5 Most Memorable Summer Scents

5 Most Memorable Summer Scents
5 Most Memorable Summer Scents

Video: 5 Most Memorable Summer Scents

Video: 5 Most Memorable Summer Scents

CUBA by FiiLit Parfum du Voyage Perfume Breath - "Breath" by Sergey Gubanov EAU4U Updated collection of Today Tomorrow Always by Avon Unisex SOOKA by SERGEY GUBANOV & MITYA FOMIN New men's fragrance Avon V - For Victory


Fresh as a sea breeze, passionate and sensual like first love, exquisite floral or invigorating citrus - what is your ideal summer scent?

Summer dictates its own fashion and its own rules, but in the hottest time of the year, notes of happiness, the smell of exquisite and wild flowers, juicy berries and fruits, a light sea breeze and an exciting mix of rum and tobacco remain relevant.

In 2018, fragrances dedicated to the game of our national football team at the World Cup also rise to the pedestal of popularity. They are powerful, energetic, masculine compositions designed for winners.

So what are the most memorable summer scents? MedAboutMe conducts a beauty guide!

CUBA by FiiLit Parfum du Voyage

The ethical and authentic fragrances of the new French perfume brand will leave no one indifferent. These are travel fragrances dedicated to different corners of the planet and recreated from the ingredients collected on them. Each composition is a special atmosphere of a picturesque place on the map, new vivid impressions and an opportunity to know the whole world!

The CUBA fragrance is a souvenir from the “island of freedom”! Breathing it in, you can open a window to an unknown world, where cozy colorful houses, colorful retro cars and talented street musicians who play day and night. These are palm trees, sun, golden sand and sincere smiles of passers-by.

The top notes of the fragrance are revealed with citrus: here you can clearly feel bergamot, grapefruit and lemon, and as a wonderful addition - notes of blue ginger. The heart notes are a subtle and invigorating jasmine scent combined with a spicy cardamom scent. The base notes are amber and vetiver, as well as the savory notes of rum and tobacco with the bitterness of African chili.

Did you know?

Who "hears" the smell better - women or men? Studies show that the fair half of humanity surpasses the stronger sex in their ability to sense and recognize smells.

Perfume Breath - "Breathing" from the brand Sergey Gubanov EAU4U

This is an incredibly graceful fresh composition on the theme of summer heat, which immerses you in the atmosphere of bright sunrises and sunsets, sunny beaches and incendiary discos.

This is an opportunity to feel the aristocratic gloss on yourself, recharge with a playful mood and leave behind a pleasant aftertaste. The top notes of the "breathing" composition are bold accords of orange and mint, musk and coconut. The heart notes are a sophisticated blend of fig oils, green tea and milk, and the summer "healer" - sage. The final notes are a sweet bliss of caramel with musk, cedar and almond milk. And all together - this is the incredible energy of pure and inspirational notes.

Did you know?

The first written evidence of perfume compositions is found in the days of Ancient Egypt. And they were associated with cult rites and sacrifices.

Avon's updated Today Tomorrow Always collection

The women's perfumery trilogy from the Avon brand is three love stories - from a timid offer of acquaintance to a happy “I agree!”. The face of this philosophical collection in Russia is the beautiful Vera Brezhneva, who not only knows how to love, but also speak about her feelings. Each of the three compositions of the trilogy symbolizes the most important events in the relationship between a man and a woman.

Today scent is a first date, still timid glances and a "shootout" of the eyes. This is a delicate, mysterious perfume with notes of hibiscus, Syrian cotton wool and captivating musk.

Tomorrow scent is a declaration of love, exquisite tenderness of flowers and berries. There are notes of ripe raspberries, as sweet as the kisses of a loved one, luxurious floral notes of African violet and fragrant amber.

Always scent is true love, which, as expected, lives forever. It is multifaceted, like the feelings of two, and is as captivating as notes of warm sandalwood, a mask of rose and spicy shades of neroli. Sensual aromas from the new trilogy inspire love confessions and cherish feelings!

It is interesting!

Some flowers that grow in different parts of the world have no smell at all. But this does not stop perfumers from including them in their compositions, because when combined with other ingredients, they give amazing, unique and memorable aromas.


The new fragrance from the SERGEY GUBANOV brand was created in support of the MITYA FOMIN composition "I Like It". This is an impressive mix of sensuality and passion, which is reflected in the cocktail of provocative notes of a blend of citrus and cinnamon piquancy. These are bright and seductive notes of fir, cedar and patchouli that act like an aphrodisiac on the opposite sex.

This is that rare case when a scent speaks better than words about love and passion and this is something that cannot be missed! The unisex SOOKA encourages flirtation, action and enjoyment of life.


Up to 1000 neurons can participate in the recognition of just one scent! And compositions associated with exciting events or strong emotions, a person is able to remember all his life.

New men's fragrance Avon V - For Victory

This masculine scent has an unusual history. For the first time in 25 years in Russia, especially for the main event of 2018 - the World Cup, the company presented a new fragrance for real men. As daring as the character of a champion and as energetic as our best footballers!

The face of the new male composition is FC Spartak footballer Denis Glushakov.

Avon V for Victory is a powerful cocktail of refreshing notes of mandarin and cedar leaf, deep patchouli accords. It is the self-confidence of a man - a winner who has just scored the most important goal, securing the victory for his team. This is an incomparable moment of triumph, the joy of achievement and confidence in a happy tomorrow.


An interesting riddle of our sense of smell: when we inhale, we usually hear the aroma, and when we exhale, it disappears! Breathe deeply, and may there be more pleasant events and truly passionate, sensual, delicate, sophisticated and memorable aromas in your life!

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