Editorial Test: Top Of The Best Serums For Perfect Skin

Editorial Test: Top Of The Best Serums For Perfect Skin
Editorial Test: Top Of The Best Serums For Perfect Skin

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Face serums are different - rejuvenating, tightening, moisturizing, tightening pores. In any case, they are all aimed at restoring the skin. All serums contain active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin and "charge" it, and many of them, in their effect, can even replace a visit to a beautician. We tell you about those that deserve your attention.


Marina Kharlamova, beauty editor

Night serum Perfect C Treatment, 3Lab, 10 400 rub.

With a pleasant citrus aroma (it is no coincidence that it contains useful vitamin C). Immediately after application, it is absorbed, does not stick and does not leave behind an oily sheen. The next morning after using it, the skin glows, even if the sleep was short, no more than four to five hours. An additional bonus - it pulls up well, though not right away. I saw the lifting effect after the third application.

Daria Mikhailova, Deputy Chief Editor

Soothing serum for the face Serum Calmant, Eisenberg, 6799 rub.

I definitely liked this serum - I applied it in the evening after washing, and it is great for soothing the skin before bed. And in the morning you get up and really feel that the skin has become smoother and more tender - the foundation lays down even better. The serum has a pleasant smell, and, which is very important for me, it is not sticky and absorbs quickly. A pleasant bonus - very economical use, literally two or three clicks are enough.

Lilia Timoshkina, SMM editor

The ideal restoring serum NCTF-Intensive, Filorga, 6316 rub.

It is worth noting the packaging itself: there is a very convenient dispenser in the jar, which allows you to get exactly as much money as you need. Two taps is enough for the whole face. The serum is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky feeling. The skin looks toned and a healthy glow appears. Within five days, the regenerating and rejuvenating function of the product begins to work: redness and dryness have disappeared from the face, and small facial wrinkles on the forehead have begun to smooth out.

Nika Bulgakova, news editor

Perfect serum for the face Essence Perfectrice A L'Extrait De Pivione, L'Occitane, 4700 p.

I have never used a face serum, but after trying L'Occitane's perfect Peony serum, I realized that it was in vain. I really liked the texture of the product and the fact that it absorbs quickly. And the smell, of course, is very pleasant. The serum quickly tightens pores and makes the skin smoother. At night, I applied it before the cream (the next morning the skin was super soft and moisturized), and in the afternoon - before makeup. By the way, with it you can forget about the foundation: after the serum, skin imperfections become smaller, so only powder is enough.

Elena Bekish, Online Marketing Director

Serum for young and healthy skin at any age Skin Trainer, Kiko, 2100 p.

A couple of drops of Kiko Skin Trainer Serum are absorbed instantly. On the one hand, the skin immediately becomes matte and velvety to the touch. On the other hand, there is a slight lack of moisture, and it is pleasant to apply the main cream after it. A strongly pronounced effect after several applications is not noticeable, apparently, you need to use it for a long time.

Oksana Kravchuk, editor-in-chief

Concentre Collagen Concentre Collagen Serum, Thalgo, 5449 rub.

This serum should be applied under the cream in the morning and evening. Like any creation of the French brand, the serum works from the first use. For the purity of the experiment, I even applied it only on half of the face, and the skin became fresher and lighter.

Alexandra Osipova, editorial assistant

Intensive lifting serum Granatapfel Straffendes Serum, Weleda, 2132 rub.

After several days of using the serum, it is difficult to say about any changes, namely, firmness and smoothness, but it moisturizes well. The serum has a pleasant, mild spicy smell. It absorbs quickly after application.I will definitely continue to use it - let's see what the results will be.

Anna Baloyan, editor of the lifestyle department

Intensive anti-aging face serum with retinol concentrate Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum, Retinol, 2965 rub.

A good moisturizing serum. After it, I didn't even need to apply moisturizer on top, it nourishes the skin very well by itself. But I did not notice any "anti-aging" changes promised by the manufacturer.

Victoria Tanes, gossip editor

Essence of double action for youthful skin Elixir Jeunesse, Yves Rocher, 1490 rubles.

Very light texture, so I applied it under makeup, about five minutes before applying foundation. During this time, it is perfectly absorbed and moisturizes the skin, the cream fits perfectly on it. I can't say anything about the youthfulness of the skin, but I suffer from eternal lack of sleep, and the essence helped me a lot - the skin tone becomes much smoother, even if I slept for only two hours. I also couldn't assess the power of detox, but it's nice to think that your skin is protected when you go outside, especially in such weather as it is now.

Yana Erkovich, Assistant of the Fashion and Beauty Departments

Moisturizing serum Aqualia Thermal, Vichy, 1456 rub.

I used it in the morning (before applying moisturizer) and in the evening (after removing makeup). The serum is quickly absorbed, but leaves a feeling of a thin (not sticky) film on the face - perhaps this is the only negative. But the effect is visible almost immediately - the complexion is evened out, and the skin becomes smooth. The product nourishes and smoothes the skin well, but the declared super-deep hydration is not worth waiting for.

Anastasia Pavlova, news editor

Serum for narrowing pores Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum, Caudalie, 2600 p.

The serum has a pronounced aroma of essential oils, fresh and pleasant. Economical consumption, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, does not dry the skin. There is a slight sticky feeling, but after applying the cream, it disappears. It is good "friends" with cosmetics: it does not start to roll, and the funds are laid down more evenly. There is a matting effect, but I did not notice a pronounced narrowing of the pores.

Alina Grigalashvili, fashion editor

Serum with vitamin C, Egia, 5780 rub.

I really liked the serum. My skin is sensitive, and I often suffer from rashes, and it works in much the same way as my favorite panthenol - you apply it in the evening, and in the morning the skin tone is even and there is no redness.

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