Not Anonymous Beauty Club: 30 Beauty Rules Of Famous Beauty Bloggers

Not Anonymous Beauty Club: 30 Beauty Rules Of Famous Beauty Bloggers
Not Anonymous Beauty Club: 30 Beauty Rules Of Famous Beauty Bloggers

Video: Not Anonymous Beauty Club: 30 Beauty Rules Of Famous Beauty Bloggers

Video: Not Anonymous Beauty Club: 30 Beauty Rules Of Famous Beauty Bloggers
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Purple shampoo, wraps, "wearable" strobing and 27 more tips from Helen Manasir, Maria Viskunova and other bloggers.


Veronica Zaborovskaya

1. Try new tonal foundations

I try to constantly change the basics. I don't understand how you can use the same product for 15 years. The cosmetic industry does not stand still: every year new formulas, caring components and textures appear - why deprive your skin of all this? From tonal means "favorite" of this year - Matissime Velvet from Givenchy.

2. Find your beautician

I think it's important to find your doctor. Cosmetology cannot be budgetary. I often see salons offering lip augmentation for 3,000 rubles. This is scary! Firstly, it is not clear what you will be injected, and secondly, who will inject - sometimes people who are far from medicine make injections. Want to change something? Your right, but go to a normal clinic.

Olga Smirnova

3. Carefully care for your hair after vacation

The misconception that thin hair seems denser after a vacation at sea, it is the remnants of salt that cover the hair like a cocoon. While on vacation, it is recommended that you wash your hair every day to remove dust, salt and sunscreen.

4. Find the "one and only" palette for eye makeup

My latest discovery is the tarteist PRO Amazonian clay palette. Designed for professional makeup, but in fact, both guru and beginner can handle it. The shades are harmoniously combined with each other: light cream, purple and pink shadows for daytime makeup, deeper and more intense purple, ocher and coffee - for the evening. The advantage of Tarte shadows, for which they are loved by beauty lovers all over the world, in intense color, soft shading and silky texture.

5. Add radiance to the skin

Use a primer before applying foundation or mix it with a day cream. This year, Clarins launched six base shades from the SOS Primer line. Each shade provides complexion correction based on the skin's needs. For a subtle pearl and rosy shine, choose the shades 00 Universal Light and 01 Rose.

6. Find the right concealer

The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, so the concealer must be free of allergic risks and must undergo dermatological control.

One of the best skincare and makeup concealers created La Mer. The Concealer La Mer contains Miracle Broth's signature elixir for a powdery, melting texture. It is practically invisible, but the result is visible immediately: clear skin without traces of fatigue.

7. Purple shampoo for blondes

Shampooing should be done in two stages: first apply shampoo to cleanse the hair and scalp, and at this stage you can leave your favorite shampoo, and for the second stage, use purple shampoo to add shine and cool pigment. Means for neutralizing yellow and red shades are usually purple or blue, their pigmentation is not high enough to tint hair in lilac, but they can also refresh them in five minutes.

8. Rinse blonde hair with chamomile infusion or use treatments with chamomile extract in the composition

Chamomile flowers contain a yellow pigment that enhances the natural light color. This rinsing will be useful for both natural and colored hair. And don't be afraid that chamomile will create an unattractive shade of yellow. Regular rinsing with chamomile infusion will make hair shiny and healthy, but not all of us are ready to brew chamomile before washing our hair. Try Klorane Chamomile Blondes. This series includes shampoo, cream-balm and caring mousse.

9. Choose means for body shaping

Before declaring war on cellulite, you need to check the items, whether all the ammunition is stocked. You will need: a massage scrub (choose any in a comfortable price range), a mask and a film for wraps, skin-smoothing gels and creams after a shower, massage rollers or the very legendary rubber cans that you can buy at a pharmacy.

10. Make wraps

Wrapping is best done after sports and a contrast shower. Apply the product on clean skin of the abdomen and waist in a thin layer, then wrap with cling film, and to enhance the effect, wrap yourself in a warm blanket or put on thermal underwear. After 40 minutes, remove the tape and shower. Apply anti-cellulite cream to complete the ritual.

Try Guam Fanghi D`alga Nourishing Mask. It contains Guam algae extract, clay, ivy, horse chestnut extracts, lemon oil, oregano oil, sage oil, caffeine, which smooth the skin, activate metabolic processes, stimulate the breakdown of fats, strengthen and restore skin turgor.

Maria Viskunova

11. Make biotattoo for eyebrows with henna

If you want to go "with eyebrows" without doing makeup every day, I recommend henna biotattoo. This is a more permanent staining with natural henna, which lasts 10-14 days. I do biotattoo before vacation, because in everyday life I paint every day.

12. The natural shape of the eyebrows

It is important to keep the natural shape of the eyebrow without trying to redraw it. Because in addition to the hairy part, there is a bony relief that you can't go against. To make a straight eyebrow from a naturally round eyebrow, without the risk of looking strange, will not work.

13. Do not pluck your eyebrows yourself

Keep your eyebrows symmetrical. Do not pluck them yourself if you do not know how to do it. See a good master and make a correction.

Remember the smooth transition of color in the eyebrows. It shouldn't be monotonous - it looks unnatural. It is not necessary to have several shades of eyebrow product, you can work with one color, blending it or applying it more densely. Choose colors based on the shade of your hair. For blondes - a couple of shades darker, for brunettes - a couple of shades lighter. Red-haired girls, as a rule, do not want red eyebrows, and they design them in the same color scheme as brown-haired women. Too dark eyebrows age.

