Natural Beauty: Celebrities Who Embrace Aging

Natural Beauty: Celebrities Who Embrace Aging
Natural Beauty: Celebrities Who Embrace Aging

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While Hollywood is known for being an ageless city, not all celebrities strive to stay young forever.


Beauty is a very subjective thing, and a person needs to feel happy looking in the mirror. This is why many of these celebrities don't judge other women who make appointments with their surgeons or dermatologists, but they personally choose to embrace the changes that age brings.

Many of these celebrities feel that looking older is better than looking unnatural, while others feel like fighting something inevitable is a waste of time.

Check out the gallery of stars who are big proponents of natural aging and their views on why they defy the pressures of Hollywood!

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly, 49, is not afraid of natural changes as she gets older.

“We equate the beauty of women with youth, and this is sad. It is a shame that many of us find it so difficult to appreciate and accept the beauty of an elderly woman. I don't want to erase my history on my face. And I am not judging; every woman will make her choice. But for me it is more beautiful to see a person."

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has confirmed that she doesn't need plastic surgery or botox. She is 35 years old.

“Oh God, I mean, I'm not in plastic surgery … I think Botox makes everyone look like a wax candle, kind of like Madame Tussauds - I can't come to terms with that. I do not want to judge anyone, but at the moment these are beauty trends that I hate."

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is not involved in beauty enhancement because she disagrees with how "normal" it has become.

“This is crazy,” she told Hello magazine. "It is not normal! And the culture we have created, which says that this is normal, is not right. Why do people ask to cut them up and add something to their body? What is it, why are we doing this?"

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton has never been a fan of plastic surgery because it seemed to her that age would always be obvious.

“I have a feeling that everyone has someone else's hands. If the hands don't fit the face, it's a little weird,”she told People magazine. “My hands are the hands of the age at which I live. They have gone through a lot and they look like that!"

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts believes that faces should reflect the years they have lived.

“I want my kids to know when I’m mad, when I’m happy, or when I’m confused,” the Academy Award winner told ELLE. "Your face tells a story, and it doesn't have to be the story of your trip to the doctor's office."

Halle Berry

Holly, 53, believes plastic surgery makes people lose themselves.

“Aging is natural and it will happen to all of us … I just want to always look like myself, even if it's an older version of me!”

Jodie Foster

57-year-old Jodie Foster does not participate in cosmetic enhancements, as she believes it is embarrassing.

“It's just self-esteem for me,” she told More magazine. “For example, I would rather someone say, 'Wow, this girl has a bad nose' than, 'Wow, this girl has a bad nose surgery.' I want to hear comments about me as a person, and not about going to the surgeon"

Salma Hayek

“No surgical interventions. There is no Botox either, Hayek said in an interview with InStyle. “I think it's awful when 20-year-old girls inject their faces and lips. One of them told me: "If I now eliminate my muscles, I will never have wrinkles." Can you imagine?

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore, 58, is aging naturally because she wants to look human.

“I don’t judge people for botox, but I don’t believe it makes people look their best. I think it's always noticeable when we do something with a face, but instinctively find it attractive,”she told Allure magazine.

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