Successful Plus Model - About Love And Male Fears

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Successful Plus Model - About Love And Male Fears
Successful Plus Model - About Love And Male Fears

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The culture of plus size models has recently emerged in Russia - some believe that all women in the body can be considered such models. Others think that a thin face with curvaceous forms is impossible without the intervention of plastics, and in order to start a career, you must first remove all unnecessary things, while leaving all unnecessary ones. SHE editors collected popular myths about this phenomenon and asked Ekaterina Zakharova to comment on them.


Reference: Ekaterina Zakharova is an international plus size model, a teacher at the Plus size Siberia modeling agency.

Myth 1. Any woman with weight is a plus size model

“When plus size models appeared, every overweight woman started calling herself a model. Such women are not always neat and well-groomed, but they want to justify their excess weight, and since the plus size movement has become popular, they can say so, they say, I'm plus size and I don't need to lose weight. I am who I am. And when such women send us applications, they are then very surprised and offended when they realize that they are not suitable for professional work."

Myth 2. Models with forms eat what they want - do not follow a diet and do not exercise

“The diet is no different from conventional models, it is even much tougher, because we cannot lose weight and cannot gain weight. The model signs a contract with an agency for certain of her parameters, and the agency sells her in the weight and parameters that she declared. I can't say that plus models don't eat sweets - they can afford both cakes and pastries, like ordinary girls. Only by correctly calculating your nutrition and, of course, going in for sports. Some go to Pilates, some go to dances, as it is convenient for anyone."

Myth 3. Plus models perform face surgery to make it appear thin in relation to the body

“Many are worried about this question, but the operation has nothing to do with it. In some women, adipose tissue is so distributed that there are practically no deposits on the face. If we look at the "pear" or "hourglass" body type, it is unlikely that you will see a double chin in such girls. But if we take a large girl with an "apple" or "inverted triangle" figure, then she will most likely have a double chin. This is just a feature of the figure."


Myth 4. Big girls are not liked by thin men.

“It's just a matter of taste. Most men say that they like skinny and fit girls, but in fact, some men are just embarrassed that they like girls with curves - they hide it. In our society, they may not accept and laugh at a man who likes a non-standard girl.

I had such a case when a man really liked me, but he was embarrassed that he liked me and that he wanted a relationship with me. Since I do not fit the criteria of the girls of his friends. But then it became uninteresting to me, because he is too susceptible to the opinion of others.

And the guy broke up with one of our students due to the fact that she had grown fat - he was ashamed in front of his relatives and friends.

Myth 5. You need a lot of retouching on the photo of plus models to hide cellulite

“Everyone has cellulite. But large girls most often have thick skin, and bumps appear due to an improper diet and skin depletion. Therefore, if the skin is thick, no matter how large the girl is, her forms will be smooth and taut. And retouching is present in all professional photographs - it does not matter for standard models or for plus models."

Myth 6. In bad relationship with standard models

“There is no obvious competition, because we are on different shores and work for different brands. All models, despite the stereotypes, are smart girls. They work hard and treat each other with respect. The tension most often arises from ordinary girls from social networks.They try to actively discuss and do not understand why some non-standard-sized girl has the right to call herself beautiful, and even a model. We often have to listen to the negative. Over time, you realize that all the negative comes from notorious people, but this can only be accepted by wiser people."

Myth 7. It's easy to be a plus model, just smile

“Many people think that the life of a model is about smiles, beautiful outfits and fun parties. This is far from a daily holiday - this is your personal business. There are times when no one is hiring, but you have to believe in yourself. Modeling is like sports in this."

Myth 8. The plus modeling industry is not well developed in Russia

“Very few people do this professionally. There are people who open modeling agencies on HYIP and earn money from this: they invite all overweight women in a row, teach that has nothing to do with modeling, and supposedly they become models. In Russia, on the fingers of one hand, you can count the agencies that can help models break into this business. And only those who know this industry from the inside in Europe and America are able to teach correctly - everything else is nothing more than a "collective farm"."

Myth 9. Plus models are ardent body positive activists

“Body positivists are not always plus models - they are just people who struggle to be accepted by society and get rid of negativity, because it prevents them from living.

I believe that one should not go to extremes. If a girl is very plump and says that she doesn't care about your opinion, that's okay, but not promoting it. This is still excess weight, and this affects health. There are very large women - and this is a disease, it cannot be promoted, but you need to distinguish between where the disease is, and where is just a healthy body."

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