Stars Who Don't Use Plastic Surgery

Stars Who Don't Use Plastic Surgery
Stars Who Don't Use Plastic Surgery

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Monica Bellucci


The famous Italian actress and model swears that she has never resorted to the help of plastic surgeons, and she is also unfamiliar with all kinds of braces and injections. By her own admission, she is not afraid of aging - after all, it is a natural process. But sudden death without the opportunity to see your grown-up children is really scary.

Brooke Shields

"The most beautiful teenager of the 80s" is no longer a teenager, but the title of world beauty in her youth is still reserved for this pretty woman. Brooke is calm about age processes, preferring to look his age.

Julianne Moore

The red-haired beauty is no longer young, but everything looks just as fresh. Perhaps the whole thing is in the shining sincere smile of the actress, or maybe in relation to life and proper nutrition. In any case, her zealous unwillingness to change beyond recognition with the help of plastic does not harm a woman at all.

Salma Hayek

But the beautiful Salma is simply terrified of a surgical knife, and the very thought of possible bodily interventions by a doctor leads her to indescribable horror!

Halle Berry

Favorite fans "catwoman" declares that the maximum interventions that she does with herself are competent services of a beautician and the right diet. Well, we can only believe this, admiring the smooth skin of the actress's face, devoid of even a hint of wrinkles.

Rachel Weisz

An ardent opponent of any medical intervention, Rachel Weisz is not at all against "crow's feet" at the eyes - after all, with frozen facial expressions, acting would be absolutely impossible!

Jodie Foster

Calm and judicious, the actress is also philosophical about aging, not embarrassed by her already not smooth face.

Kate Winslet

Kate literally grew up in front of the audience, appearing to the world in all sorts of experiments with her appearance. She never bothered especially strongly about the weight, which took place to be repeatedly superfluous. Also with the plastic - Winslet is simply not interested in it.

Sharon Stone

A dazzling beauty of her time, Sharon has already changed her seventh decade and continues to reject any proposals for surgical operations, of which there are many. Like the others, the actress is in favor of natural aging.

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