Molecules. We have been together for so long that I do not feel it on myself at all.

Interview: Margarita Lieva Text: Yulia Kozoliy

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