Editorial Test: Top Best Eye Patches For A Radiant Look

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Editorial Test: Top Best Eye Patches For A Radiant Look
Editorial Test: Top Best Eye Patches For A Radiant Look

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Video: The Best Under Eye Patches? 2023, January

Eye patches have long become a must-have in any girl's makeup bag. Hide the consequences of a sleepless night, remove puffiness and bruises? These wonder stickers will tackle any problem in minutes. We will tell you which patches deserve your attention.


Daria Mikhailova, Deputy Chief Editor

Hydrogel mask-patch for the skin around the eyes Ciel, 450 rub.

Light pleasant smell, hold well, and you really see the result after application - the skin becomes much more hydrated and seems to tighten. You need to keep the patches for about half an hour, and during this time there is no discomfort - a slight tingling sensation and warmth. Now I'm going on vacation, I will definitely take these with me on the plane.

Anna Baloyan, editor of the lifestyle department

Cheek & Eye Lift Dr Jart Patches, 1135 р.

I very rarely use patches under the eyes, because all the previous ones did not give any effect - they did not tighten, did not soothe or smooth the skin. But Dr Jart's patches were pleasantly surprised: after 30 minutes with them, the skin became smoother and fresher. The effect was as if I had slept for 12 hours. I recommend.

Elena Bekish, Online Marketing Director

Retinol Moisturizing Anti-Aging Gel Patches, 1935 p.

Despite the recommendations of the beauty editor Marina, I used the retinol patches in the morning, not in the evening. Because it is in the morning that I have swelling under my eyes, and I want to get rid of it before applying makeup. The patches are odorless, adhere well to the skin without slipping. I held them for 30 minutes while getting ready for work. Result: the skin is noticeably tightened and smoothed, and the swelling has subsided.

Alexandra Osipova, editorial assistant

Laboratoires Lysedia patches, 3930 p.

I usually apply patches in the morning after showering to get rid of the effects of sleep deprivation, dark circles and moisturize the skin around my eyes. These patches moisturize and refresh the skin very well, but it is difficult to say something about their action against expression lines, since it requires regular use.

Alina Grigalashvili, fashion editor

Eye contour patches with vitamin C C-Vit, Sesderma, 2990 rub.

When you apply these patches, you immediately feel that some processes are starting to take place. Because the skin begins to burn, but after traces of bruises do not remain. Only the effect is not long-term - enough for one day.

Marina Kharlamova, beauty editor

Manefit Beauty Planner Lily Brightening Eye Mask, 258 р.

I especially love Korean patches (they have stronger compositions and the action is right). So when I got the chance to test the Manefit Eye Mask with Lily and Collagen Extract, I was happy! So, I must say right away that this product deserves the attention of everyone who has problems such as swelling and dark circles that treacherously appear after sleepless nights and a hectic weekend. But waiting for instant action from Manefit is not worth it. You need to keep the mask strictly for half an hour for it to work. It is convenient that this mask is large - it covers not only the problem area under the eyes, but also the nose, forehead and temples, so you will definitely not be lost with it!

Oksana Kravchuk, editor-in-chief

Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye Mask Patches, 3499 rub.

Thalgo is my favorite beauty brand. Their serums are the best thing that can happen to your skin. I also expected incredible things from Thalgo patches. Firstly, as they dry, they become transparent, secondly, they are surprisingly thin, and thirdly, effective. However, still without a wow effect. Yes, the skin became more hydrated and a little smoother, but not that I suddenly became five years younger.

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