Top Best Nude Lipsticks. Checked For Yourself

Top Best Nude Lipsticks. Checked For Yourself
Top Best Nude Lipsticks. Checked For Yourself

Video: Top Best Nude Lipsticks. Checked For Yourself

Video: Top Best Nude Lipsticks. Checked For Yourself
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Finding the perfect lipstick is not so easy - sometimes it dries your lips, sometimes it does not fit well, but the most difficult thing is to find the right shade. Although there are those that go to everyone without exception - nude. Let's tell you which ones should be added to the cosmetic bag.


Daria Mikhailova, Deputy Chief Editor

Mary Kay At Play Matte Liquid Lipstick in Taupe That shade, 600 rub.

I have never used Mary Kay cosmetics before, and this lipstick pleasantly surprised me. Pros: Taupe That's nude shade is great for everyday makeup, and it is also easy to apply (made like a lip balm with a handy brush). I was afraid that matte lipstick would accentuate imperfections (due to autumn avitaminosis, lips dry out very much), but, on the contrary, it evens out the skin. And the most important thing is that this lipstick really lasts for a long time, even a violation of the diet in a pizzeria on Patrick Street has survived with dignity.

Olga Kirdyaeva, Head of Document Management Department

J. Cat Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick 101 Champagne Buzz, 449 р.

I am a fan of nude shades in makeup, but I almost always prefer pencils to lipsticks - the texture is richer and they do not spread. But J. Сat Beauty lipstick was satisfied. Pleasant texture and aroma, dries instantly. After applying lipstick, in a hurry, pulling on a white sweater, I forgot and with one careless movement, it would seem, wiped it off my lips. Having already mentally prepared for the fact that the sweater was hopelessly ruined, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that there were no marks on it. The lipstick is waterproof and you have to work hard to wash it off. A good choice for every day.

Nika Bulgakova, news editor

Caring lip gloss "L'Etoile Nourishine" in shade 406 Manhattan, 799 rub.

I love nude shades of glitter, pencils and lipsticks. Therefore, I immediately liked the brilliance of L'Etoile. I especially appreciated its pleasant smell, texture and the fact that it moisturizes the lips perfectly. Of the minuses - it almost does not give color, but if applied over a lip liner, it will turn out perfect!

Marina Kharlamova, beauty editor

Persistent liquid matte lipstick Tatouge Couture Matte Stain in shade 7 Nu Interdit, YSL, 2981 rubles.

Due to the convenient applicator, it is applied easily and clearly, even without a mirror you will not miss - the applicator follows the contour of the lips. It pleasantly refreshes the skin and gives the lips a subtle, delicate nude tint. It is not absorbed instantly (so if you kiss someone on the cheek immediately after application, it can leave a mark), but it does not dry out at all and does not blur over time!

Victoria Tanes, gossip editor

Lipstick Essence Color Up! Shine On! in the shade Crème Brule, 226 p.

On the lips, it is almost transparent with a slight brown tint. It lays down like a balm, moisturizes lips well and adheres perfectly to lips painted with pencil. It also smells delicious. I liked it, I don't like bright lipsticks, and this one is perfect for me.

Alexandra Osipova, editorial assistant

Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Matte Lipstick in Nude Brick, RUR 2249

I use lipsticks very rarely, but if I have to, I use not bright colors. I love nude shades! This lipstick has a very pleasant texture, it lies flat and does not dry out the skin. It lasts for a long time - the color remains on the lips even after eating.

Lilia Timoshkina, SMM editor

Max Factor Velvet Matte lipstick in shade 05 Nude, 570 rub.

If you do not like matte lipsticks because they dry lips and emphasize flaking, then Max Factor Velvet Matte will definitely appeal to you. There will not be a perfect matte finish, but neither will an obvious shine. The lipstick has a creamy texture and is very comfortable to wear, the lips are moisturized. Makeup will easily outlast a small snack, but it is unlikely to last more than four to five hours. Of the minuses - the obligatory use of a pencil for the outline, otherwise the borders will look sloppy.

Alina Grigalashvili, fashion editor

Pupa I’m Matt lipstick in shade 10 "Delicate nude", 775 rubles.

Looks very cool on tanned (but not strong) skin. Shades the eyes and will suit girls with light brown hair. It is applied as easy as gloss and matte on the lips. I highly recommend it.

Oksana Kravchuk, editor-in-chief

Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick in Nude Crush Everyday, RUB 323

Finding the perfect nude is not easy: it is lighter, then darker than necessary, then with a slight shine, which spoils everything at once. Catrice lipstick also has imperfect beige for me, too much pink pigment. And yet I looked closely at her in practice: this shade looks very worthy, the lipstick lays down softly and evenly, but does not pretend to be durable, maybe that is why it does not dry lips.

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