14. Use eye cream

For me, eye cream is the most important care product. Because wrinkles and bags always give out age.

For example, Le Lift by Chanel removes swelling and moisturizes. It is applied and felt on the skin very comfortably due to the thick creamy texture and the absence of alcohol and fragrances in the composition.

Helen Manasir

15. A good cream for 2 thousand rubles is not expensive

If you calculate how much money people (and women) in Russia spend on cigarettes and alcohol, you get about the amount that is required for full-fledged self-care.

16. When the skin is in good condition, make-up is practically unnecessary.

Even the most perfect makeup will not work if a girl has problem skin.

17.80% of skin beauty comes from regular home care

No peeling in the world can transform the skin as well as daily cleansing and moisturizing with quality products.

18. Give up makeup if the skin is problematic

To deal with problems faster, drink more water, do not smoke, do not use foundation. Wash your face twice a day (morning and evening) with quality products that are right for you, and use a cleansing mask.

Refuse junk food and do not drink alcohol (if you really feel like it, choose good wine and do not abuse it).

19. Do not give up salon treatments

Peels, plasma lifting, microcurrents are serious procedures that are required in certain situations and skin conditions, they cannot be replaced with home care. I do it in beauty salons and at my beauticians, whom I have not changed for years.

twenty. Mix highlighter with day cream

How to hide traces of fatigue in the eye area - beauty hack from Helen Manasir: before applying concealer, add a drop of No Highlighter Highlighter, Pericone MD to your day cream: the effect will amaze!

21. Adjust the care according to the condition of the skin

If I see that it lacks moisture, I make a mask, and if the face shines and “oily”, I choose the one with clay. My daily care depends on the situation, season, hormones and other factors.

Even if you have a "scheduled" scrub twice a week, take a closer look at your reflection in the mirror and think - do you need it today?

22. Putting together the perfect makeup bag

Most importantly, a good cleanser, a cleansing mask that's right for you, a powerful moisturizer, lip balm and a radiant base. A young girl can do without everything else!

Elena Chigareva

23. Entrust the choice of hair products to a professional

My hair was "overloaded" with nourishing masks and oils, which I chose on my own, later it turned out that these products simply do not suit me and make my hair heavier. Moreover, they began to look worse and fall out more, until I turned to the specialists of the "Monet" salon, where I go for professional hair care. They advised light products and detox shampoos for home use, which I supplement in the summer with professional care - cleansing masks for the scalp with clay.

23. Choose the right powder

I use The Sheer Pressed Powder from La Mer. It is a non-comedogenic powder that regulates sebum production. With it, the oily sheen will not appear throughout the day! I use the product to correct my makeup in the heat.

Victoria Moiseeva

25. Make a "wearable" strobing

To make strobing more real to life, you need a light cream with a shine and a little less tone than we usually use. The secret of "wearable" contouring is to use a more natural shade of bronzer instead of a reddish shade in the technique. And it will be great if it is complemented by cool shades of olive brown or lilac brown shades. The texture of all products must be gel, with a translucent coating

26. Use the cushion correctly

The first contact of the cushion and the pad gives the greatest amount of the product - it must be distributed to the T-zone, where it is needed in the greatest amount. Then it is necessary to apply to the area under the eyes and around the nose and only then to the jaw. Many girls start with the latter, and as a result, their chin is overtoned, and there is not enough product on the upper part of the face. Ideally, the following formula is important for natural make-up: more product per T-zone and less at the periphery.

I talked about my favorite cushons here.

27. Do not emphasize everything at once!

This makeup adds 10 years. The girls, unfortunately, “take” trends out of context: they do makeup with peach blush, brightly dye their eyelashes (or even glue them) and add a piece of the trend - for example, dark lips. Sometimes, even for daytime makeup, colored eyeshadows are added to this set!

For burgundy lipstick, I would recommend strobing - the face should be like after a spa. It is also necessary to slightly emphasize the eyes and eyebrows, and the main emphasis should be on the lips.

28. Choose the right shade of cushion or cheat and make it yourself

Many girls complain that they cannot find the right cushion shade. Korean women know how to bring it to the desired color. In order to achieve facial contouring with a cushion, they choose two adjacent shades, lighter and darker, and buy two packs. Then, both sponges with the product are cut in half, and the halves are replaced in the jar so that each of them has a light and dark side at once. When they dip the pillow, they get a light color for the T-zone and a dark light for the outside of the face. Probably, one day the cushons will be released in this format.

29. Apply makeup serum

I use Beauty Drops serum from Beauty Drugs. The face becomes more toned and shines. It is best to apply after the cream before makeup - it will have time to be well absorbed while we do eyebrows or eyes. The product is 80% hyaluronic acid, although it also contains other components (extracts of pearls, snow-white lily flowers, edelweiss) that care and smooth the skin. You only need a couple of drops of this "jelly-like" product - in no case more, otherwise the makeup may roll off.

30. Cream instead of concealer

Favorite remedy - Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector. Its task is to make dark circles under the eyes less pronounced. And he copes with it - it has the properties of a lightening concealer. Very low-consumption product - apply in a thin layer. Contains caffeine, vitamin C and licorice root.

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