10 Essential Business Travel Aids

10 Essential Business Travel Aids
10 Essential Business Travel Aids

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Beauty blogger Elvira Chabakauri - about funds that will not take up much space in your suitcase, but will come in handy.


Friends, today let's talk about pleasant things - about travel. Whether it's a business trip, travel, vacation or a trip to visit friends for a couple of days - it's always great! Nothing broadens horizons like a change of scenery! But those who are accustomed to daily careful personal care are hardly ready to give it up outside the home. It seems to me that no one loves collecting cosmetics as much as I do.

Therefore, with pleasure I will tell you what tools and techniques I use.

To begin with, let's not talk about specific tools, but about techniques.

Boxed services

My favorite is Glambox. This is a service for the delivery of various cosmetic miniatures - you receive a box with several of them every month, but which ones are a surprise every time. The service is good in itself - an opportunity to try a lot and make a purchase decision. Glambox always makes sure that the line-up includes the most current innovations. Having tried a sample of a care product, you can understand, at least, whether you are allergic to it, whether you like the texture, and sometimes notice the first effect.

But even for travel, the service turns out to be incredibly useful - regularly receiving boxes, you can find a pretty jar of cool face masks or even rare miniatures of decorative cosmetics on the market - for example, tiny powder or lipstick.

For those who travel frequently, subscribing to the service will be especially helpful.

Travel jars

If you don't have the right care miniatures, the most convenient thing you can find is a set of empty jars for pouring your arsenal into a small container. I find this useful, not only to comply with the rules for carrying fluids on board. Even if I check in my luggage, I try to take small jars. They weigh less and you can take more of them. Thus, you can not think for a long time about whether to take another moisturizing mask - if it weighs almost nothing, why not take it.

My favorite on recent trips is Wanderlust GATE 3,154E + 10 Empty Cans - I love the design and the quality.

Miniatures department

The range of its miniature jars is being actively developed by the ILE DE BEAUTE chain of stores - now you can find a lot of care products there, and the Benefit brand is notable for make-up.

But the best travel department can be found, of course, in the Sephora network - they are usually located at the ticket offices, and what not there! You can find tiny bronzer and highlighter, miniatures of foundations, bases and concealers from different brands. If you use these products only on travel, especially powdery ones, they will never run out and you will not have to think that the bronzer is too big to take with you.


I want to say about them in general, as a brand - they are very travel-friendly! Erborian's arsenal includes miniatures of many care products - both small travel kits and individual products. My favorite, for example, is a set of tonics - for many it is an opportunity to try them, but I love 3 out of 4 and in general I think that it is much more than tonics. And from separate means, many times the Pate au Ginseng mask helped out on trips - when you want the face as a whole to tighten and look fresher, not tired.

And what is even more healthy and rare - Erborian produces most of its decorative cosmetics, including in a mini-format. For example, all of their famous BB and CC creams and bases can be found in 15 ml format.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics

The compact palette of eyeshadow Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics is already a classic: both in general and in particular for travel. Completely neutral matte shades to lightly highlight and sculpt the eyes - many people generally only like this kind of makeup.For me, the palette turned out to be incredibly convenient and useful not only for solo use, but also to complement any other colored makeup with these neutral tones. Thus, on a trip you can take a few single colored eyeshadows according to your mood and so that your makeup is always complete, grab Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics - it has everything you need for this.

Urban decay naked flushed

For now, we continue to talk about Urban Decay. I want to name my second favorite travel product from this brand - the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. For some reason, there isn't as much talk about her online as she deserves! But this is a compact lightweight palette that contains bronzer, blush and highlighter. If you find "your" shades from the proposed ones, this palette can incredibly refresh your face! The brand also advises mixing all colors together. Well, the fact that all in one is very convenient. It is enough to take one suitable brush and that's it - no need to search on the road where you have what for your face.

Enjoy your travels!

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