Knife By Age: How Actresses Get Rid Of Wrinkles For The Sake Of Work

Knife By Age: How Actresses Get Rid Of Wrinkles For The Sake Of Work
Knife By Age: How Actresses Get Rid Of Wrinkles For The Sake Of Work

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Most often this happens due to the fact that the result, as they say, is obvious. Several actresses made confessions at once so that their experience was an example, and in some cases a lesson for women. Teleprogramma magazine counted all their operations.


Elena Proklova:

- I did blepharoplasty, enlarged my lips with collagen injections, and thanks to Botox I changed the line of my eyebrows. It is strange when the adorable, beloved performers of mine lie from the screen that they bought a jar of cream, so they look 10 years younger … I did operations for a long time, now I do not advise anyone. Skin care is so advanced that plastic is not necessary. But I don't see anything wrong with using cosmetic surgery. If I were not an actress, I would have done exactly half of what I did. I am not afraid of my age, I love and respect him. But if you don't do anything with your appearance, it's time to move on to the roles of old women.

2017 and 2000 (right). Photo: Sergey VINOGRADOV / TASS, RIA Novosti

Elena Proklova is 64 years old. She makes lip contouring - injections that increase the volume of the lips and eliminate wrinkles. The effect is a year. The skin is monitored with the help of a beautician.

Vera Sotnikova:

- Of course, I did operations. Can't you see it? I am 57 years old, how else? A couple of times I went to a clinic near Moscow, where they get rid of excess weight with the help of starvation, oxygen cocktails, massages and a Charcot shower.

2017 and 1999 (right). Photo: Persona Stars

Vera Sotnikova lifted her face, did blepharoplasty. In addition, the actress underwent the latest cosmetic procedures. So she tried on herself the effectiveness of lipolytic injections into the thighs and buttocks - the doctor injected the actress with these parts of the body. As a result of this procedure, fat is broken down, as a result - the hips and buttocks are reduced in volume.

Tatiana Dogileva:

- My face has changed so much that it was pointless to hide something. Nobody recognized me. I greeted, but they did not recognize me. Later I began to say: “Hello, I’m Tanya Dogileva.” I did a facelift for professional reasons. I was never afraid of age, probably only beauties are afraid of age, and I did not consider myself a beauty, I just needed the opportunity to play for another ten years roles that corresponded to my inner feeling. I came to do the eyes, and the doctor said that first you need to do a circular lift, otherwise the eyes "will not sit like that."

2017 and 1982 (right). Photo: Larisa KUDRYAVTSEVA / Express newspaper,

Now Dogileva is 61 years old, and she decided on the operation immediately after 40 years - she provoked a good result from a colleague. Tatiana recalls in horror after awakening after anesthesia - bloody bandages and a face that healed after a lift for almost two months. But she says that she is used to a new face and is happy with it.

Olga Spirkina:

- Asked to remove mimic wrinkles. In the clinic, my skin was tightened with threads, which are implanted into the skin. I thought that for just a thousand dollars I would find beauty. The face was injected with painkillers and threads were put on. Despite novocaine, the pain was severe. After this procedure, the cheeks went up to the eyes. I had the impression that I want to laugh all the time. The doctors said that this is a temporary phenomenon and suggested several injections of the drug, which is used to dissolve the scars. After these injections, the cheeks returned to their place, and after a couple of days, dents formed in the place of the cheeks. I was shocked as the series “Doomed to Become a Star” was being filmed. But even under the layer of makeup, everything was noticeable.

2016 and 2000 (right). Photo: Vadim TARAKANOV /, Boris KREMER /

Olga Spirkina sued the clinic for 150 thousand rubles.Olga spent much more on facial restoration - she underwent a set of hardware cosmetology procedures. Spirkina, 53, now warns other women against similar braces.

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