Demi Moore, Lady Gaga And 12 More Stars Who Removed Their Ribs For The Wasp Waist

Demi Moore, Lady Gaga And 12 More Stars Who Removed Their Ribs For The Wasp Waist
Demi Moore, Lady Gaga And 12 More Stars Who Removed Their Ribs For The Wasp Waist

Video: Demi Moore, Lady Gaga And 12 More Stars Who Removed Their Ribs For The Wasp Waist

Video: Demi Moore, Lady Gaga And 12 More Stars Who Removed Their Ribs For The Wasp Waist
Video: Rib Removal Surgery to Get a Cartoon Waist?! 2023, March

A chiseled figure is the object of dreams not only of ordinary women, but also of celebrities. And those of them, whom nature has not rewarded with a thin waist, are ready for anything for her, including a painful operation to remove ribs. Moreover, some celebrities perceive serious surgical intervention as a mandatory procedure for correcting their appearance, thanks to which their figure will acquire the coveted hourglass shape. In the new review, there are stars, including the first magnitude, who made such sacrifices for the sake of beauty (some even overdid it in pursuit of it).


The fashion for the wasp waist is not new: it began in the 18th century. It was then that women began to wear tight corsets, which sometimes did not allow them to breathe normally (this is the reason for sudden fainting), but made it possible to look stunning in the then fashion. Such an accessory was not available to everyone - only the aristocracy and very rich people. Today, anyone can buy a corset, but many stars are not satisfied with such a conservative solution, and they voluntarily remove their ribs.

Marilyn Monroe

One of the first stars to decide on such an operation. In earlier photos, you can see that her waist is naturally quite wide. In addition, according to Marilyn herself, she was always inclined to be overweight, and fat deposits accumulated precisely on the stomach and hips, and it was necessary at all costs to correspond to the title of a sex symbol with a figure that fits into the standards of 90-60-90. Therefore, it is not surprising that the actress, who wore corsets for a long time, decided to approach the solution of the problem radically. By the way, after the operation, the famous blonde did not stop wearing corsets - now with the help of them she emphasized the results of the work of surgeons.

Demmy Moor

The actress, with the help of surgeons, has done an impressive job of correcting her own appearance: according to rumors, she spent about $ 200,000 on plastic surgery. It is known for certain that Demi underwent rhinoplasty, repeated liposuction of the abdomen and knees, and even a circular facelift. But before filming in the film "Striptease", the celebrity went for even more radical changes. The fact is that her figure has always been very athletic, with no noticeable difference between the breasts, hips and waist, and in order to gain more seductive curves, Moore performed augmentation mammoplasty and removed the lower ribs.

Dita Von Teese

The burlesque star figure excites the minds of many men on the planet and arouses the genuine envy of women. Dita is very petite, while surprisingly harmoniously built. But the star, unlike most of her colleagues in the shop, does not hide that her wasp waist is the result of the painstaking work of plastic surgeons. To emphasize the seductive curves, the queen of shocking and ex-wife of Marilyn Manson tirelessly pumps her abs, eats right and wears a corset almost constantly.

Kim Kardashian

The middle of the Kardashian sisters vehemently denies all rumors that she went through surgery to remove ribs, claiming that her mouth-watering forms are the result of careful work on herself, which includes a rigid diet and constant training at a fitness club. But experts have repeatedly commented that her slender waist is the result of surgery.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, so fond of shocking the audience with her costumes and provocative performances, in recent years is increasingly moving away from the freak image with which she began her career. Therefore, she needed to correct her appearance: the singer and actress visited a plastic surgeon to correct the shape of her nose, cheekbones and chest. And a few years ago, she decided on a rib resection so that her figure, more like a rectangle, would acquire more seductive curves.

The singer in Hollywood was known as the record holder for the number of plastic surgeries, according to rumors, there were at least a hundred of them. She did not ignore the removal of the ribs so that her figure, with an initially almost absent waist, acquired the shape of an hourglass. Cher went under the surgeon's knife back in 1980.

Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson was an ardent fan of plastic surgery, and his sister followed the same path, but was more careful in her desires. Rumor has it that for the sake of a thin waist, Janet decided on an operation to remove the ribs, but there is no evidence of this, and the star herself categorically denies these rumors, stating that she has "everything her own, everything natural."


The Latin American singer has a very striking appearance, which she skillfully emphasizes with makeup and sexy outfits. However, the star does not hide that her appetizing forms, or rather, the wasp waist, are the result of a surgical intervention: after being at home after the operation, Talia posted a photo to the social network Instagram in which she posed in an embrace with a jar in which her ribs peacefully rested.

Valeria Lukyanova

"Odessa Barbie" - this is the nickname this girl became famous for. She was famous for her passion for changing her own appearance to become like a popular doll. And although Valeria has not lived in Ukraine for a long time, her love for transformation has not faded: she continues to work tirelessly to enhance her likeness to Barbie, so it is not surprising that Insta Diva removed her lower ribs to make her waist thinner. Lukyanova herself denies the presence of any surgical manipulations with the exception of breast augmentation, but on the Web you can easily find photos of the girl before and after - the difference is striking.

Raquel Welch

The star of the films "Million Years BC" and "Fantastic Journey", and in combination with the sex symbol of the 70s of the last century, is rarely published today, despite the fact that it looks simply luxurious. However, at one time she was very popular and enjoyed rapid success with the fair sex. However, according to rumors, her wasp waist did not come from nature, but was the result of the work of a skilled plastic surgeon.

Sophia Wollersheim

The German model and TV personality is another famous representative of the group of people who want to become like Barbie. This is how she became famous. One problem: since childhood, the girl considered herself fat, but she wanted to get closer to her ideal by any means. To radically address the issue of her thin waist, she removed herself two pairs of ribs. However, this undermined Sophia's health, it is sometimes difficult for her to move, but this does not prevent her from uploading photos on social networks. The model plans to eventually sell her ribs, which she will decorate with diamonds, at an auction.

Pixie Fox

Another "live Barbie", this time from Sweden. In her desire to be like a doll that all girls in the world dream of, she went farthest: for the sake of graceful forms, she removed three (!) Pairs of ribs. Now her waist is only 40 centimeters. It turns out that you can live without 6 ribs, but it is difficult to do without a support corset.

Amanda Lepore

Amanda is one of the recognized record holders for the number of plastic surgeries she underwent. Born a boy, she regularly visited the surgeons' office since the age of 15. She has hundreds of various surgeries on the face and body behind her, including the resection of the ribs. Amanda made her right after she finally became a woman, and now she can boast a magnificent bust, thin waist and "the most expensive body in the world."

Rodrigo Alves

If you think that only women want a thin waist, you will be surprised. Men also decide on this operation. One of them is Rodrigo Alves, whose goal is to become like Barbie's companion Ken. The showman removed the lower ribs to make his figure more proportional to the puppet. The operation was carried out outside America. Perhaps Rodrigo would not have advertised it, but at customs he was detained, asked to leave his own bones, which he was carrying in a suitcase home, on the border with the United States, and the news got into the media.

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