What Snow To Me: Swatch Waterproof Mascara

What Snow To Me: Swatch Waterproof Mascara
What Snow To Me: Swatch Waterproof Mascara

Video: What Snow To Me: Swatch Waterproof Mascara

Video: What Snow To Me: Swatch Waterproof Mascara
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Many people do not like waterproof mascaras - for their inability to hold volume, an overly harsh feeling on the eyelashes and the difficulty in rinsing. And if we cannot eliminate the last factor (to remove persistent cosmetics, one way or another, a special tool will be required), then we are able to refute the myth about the inconvenience of waterproof mascaras. BeautyHack special correspondent Moore Soboleva found 9 good options, and Asya Zabavskaya photographed them.


And in order:

False Lashes Waterproof, M. A. C

The excellent False Lashes mascara - probably the most beautiful tube in the entire M. A. C range - has an equally brilliant waterproof version. The classic brush with spiral bristles quickly adds volume, and the texture allows mascara to be layered to an infinite length. The main thing is to do it quickly, while the mascara is still wet.

High Impact Waterproof, Clinique

Clinique is best known as a nude make-up adept with its white robes and serious skincare approach. But in fact, the brand also makes quite a dramatic make-up - both bright lipsticks and colored blush. And the classic High Impact Mascara in its waterproof version turned out to be almost the darkest and voluminous in our review - the eyelashes with it are blackening and very fluffy.

Fabulous Lashes Waterproof, Misslyn

The large, tapering brush is very reminiscent of Diorshow - mascara that was invented thanks to the toothbrush that Pat McGrath used to dye the eyelashes of the models at the John Galliano show. The effect is also impressive - the mascara gives the promised volume, and is also suitable, according to the brand, even for very sensitive eyes.

Mascara Volume Unico Waterproof, Collistar

Here is an improved version of the classic brush - the bristles themselves are of different lengths and twist in an uneven spiral. You won't be able to find fault with Mascara Volume Unico if you want to - a beautiful tube, dense semi-matte color, excellent volume, length and separation from the first stroke of the brush.

Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof, Catrice

We have already talked about mascara from the large line of Glam & Doll, which includes mascara of all possible types, as well as black eyeliners and pencils. The False Lashes line (for several years now, all cosmetic manufacturers love to compare their mascaras with false eyelashes) rounded silicone brushes that best give curvature - suitable for those who have long and straight eyelashes.

Mascara Volume 360 Waterproof, Yves Rocher

A brush of a non-trivial shape - as if flattened in the middle - in fact turns out to be convenient if you only get used to crawling into the inner corners of the eyes. This can be a problem, but otherwise the mascara works like a voluminous mascara - curling the eyelashes and painting them along the length is easy.

Effet Push Up Volume Glamor Waterproof, Bourjois

French mass market masters were known for their voluminous carcasses back in the early 2000s. Effet Push Up Glamor (exists in a classic and waterproof, as we have, version) promises to make a fluffy fan out of the eyelashes and, in general, keeps the promise: the classic brush paints the eyelashes evenly, quickly and accurately, without any ten-minute dancing in front of the mirror.

Noir Couture Waterproof, Givenchy

A few years ago, Nicolas Degenne, Givenchy's makeup director and fan of fancy mascara brushes (his round-headed Phenomen'Eyes is still debated), introduced the novelty Noir Couture. This is a voluminous mascara with three balls on a brush - according to the creator's idea, the eyelashes in the corners of the eyes are better painted this way. The waterproof version turned out to be very similar to the original, and this is a plus - it is surprisingly easy to work with mascara, and it not only adds volume, but also separates the hairs well.

False Lash Effect Waterproof, Max Factor

Mascara Max Factor was, it seems, every second girl who graduated from high school 15-20 years ago. False Lashes with its large silicone brush is good for those who love drama and volume on the eyelashes - the brush takes up a lot of mascara and lays down tightly (but without lumps). Eyelashes can stick together a little, but not so that spider legs are obtained - rather, elegant bunches.

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