What Do The Winners Of Beauty Contests Of The Past Look Like Now? Before And After Photos

What Do The Winners Of Beauty Contests Of The Past Look Like Now? Before And After Photos
What Do The Winners Of Beauty Contests Of The Past Look Like Now? Before And After Photos

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Time and modern cosmetology have changed some girls beyond recognition.


Women's beauty contests are held annually around the world. This event touched our country back in the last century, when in 1926 in Paris they chose the first owner of the title "Miss Russia" among emigrants. In modern times, the standards of appearance have become completely different, they do not stop changing now. It is interesting to observe how the girls, who in the past had a chance to try on the coveted crown of the winner, are also changing year after year. We tell you what the first beauties of the past are doing now and how their career developed after participating in a beauty contest.

Maria Kalinina, "Moscow Beauty - 1988"

When Maria won the beauty pageant, she was only 16 years old. After coming of age, the girl moved to the United States, where she began to build an acting career. According to the girl herself, the undertaking failed. For a long time, she had only one well-known role - the bloodsucker countess in the 2007 film "Lost".

Now Kalinina is interested in Indian philosophy. This allowed her to open her own yoga course and become a teacher of this practice.

Julia Sukhanova, "Miss USSR - 1989"

Yulia was 17 years old when she became Miss USSR in 1989. Later, the girl went to America, where she began to build a career as a model and went into business. Now Sukhanova heads a company that produces generators of "mountain" air. The girl clearly spoiled her appearance with many plastic surgeries. Once Julia confessed that she had never considered herself the most beautiful.

Maria Kezha, "Miss USSR - 1990"

Maria received the award at the age of 17. Unlike her predecessors, she did not go overseas to build a modeling career, but prioritized her personal life and moved to Germany to live with her husband. True, a few months after the wedding, the girl ran away from him. And the work of a photo model was interrupted when Kezha got into a car accident on the way to France. But later, luck still smiled at Maria - she met true love and founded her own brand of bags.

Oksana Fedorova, "Miss Russia - 2001"

Following the title "Miss Russia" she received another award - "Miss Universe". However, Oksana refused the crown, as many contracts prevented her from defending her Ph.D. thesis. By the way, before her popularity, Fedorova was a police captain, and also taught civil law at the University of St. Petersburg. The rejection of the multimillion-dollar projects that fell after the victory did not worsen the beauty's life. Oksana became an actress and TV presenter: she has such programs as "Ford Boyard" and "Good night, kids!", Cameo in the series "Don't be born beautiful", etc.

Victoria Lopyreva, "Miss Russia - 2003"

One of the few beauty contest winners who have remained in the ears of the whole of Russia to this day. Victoria has managed to build a successful career in television and in the modeling industry. Lopyreva is still involved in a huge number of shootings for glossy magazines and is the ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. All these achievements do not prevent fans from accusing the girl of plastic.

Tatyana Kotova, "Miss Russia - 2006"

Tatiana became famous not only for her natural beauty, but also for her talent. After winning the beauty contest, Kotova became one of the members of the VIA Gra group. As part of the group, she laid the foundation for her musical career. Now the singer often appears as a jury at various beauty contests.

Irina Antonenko, "Miss Russia - 2010"

After the victory, the girl became the face of the famous German brand Phillip Plein.And she ventured to try her hand at theater and cinema. Irina did not achieve huge victories on the television screen. She starred in the film "Phantom" and the TV series "Ship". In the theater, the girl made her debut in 2012, playing in the play "The Secret of Magic Rings". Antonenko appears on the stage even now.

Elizaveta Golovanova, "Miss Russia - 2012"

Elizabeth was remembered at the competition for her beautiful long curls. She kept them in the present. Only now she did not develop a career as a model: she graduated from Moscow State University and plunged into the profession of a lawyer. Judging by the photos from Golovanova's personal blog on Instagram, she also could not do without cosmetic intervention.

Sofia Nikitchuk, "Miss Russia - 2015"

After the victory with Sofia, an unpleasant incident occurred. She starred for the cover of Stolnik magazine, where she wrapped herself in a Russian flag. The prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region considered such an act a frivolous treatment of national symbols and began a check in relation to Nikitchuk. No case was opened. Now the girl has become an assistant to a State Duma deputy.

Yulia Polyachikhina, "Miss Russia - 2018"

Julia also did not have time to build a modeling career and become famous in wide circles. Polyachikhina has been a model since adolescence, has traveled the world and walked the catwalks of Paris and Tokyo. So the crown did not greatly change the life of a young girl. But in the two years after the victory, she has noticeably changed - not without the help of a good beautician.

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