Nice Humor. Bloggers Who Make Fun Of Beauty Instagram

Nice Humor. Bloggers Who Make Fun Of Beauty Instagram
Nice Humor. Bloggers Who Make Fun Of Beauty Instagram

Video: Nice Humor. Bloggers Who Make Fun Of Beauty Instagram

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Video: Everything wrong with youtube beauty gurus///part 5 2023, January

Polina Trubenkova (madam_kaka)


The Beauty Blogger We Deserve Yet have you heard that masks that "improve" your appearance are now banned from Instagram? Although, to be honest, I thought they were more for humor than for a real attempt to impersonate such a "beauty". I don't understand why the fashion for incubator beauty is still alive: the same tiny noses, dumplings instead of lips and Mariana depressions under the cheekbones (lonely lumps of Bisha are crying somewhere now). I have always believed that a well-groomed appearance is better than a thousand surgeries. In addition, now it has become much easier to care for your skin when there is such an abundance of masks, creams and other things. Since I shoot myself not only with the front camera on Instagram, it is important for me that the skin is in great shape. Instagram masks won't help in real life, but a mask from @glamglowrussia #supermud (sold at @iledebeaute_official), for example, will perfectly prepare your skin for an important event. I personally tested it (and smeared my husband) for several days and I really liked it. So take care of your skin, eat right and may the power of narrowed clean pores be with you

Almost 2 million subscribers follow the life of this girl on Instagram. Polina most often makes fun of women, or rather, their everyday problems "sucked from the finger." madam_kaka shows girls who are always losing weight and go in for sports from the side of humor. Beauty jokes are rare for her, but they do not lose to other videos. Maria Minogarova (minogarova)

What's going on ?? … … Not pale makeup by @gev_mua Sparkling dress @terekhovofficial Posted by I Minogarova (@minogarova) Aug 14, 2019 at 1:40 PDT

The model and TV presenter has 1.2 million subscribers on her Instagram. The girl knows how to laugh at herself and she does it very well. She often makes fun of the beaty industry and modern fashion. Previously, Maria often appeared to test various beauty procedures, for which she received a great response from subscribers. Anastasia Ivleeva (_agentgirl_)

How girls go on dates at 20/40 ️ ️ (girls, no offense, it's just humor) ️ Celebrate friends and girlfriends At any age it's great when good habits stay with you! One of my habits is the @philipsrussia electric brush, which does everything ITSELF, no need to worry if you brush your teeth correctly or not - the bristles move exactly as the dentist would advise you. If you want the same, go to the site ️ According to the promo code IVLEEVA30, a 30% discount on all brushes and irrigators Sonicare (except those that are already discounted) - until June 23 #philipssonicare Publication from NASTYA IVLEEVA (@_agentgirl_) 15 Jun 2019 at 5:03 PDT

One of the most popular Russian girls on Instagram started out with humorous vines on a beauty theme. In a comic form, she teaches girls to apply makeup in a fairly short period. Thanks to Anastasia's blog, you will learn how to quickly apply makeup for a sudden date or after a stormy night. True, such vines on her page have become quite rare. Pavel Mikus (mikusvlogs)

A case in a poor family near Moscow Publication from Pavel Mikus (@mikusvlogs) March 25, 2019 at 8:50 PDT

Pavel has almost 1 million subscribers. His favorite topic for Vines is the relationship between a man and a woman. And his image of the beauty blogger Dusi Pook will appeal to everyone, without exception. Olga Medynich (medynich)

Instagram ️my 67 (Halloween) #so crap a whole day # every day # halloween # scared # to press # to scare # to scare us # son # dimon # beauty saves world # instagram # love # my # ️ # honey # olga # good women # weekends medynich) Nov 16, 2019 at 1:33 pm PST

This famous actress has almost 2 million Instagram followers in her luggage. To a greater extent, Olga posts video posts on her page in which she reproduces various life hacks found on the Internet.These Lifebags also apply to the beauty industry. Careful, very funny!

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