The Stars Who Removed The Ribs For The Wasp Waist

The Stars Who Removed The Ribs For The Wasp Waist
The Stars Who Removed The Ribs For The Wasp Waist

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Instagram users are vigorously discussing Angelina Dubrovskaya's unsuccessful experiment. The blogger decided on an operation that can significantly reduce the waist circumference. The surgeon claimed that she would already be 6-10 cm in 3 months after the operation, when the ribs grow together in a new position. During this time, you need to wear a corset, deny yourself sports and wait for the coveted result. The blogger published the details of the operation and rehabilitation in her profile. No miracle happened in Angelina's case: the waist narrowed by 1 2 cm, there were two scars on the back, the corset left traces of bedsores on the skin. Angelina honestly admitted that she regrets that she decided to go under the doctor's knife.


Another instadive who performed rib osteotomy is Valeria Lukyanova. In pursuit of the desire to look like a Barbie doll, the girl decided not to stop at the platinum blonde, magnifying lenses and bright makeup. Valeria also removed her ribs to get a really thin waist. Unlike Angelina, the Ukrainian model did not experiment with new surgical techniques and preferred the proven method: complete removal of the lower ribs. The effect was not long in coming, and now the model appears in the feeds of thousands of her subscribers with a wasp waist.

Do you think the fashion for removing ribs appeared recently? Of course not. Everyone's beloved Marilyn Monroe, back in the 50s of the last century, made the contrast between waist and hips the standard of beauty. The girl received her legendary figure thanks to surgical intervention. Before the operation, Marilyn's waist was not pronounced, but after the removal of the ribs, the gaze at the enviable star shapes fell involuntarily.

Cher does not hide the fact that plastic surgery has become her personal drug, which is very difficult to refuse. On account of the star, tooth extraction for the effect of sunken cheeks, rhinoplasty, changing the shape of the mouth and dozens of other surgeries, including the removal of the lower ribs to narrow the waist. After the resection, the figure of the singer began to resemble the classic "hourglass", although before this there was no noticeable transition from the waist to the hips. The star's Armenian roots "appeared" in her large facial features, which Cher did not like from childhood - this made her go under the knife.

Another plastic lover is Demi Moore. “Being sexually attractive is a job, and I strive to ensure that the image in the mirror always matches the inner feeling of youth,” says the actress, who has undergone more than one plastic surgery. She also removed the lower ribs to change the rectangular shape and make the waist more expressive.

No matter how absurd it may sound, the singer Talia decided to get a thin waist. We would be happy to end with jokes about the name of the star and her plastics, but the girl herself is not averse to making fun of her craving for surgery. The singer posted on Instagram a photo of a can of liquid in which the ribs were floating. It turned out that the day before, Talia was eating pork ribs, but she considered it her duty to play up the situation with the operation and make fun of the subscribers. We would like to point out that Thalia's waist is really good.

The modern burlesque queen and model Dita von Teese, who now and then delights fans with her photos in lingerie and corsets, also survived an operation to remove ribs. Although in her case, we did not doubt it - she was too small in size. This is where the love of retro-styling comes in!

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