What The Winners Of The Miss Russia Pageant Of Past Years Look Like Now

What The Winners Of The Miss Russia Pageant Of Past Years Look Like Now
What The Winners Of The Miss Russia Pageant Of Past Years Look Like Now

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When a girl is put on a diamond crown, it seems that the whole world is at her feet! And the title of "the most beautiful" promises a cloudless future and great prospects.


In fact, if you do not treat this wisely, with a crown, money and a one-time trip to the United States (to Miss Universe), everything can and will end. I offer you a selection of girls who won the competition since 2010. It seems that victory is the only thing that unites them, because each of them has such different fates!

Irina Antonenko (2010)

Back in 2010, the winner of "Miss Russia" was a model from Yekaterinburg - Irina Antonenko. Despite the fact that the girl did not achieve much success at the Miss Universe contest, the title of the first Russian beauty attracted the attention of advertisers and even directors to her. Irina was invited to play a small role in the film "Phantom", after which the model entered GITIS and decided to connect her life with theater and cinema.

Today Irina lives in the USA, but works in Russia. On account of her roles in Russian serials and films in the style of the TV channel "Domashny". The former Miss Russia got a breakthrough role quite recently: she played Tamara Sinyavskaya in the biographical series Magomayev.

Irina also loves to share her notes about life in America: “Rice is tastier than in Russia” - Irina Antonenko about her love of American food.

Elizaveta Golovanova (2012)

In 2012, the admiring glances of the jury were riveted on a girl from the city of Safonovo, Smolensk region. No one could believe that Liza Golovanova had no modeling past, so confidently and naturally she kept on the podium. Not a single plastic surgery, natural long and thick hair, perfectly proportioned body - at the Miss Universe contest, Elizabeth was able to enter the top ten most beautiful girls in the world.

After 8 years, Golovanova is almost impossible to find fault with: her name does not appear in any major scandal. Elizaveta graduated from two universities, she is a lawyer and art critic by education. She also completed courses for specialists in precious stones - the girl is the face of the jewelry trading house MAXIMILIAN LONDON. She has several advertising contracts with large companies, including Russian Standard Bank. Elizaveta is involved in charity work and gravitates towards music: she plays the piano.

Interestingly, not even all Miss Universe want to pursue a modeling career: The most beautiful girls in the world: who are they really?

Julia Alipova (2014)

In 2014, at Miss Russia, Yulia represented the Saratov region and the city of Balakovo. At that time, she was already 24 years old and she had 2 higher educations: a thermal power engineer and a translator of the professional industry.

Maybe because she was old enough, or maybe just because it happened that way, the girl did not engage in any modeling or any public activity, unlike most of her colleagues. Yulia does not actively maintain any of the social networks, but there is information that she works by profession: a manager at the Eastern Energy Company.

It may seem strange to some, but not all people who can easily become famous want this: Children of stars who do not appear in public.

Sofia Nikitchuk (2015)

Ekaterinburzhenka Sonya won both domestic and foreign juries with her beauty (the girl became the 1st vice-miss of the World at the competition in China). Since then, the beauty has increased (the model still "pouted" her lips, so now they tend to infinity), and there is also a scandal with a nude picture (where the girl was hiding behind the Russian flag), experience of working as an assistant to a deputy (but Sofia was enough for one year) and even a role in the full-length historical film "Sofia" (as well as in numerous clips of Russian singers).

Sofia Nikitchuk and other stars who made lip plastics: Roll out the lip: which of the stars did the plastic benefit, and who ruined the natural beauty?

Yana Dobrovolskaya (2016)

When Yana became the winner of the competition, she was 19 years old.Before going to Miss World, she publicly asked for help from Oksana Fedorova - she sat on the jury of the competition and was very disposed to Yana, so she gladly helped (which, by the way, did not bring the girl victory anyway).

Of all the listed winners, Yana is the most active in social networks. The girl travels a lot, goes in for sports, attends concerts and social events. Dobrovolskaya is a certified teacher-choreographer, as well as a student of the Department of Psychoanalysis. Yana often organizes psychological marathons on Instagram, is the founder of the School of Youth, in which she teaches young girls to live their youth consciously and wisely.

We looked into the houses of the brightest Miss Russia title holders of different years and learned what their beauty abodes look like: How the most beautiful girls live: Miss Russia interiors of different years.

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