10 Products For Waterproof Makeup Up To 800 Rubles

10 Products For Waterproof Makeup Up To 800 Rubles
10 Products For Waterproof Makeup Up To 800 Rubles

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Affordable and durable cosmetics that are not afraid of rain, heat or water - in the BeautyHack selection.


Foundation Lasting Performance, Max Factor

Lightweight foundation with a powdery finish, dries quickly on the skin and lasts up to 8 hours. Suitable not only for those who are looking for a moisture-resistant product, but also for those who do not like to stain their clothes with a tone. Easily washed off with micellar water.

Price: 572 rub.

Waterproof Brow Thickener, Sephora

This is an eyebrow mascara with a soft small brush that not only fixes the hairs, but also fills in the gaps. It is presented in three successful natural shades that, unlike many eyebrow products, do not go red or gray. For the desired intensity, the shade can be layered. In order not to injure the hairs once again, it is better to wash off with hydrophilic oil.

Price: 790 rub.

Eyebrow lipstick Tame & Frame, NYX

Those familiar with the similar eyebrow lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills will appreciate its affordable counterpart. It lays down in a thin layer, fixes the hairs, fills in the gaps and most importantly - the waterproof formula allows the product not to roll or smear all day. A wide selection of five shades from light beige to rich chocolate.

Price: 530 rub.

2000 Calorie Waterproof, Max Factor

Mascara is a godsend that gives both length, and perfectly holds, and is not afraid of moisture. It does not dry out immediately on the eyelashes, but then it does not crumble throughout the day. Does not smell or irritate the eyes, can be washed off only with a two-phase agent or hydrophilic oil.

Price: 480 rub.

Waterproof eyeshadow base Proof it !, NYX

The base of the gel texture turns any shadow into water-resistant and makes its pigment richer. It lasts all day, but it is important to let it dry for at least a minute after application.

Price: 520 rub.

Eyeshadow pencil Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow, Kiko Milano

The eyeshadow pencil of the Italian brand Kiko Milano is a bestseller in the USA. They are loved for their convenient stick format, pleasant creamy texture, rich pure colors (in the range of 32 shades) and excellent durability. They last for at least 8 hours and give a spectacular shiny finish - you can apply both on the entire upper eyelid and along the eyelash line. They are washed off with ordinary micellar water.

Price: 630 rub.

Gel pencil Lasting Drama Gel 24H, Maybelline New York

The automatic eyeliner has an unusual gel texture - an eyeliner effect. The pigments - black, brown, blue or green - are deep and persistent, last all day and repel moisture. Use micellar water to remove.

Price: 330 rub.

Eyeliner Super Liner Perfect Slim, L`Oreal

The felt-tip brush is very small, firm and sharp - handy for fine arrows. Does not scratch the eyelid, dries quickly on the skin and holds firm throughout the day - does not smudge or crack. Available in three colors - black, blue and emerald. Wash off with a special waterproof makeup remover.

Price: 468 rub.

Gel eyeliner, Manly Pro

A budget eyeliner in a glass jar that many makeup artists love. It is universal - you can draw both a thin and a thick arrow with a brush. The gel texture dries quickly and does not crumble, and the waterproof formula does not float throughout the day. The assortment has a large selection of shades - black, brown, azure, blue-emerald, khaki and plum. Wash off with a mild, oil-based product.

Price: 600 rub.

Ultra pigmented matte lipstick-stick Full Throttle Lipstick, NYX

Despite the light texture and velvety finish, the lipstick is highly pigmented and lasts until you remove it (best with micellar water). It is not felt on the lips, but it is better to apply to pre-moisturized skin. The shape and size of the stick are very functional - they allow you to clearly paint over the contour and not go beyond it.

Price: 590 rub.

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